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A person without any past November 26, 2007

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There is one very strange thing about my life that keeps repeating again and again: my past disappears till the point of destruction or dissolving and there is no way I can keep it or catch it…

In my school time I went to 3 different schools – none of them is existing any more. At all. In fact none of the places I lived as a child exist (I mean the place is there, but there is no state units like I used to live in). I can not come back to any of my schools and meet the teachers and thank them. I can not see the old walls…I am not sure that the building even exist…Thanks to Internet I have found 2-3 schoolmates, but this is almost nothing. Typical destiny of a child with the soviet military background – we just spread everywhere.

Also in my adult life many realtionships´that used to be intensive just dissolve in the air when over (for any reason like the change of place, job, family situation) – especially the ones that have not been easy. It feels like a the things from the past do not exist – like the past itself… Strange feeling…

I can not say it bothers me – it wonders me actually! The the most amazing thing about it is that basically I am not interested in my past. When I pass by the building of the office I used to work in and actually had a good time – I feel really NOTHING. As if I have never been there. If I visit the place I used to live in  – I feel NOTHING as I have never experienced anything there (which is actually not true!). This kind of feeling fascinates me a lot, as it goes against the experiences of many people I know…

I know I have some past. And some rather rich on experiences. But it keeps melting away as I pass the life episodes. No past is left for me.

 And I do not regret it, as I enjoy the present soooooooooo much!

I wonder if anybody experience it the same way?

LOVE, axinia


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  1. radha Says:

    i also live the same situation Axinia and my feeling is that of a full satisfaction, something like i did what i was supposed to do, NOW i am doing what i am supposed to do at the same way, with the same intensity and care and love. I can understand the joy of my present, how important is each moment of my day smiling at the past (and also at the future) but without the feeling of any involvement with it (at least that kind of involvement which many others experience and which does not give sometimes full integration and wellness). Love

  2. purespirit Says:

    i also feel the same way. my sister had written a poem about this state. i enjoy it so much and want to share it with you 🙂

    I have no past, no future on my mind
    I have no memories, no plans, no worries…
    I am absorbing the cool breeze and light,
    I am dissolving in your peaceful glory…

    Oh, precious moment, precious and divine!
    You come and pass – for nothing lasts forever.
    To make my spirit always sing & shine
    I’ll cherish everything – because I travel.

    I travel through the distance and time,
    And every day is new – the world is changing!…
    New places, faces wait for me to come,
    New blessings will be brought by every challenge.

    So, I don’t wait, don’t hustle, don’t reflect…
    I know – the aim of life is so attractive,
    It is so close to reach, when you don’t act,
    But gets so far – when you think, you’re acting.

    So, there’s no past, no future on my mind
    I have no memories, no plans, no worries…
    I am absorbing the cool breeze and light,
    I am dissolving in your peaceful glory…

    |poem by vitalia|

  3. radha Says:

    Last time i visited my family, my father told me a story very similar to what you are writing up here. He is from ex Yugoslavia, which does not exist anymore and he tried this year for the first time to get in touch with some school friends: the result was that many had left to nowhere and only by telephone he could speak to somebody a little bit. He tried…but since i know my father there is one thing he loves to tell all the time: the past is gone, what’s the meaning to give it too much attention? you have to think about what to do now! This philosophy of him i believe i have been absorbing little by little since ever, and today that i really understand what he means i thank him so much !

  4. leelajesus Says:

    I feel the same: you can not change things that happened (if they were unpleasend) and you can not experience them again (if pleasent ones), in any case there is not much need to put the attention into the past.
    not too much at least: I noticed that people who think a lot about the past become very melancholic and sad. it they had a good life, they say sometimes: earlier everything was better and if they had a hard life they complain about it.
    to be in the present is such a beautiful feeling, very joy-giving and one feels very free…

  5. Terry Says:

    Maybe there are two kinds of past events. Those that are simply karmic seeds we had to deal with from the distant past and now in this lifetime they have been roasted and cannot germinate any further. But there are also past actions that may have new to this lifetime and remembering them can have value–reminding us of lessons learned or insights or deep emotions. Some relationships for example do not go away easily and probably are good to remember–for me these were relationships with horses and dogs more so than humans because the relationships were so pure. Whichever kind of memory comes to us, whether the reaction is overwhelming or nonexistent it does not change our true natures.

