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Democracy or Demo-no-cracy? November 2, 2007

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Democracy is apparently the best system available as it tries to guarantee our basic freedoms and a level of opportunity and choice. But the opportunity for democracy to succeed in reaching common prosperity can be missed.

Democracy had many roots, from the Icelandic council to the Swiss “Landsgemeinde”. All these communities were small by today`s standards. According to the Greek founding fathers, the people cannot assume power beyond the size of a relatively small city. As larger collective grew, checks and balances were lost, leaving the modern ship without mooring.

“Demos” means the people, “kratos” means power. But do people really have the power? People got ownership. This is not bad, but probably not enough. Democracy depends on the large dissemination of the private property, seemingly bringing the materialist millennium within the reach of the middle class.

We know now that our world is becoming in many ways a more dangerous place, plagued by a multitude of challenges and split by a growing and threatening disparity in income levels. This is partly because the neo liberal 1990s reduced the nexus desire-through-action to a global money-grabbing proposition in which the West`s collective resources were channeled and largely wasted away.

We still do not exactly know who is hiding behind the drive for the power of money? Where is the one who set us on this course? (more…)


Indian Classics: what makes this music so special November 1, 2007

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Many years ago I learned about Indian Classics as something very unusual and it took me some time and my personal development to start loving and understanding it. Today, even after Bollywood and India in general have been very much in, most of the Westerners have no idea about this special art:”What? Indian Classical Music? Never heard of it!” – it`s a shame to hear that even from some well educated European musicians…

Indian Classical Art (music, dance) unlike the Western Classics, was not developed after the folk songs and dances have been there first. On the contrary – the classical art was the origin of Indian Arts, coming from the deep spiritual heritage. In the early period of the creation of the holy scripts Vedas (2000 BC – 1000 BC) there was no writing yet and music was born to preserve the Vedic texts through recitation. There is an extensive reference to music in the ancient books from 1000 BC to 800 AD like the Upanishad, such as description of seven musical notes, three Oktavs, Dance, Drama and musical instruments. Indian classical music has its origins as a meditation tool for attaining self realization.

But what makes this music so special? Why I personally consider it the best music ever, knowing quite a lot of different styles and musical traditions? (more…)


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