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Facing lots of problems I feel life is getting better! November 29, 2007


photo by axinia

Another interesting thing I noticed and wanted to share with you.

Recently several people approached me with quite heavy problems (family situations, health or papers). It is not unusual, I love to help and people know it. Unusual is that I have got so many calls for help in a very short time. What could it mean?

Seeing that much suffering around I could have get much depressed. But the opposite is the case! In fact, I have a strong feeling that things are getting better… I have a feeling that so much can be done and there is such a potential for the solutions! Luckily things are getting better with my old and new friends, but also not straight away. Interestingly most of these improvements are connected with the spiritual development of these people. May be the problems come up because people have to meet their spiritual self?..

I guess the feeling of positive changes is more global. Being very sensitive to the collective consciousness I hope that I scent the new trend. The trend of the betterment? The trend of the global changes in the humanity?

LOVE, axinia


One Response to “Facing lots of problems I feel life is getting better!”

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