  6. swaps Says:

    The past is very dear to me. The sweet pain of memories is invaluable… in fact, a recent journey I took into the mountains was very much like driving in the past, just lovely!!

    I enjoy the present too…but in the future 🙂

  7. I do not have a very pleasant feeling about the past and I hope that I would be able to make some kind of difference in the future. That is one thing that carries me along…

    Destination Infinity

  8. mahesh chendake Says:

    I am also less sensitive of past.what is it?suppression?repression? I don’t know. but when introspect sees all mistakes,inhumanities ,cruelties of me and of course , others and they make me more bitter. whether it is to avoid that? some time I find unrespectful to my self as I am less sensitive,less bothering towards past, as past have some sweet memories and shows how easy my suffering. people says ,we should learn from past. but In present it again depend on your emotional status,available resources and decision making.past does(should) not affect present or future.accept the situations as brand new!!!! so what is use of past?
    life is like river, flowing. there are many turns, many times it seems flow is stop,disappear but yet not,may be small,still flowing. so why to look back? what you will find in beginning? better not to find.not to turn back, go ahead….. ??? don’t know where is flow ? in desert…..? past, even present may not back up. you may be alone but still it flowing. I believe in struggle not in the results, I have not forgotten past but less sensitive towards past!!!!???? isn’t it? strange but true??!!!

  9. mahesh chendake Says:

    Also in my adult life many realtionships´that used to be intensive just dissolve in the air when over (for any reason like the change of place, job, family situation) – especially the ones that have not been easy. It feels like a the things from the past do not exist – like the past itself… Strange feeling…
    It’s very true and should be like that.make life more sensible,enjoyable, forget about right or wrong……

  10. Terry Says:

    I appreciate the heartfelt realism of this discussion. If we take it to the other extreme, however, there is the question of whether time actually exists outside of human consciousness. And if it does not, then the effect of the past is not only entirely individual but an illusion no matter what. So accepting the past as full or meaning for our lives and rejecting it as meaningless come to the same thing. And both are equally good, so enjoy whatever you take the past to mean. Besides, are any of us consistent in our view of the past? Everyone has ties to the past that shape our thoughts and emotions and actions. And everyone knows the feeling of seeing events or people in our lives surprising disappear into nothingness. (Spoken like a Libra, sorry.)

  11. mahesh chendake Says:

    what is my identity?
    where it lies in past/present relationships?
    and if those dissolves then? whether it is important how it dissolve?
    is it necessary to find identity? or to flow silently,without notice?and disappear when time come . nothing will written on time log. or just it is an illusion ? nothing is exit or not meaningful. Just live …. if possible,get dissolve and still live and disappear totally when time come .it is very interesting input.

  12. I’m absolutely delighted that you don’t remember your past at all, Axinia 🙂 It’s a very good thing for you! I mean, since you have been (willingly) conned and deceived into believing the filthy piece of crap known as “previous births’ karma”, just imagine what would go through your mind if you happen to remember your past 😯 How you were a micro-organism in some long past life, an insect in the next, a fish in another past life, a bird in the next and so on… 😛 Imagine what would happen everytime you see a flower – memory of a being a bee drinking nectar would occur 😉 Or whenever you see water – swimming underwater like a fish would be too clear 😉 Or whenever you look at the sky – nostalgic longing to take off like a bird would be too tempting 😛

    Or your present life. According to the filth of the Hindoid savages’ stinking “culture”, you happen to be a mlechha woman. That makes you a double sub-human 😯 according to the turdy “culture” of the lowlife pea-brained Hindoid savages 😡

    A mlechha is the derogatory term given by pea-brained Hindoid creatures’ shitty “culture” to any foreigner who is not from the stinking Indian sub-continent and was not born into any caste in the sewery Hindu caste system. Don’t worry, even if you “convert” to Hinduism theoretically (which is actually not possible), you still cannot fit into any caste, so you can never be a Hindu in the actual sense of the word. So you would still remain a mlechha. And that makes you a sub-human (on par with the dalits) according to the lowlife turds’ shitty “culture”, sewery caste system and the filthy “previous births’ karma” crap.

    Oh, and you are a girl as well. So that makes you a double sub-human 😯 Remember, according to the filth of “previous births’ karma”, the “sins of your past lives” have led you to be born as a girl (and therefore a sub-human), and that too of a sinful womb 😯 [All women are born of sinful wombs – Bhagavad-Gita IX 32 ]

    So perhaps, according to the filth of “previous births’ karma”, in your “next life” when you are born as a male mlechha (that would still make you a sub-human according to the filthy Hindoid karmic crap), you wouldn’t remember your life as Axinia, even if you were born and lived in Wien. And in the “next life” after that, when you are born as a turdy savage barbaric Hindoid pea-brained creature, you will not remember your past lives and your visits to places in the stinking Indian sub-continent.

    Please don’t get annoyed with me for writing this comment, Axinia 😦 As you know, I would never believe in turdy crap like the “previous births’ karma” shit of the Hindoid savages’ stinking “culture”. However, since you have become an ardent believer in such uncouth non-sense after being (willingly) deceived, I just let you know your “karmic status” according to the turdy shit of the Hindoid savages’ filthy “culture”. I bet you did not know that you were classified as a double sub-human (since you are a mlechha woman) according to the stinking crap of “previous births’ karma” of the lowlife Hindoid creatures. And I bet no Hindoid lowlife being was decent enough to tell you this fact plainly!

    I hope you don’t get annoyed 😦 as I’m only stating facts about the Hindoid savages’ “culture” as they are.


    • Terry Says:

      Then you probably are aware of the role you were given as the karmic mailman, delivering our punishments for all the thoughtless, rude, and offensive comments the rest of us have made in our reincarnation journeys from mollusks to human lowlifes. Thanks for your effort because now we have paid off all those turdy debts. On behalf of Axinia and all the others, allow me to return the favor to you with the wish that for your next birth you will be rewarded with some taste/

      • Thanks, mate, and no thanks. I don’t believe in the crap of “previous births’ karma”, so there is no karmic mailman or previous birth or next birth for any person or any creature as far as I’m concerned.

        I haven’t done you any favour as far as I know (my comment wasn’t even addressed to you), so there is no need to return the favour.

        And yes, I’m sorry if you found my comment to contain rude words, though I don’t see how it could have offended you. Unless of course, you were stung by the fact that “previous births’ karma” crap of Hinduism classifies well over five-sixths of all human beings as being sub-human mlecchas. Or the fact that Bhagavad Gita proclaims ALL women to be born of sinful wombs. But those are the facts of Hinduism and I cannot help it if they are offensive to you, it’s how they are. I don’t believe in that crap so I’m not responsible for it.

    • axinia Says:

      thanks for this insight, Raj. Asyou know, I value Indian culture a lot, however I do not tolerate all nonncense. There is plenty of nonsense in every culture. I can tell you stories and stories about the stupidity of the Westen culture /or Russian…but I think it is better for you just to come over and see for yourself. I hope once you will finally get disillusioned.

  13. mahesh chendake Says:

    Raj b,cause of students and colleagues i do come across various religions and their practices. I am sorry to say but It is very hard to find anything good in any religion.I see only stupidity remaining.They just do rituals .No spiritual evolution seen. all these karmic theory and other, even religious books???,nothing good to follow.But defiantly having severe impact on human mind, we need true wisdom,free knowledge, real spiritual evolution,( we should really bother, how human sufferings will reduce? and life will become easy, without any ???gain from them to me).only show business and money market is remaining. preaching, in any religion is another business, so what they can teach to people and what good we find to follow in their behavior? most of they themselves are misguided and brainwashed and involved in lot of antisocial activities. Because of all these stupidity now a days I don’t believe even in parental and societal, cultural upbringing and evolution through religion. It is really true as somewhere written by Axinia in new blog . “true understanding is depend on your state of evolution”. I am not considering myself as great I may be totally wrong and selfish but including my, all religions needs to be reform again. All saint in all religion try to do that but not succeeds. It is same like ,who understand and follows real Khrista? what changes we see After Khrista? I see nothing . It is same practice with little change with new “brand name”. Now a day’s I can see, thousands of such groups and their followers even in the same religion. story is same in all religion. People are also intelligent,they pick up whatever they want and go on blaming to others. Nobody wants true wisdom or evolution. Now from bottom of heart I don’t feel that, following any religion will take you to real spiritual evolution???!!!!. Axinia believes Hinduism more but myself being Hindu ????( other don’t feel like that also , now I am not Hindu and not “mlenchas” also, my wife really bother for it and always worried about what will happen with my only female ???, children and their marriages, as we are bringing them as only SY’s and “non religious” as not following and practicing our own religious practices. I always says, we will give true education and she argue that we can’t remain away from society and should remain part n parsel of it. so even find stupid we should involve in, at least physically..), I am frustrated and don’t like to follow others also. Non religious theory is also not acceptable. There is no meaning to ” I am non religious” also. we needs something different and that should come from within myself not imposed by others. so I will follow myself ( What I should follow, I should decide and I should not be blind follower) and really will not bother what others are doing. when she say, come out from illusion, I really mean it.

    • Terry Says:

      Many people like Axinia and like myself are attracted to the way the personal experience of God has been articulated in India. I am new to this blog but it is clear to me she is not an advocate of any religion. Nor am I. However, as long as religion seems to offer something helpful to so many people I see no reason to trash their experience. When it comes to spiritual questions one can only trust one’s own experience, although we can appreciate the experiences and even the teachings of individuals who we think may know something we do not.
      I don’t see the point of disparaging religions or the people who follow them. Everyone is doing the best with the gifts they have been given. What more can you expect? What I like about Axinia’s point of view is that she seems to remain positive without trying to be positive but simply by not letting the negatives take hold of her mind. I admire that strength. It would do everyone a lot of good to achieve a measure of it for themselves.

  14. mahesh chendake Says:

    I am not blemming nor encouraging for …..
    I just want to say ….
    I lost my identity , as human being , in these cut throat competition of religious, cultural ???? and economic evolution.????? who is no one? I don’t want to be.!!!!
    Thanks again, I have not misinterpreted to Axinia.
    My exceptions are not more, I want to be live and let other live peacefully and respected as human being, should really get evolved spiritually. I don’t require any more identification. I don’t require that economic and religious ,cultural growth, which is depend on others scarification, even environmental???.

  15. mahesh chendake Says:

    I have seen, blogging standard is always high in Axinia’s blog, as this new trend of blogging without edition come up ,lot of people are writing .. misguiding.
    Most of readers are SY so better understand to her but there are Non SY also, they may find it difficult. I respect their sharing also. As Axinia always encourage good one and try to share real experiences and increase discussion . I have got many new friends from her blogs to whom I like to share my experiences and thought . I know somewhere in my mind that they are spiritually evolved and not just writing,at least in process f evolution ,like me. I may be last no.in that line of evolution . so thanks again I respect you too, Terry, but you know There are lot of false Guru’s from India and Indian culture and even all cultures , . They are selling it . one should aware from that. I always respect trying and struggling to remain as human being of people, and their such personal experiences as human being . Their may be failing,mistakes but still I love that and try to enriches my own experiences. Thanks again.

    • Terry Says:

      I have lived over six decades and have seen a parade of Indian gurus come through the US. I have been very impressed by some, embarrassed by others, and in awe of a few. I know what you are saying. However, I don’t agree with the notion many have that spiritual teaching cannot include the exchange of money. The US represents the material world at its best and worst. Many Americans seek spiritual knowledge and willingly give money for it because they realize sincere seekers in other parts of the world cannot give money. Money helps spread the teaching. They also give time and energy. The US requires the separation of religion from government, but that goes back to the persecuted followers of religion who emigrated to the US to practice religion in freedom. Americans are a deeply spiritual people, and we can be naive so false prophets tend to be very successful here–for awhile. In the end, even with an authentic guru, spirituality is an individual pursuit and we have to take individual responsibility for it, as you said. My own teacher was once asked why he didn’t simply enlighten all his followers, because they all believed he had that power. He said, I would but I can’t get your attention.

      • axinia Says:

        Terry, I agee with you. The onyl problem with enlightening is that one shoud DESIRE it. It cannot be forced. Some people have come to this desire, some (many) not yet. They will, sooner or later. This is the eternal evolutionary process taking place the whole time.

        I personally belive that money has nothing to do with Spirituality. I hold maditation classes once a week and I do it absolutely for free because whatever people can get there…no money can compnecate it! 🙂 The Spirit cannot be sold. Even though I am investing my time and effort, but still I am not interested in any monetary compensation.

        • Terry Says:

          You are right about desire. That is also the issue with money and spirituality. It is not the money, but the intention or desire behind the money. Everything in life is sacred, even money. We cannot disrespect money without disrespecting God. Artha is one of the four aims of life.

          I had a client who was very wealthy who told me he loved money because it was the best thing to give away. We all accept giving love away freely as a spiritual ideal, but even love can have the wrong intention behind it. Money is no less spiritual if the intention is pure. In fact, money may be a better test of spiritual evolution than love because the good intention is harder to achieve.

          • mahesh chendake Says:

            “Dharm , Arth,Kam & Moksha” four petals of “SwastiK”
            “Kam & Moksha” are in between “Dharm & Arth” and interestingly “Arth” is near to Dharma.
            In personal life , We can earn money for bread with dharma and share our Bread to whom ,who are depend on us ( How much we require for self?).Joy of giving is always good to those who are having it and it is included in dharma. and most importantly Money matters a lot. When your objective will change no body can tell! Even EGO does matter that I have done this and that . so one should be very careful. we do accept money for sahaja project in “Brahmapuri” through the ( Proper Channel ?? with Mother’s permission ) trust developed separately and its accounting is maintain separately and get checked audited & approved by proper people. but I always think it is as a separate system of working, I Take all precaution in my limits while giving call for donation to “Bramhapuri Project”. and I also work in my limits on that project and get satisfaction of work with “NO MONEY” business
            We all should guided for MOksha .
            Meaning intended for all these may differ person to person and even in hinduism. e.g. they feel they will not get Moksha if don’t have son and like me many don’t have son by choice??!! acceptance , ( Even Mother!!!) (Sorry, not comparing?) so we will not get moksha ?
            They go on any ext ream to get son . so those such meaning to each word which are popular in Indian, Hindu, not intended for real spiritual upbringing.

            • e.g. they feel they will not get Moksha if don’t have son

              That’s gross 👿 , Maheshsaheb! I knew the Hindoid barbarians are always desperate to have sons and despise daughters (the lowly “culture” views girls as sub-humans in any case), but this is insane. So the Hindoid hordes also believe that a couple (or is it only a man, since women are believed to be sub-human) cannot attain “liberation” if they don’t have a son, but only (a) daughter(s)??? 😯 No wonder, many of the savages in the uncouth parts of the evil Indian empire murder/abandon female babies as soon as they are born, or even kill them right in their mothers’ wombs even before they get a chance to be born 😯 It’s disgusting, what the primitive pea-brains of the Hindoid regressives believe in, and how they carry out their stinking turdy blind beliefs through female infanticide/foeticide! 😡 Utter rubbish, pure crap!!! 😮

              Even “cultures” as regressive as those espoused by the Afghan Taliban and the Saudi Mutaween, though they treat their women in a terribly uncouth manner, don’t stoop to the level of murdering female babies and foetuses like the Hindoids do on a massive scale. Worthless lowlife Hindoid “culture” stinks to the high heavens 😡

              By the way, you have a lovely house there, Maheshsaheb. Surrounded by trees, near a football pitch, not far from open greenery. Simply beautiful! Nice place to meditate.


            • mahesh chendake Says:

              During marriage ( Union of two soul and many families )oath is taken from us in front of Agni ” Dharmech, Arthecha, Kamecha naticharami” means i will support you in all respect. How many even pay attentions !!!!!

          • axinia Says:

            Terry, ist’t it LOVE that is the best thing to give away??? 🙂
            I see your point very well. I think we are also drive a lot by our childhood conditionings. I grew up in the Soviet Union where money never playe a big roley, you know. That gave a a great ffreedom form the money concept (at the time when the rest of the world was obsessed about it)…
            I cannot call moeny spiritula fro one simple reason: WHY LITLE CHILDREN DO NOT UNDERSTAND MONEY?
            I talked to many people in the West about it and may confessed that actually when they were small they could never understand why we ned money and why can’t we live without. Really, intrelligent nice people from Western countires…
            I think the simple reason is – money is a man-made thing. It is not Divine. It is just a tool and no need to make a deity out of it.

            So far we can’t live without it. But one day – I am sure! – moeny will drop off as a useless applicaiton.. One day when we alltogether will make the next step in our collective evolution.

            • Terry Says:

              There is not much difference in what we are saying. Money is not a deity but it is also not a demon. You can say it is a man-made tool, but the reason the tool works is that it brings people together through the exchange of desires and objects of desire. That is the foundation of material life. If money is replaced by something else, it may enhance the experience of coming together in the collective, but won’t change the fact that material life runs on desire. Without desire, as you said earlier, no one rises to enlightenment. The venom that poisons us turns out to be a medicine that heals us if we know how to use it.

              The Garden of Eden story show how desire creates individual ego and separates us from God. Yet desire eventually evolves into the desire for God that leads us back to the Garden. As soon as we are born, before we know anything about love or money, we experience pure individual desire (ego) from the shock of separation from the Mother. And every desire that comes after that is a mix of poison and medicine that eventually leads us back to Her.

              Maybe I am making this too abstract, but I can’t see any man-made thing as any less than a God-made thing. The only difference is the degree of purity. Money has a lot of poison attached to it, but there is some medicine there too. Both elements can be evolutionary for the spirit, so why not accept them or even embrace them?

              • axinia Says:

                Terry, a wonderful contribution! I like the way you are bringing it all together…

                I always have a feeling that God granted us a tremendous amount of freedom to desire and to co-create. The truly Divine things (even material!) like geniuine art cannot bring so much pain, sufferings, veny, greed as money does.

                • Terry Says:

                  I know, but I spend many years idealistically pushing money back for all the reasons you list, and I learned that anything you push away is eventually going to be something you have to face and come to terms with. Ironically, where I live it is time to start work and earn some money. Thanks for giving all of us the opportunity to share ideas.

                  Incidentally, I have been studying blogs lately because in my business I am moving into social media and blogging rapidly. Very few sites have the truly inviting atmosphere that you have created, and you take a lot of care to show appreciation to your contributors. Those are admirable talents and I find you quite remarkable. I am learning a lot here that will raise the business side of blogging to the level of yours.

                  • axinia Says:

                    Dear Terry, what a compliment! I appreciate and ready to assist you on the way if you are really intrrested.

                    As for money, I am not pushing it back, by no means. I just don’t want to make a golden calf out of it, as many of people arounf me doing it. Besides, I am working in the WEALTH MANAGEMENT comapny (hahah, what a joke of destiny!) although I am not involved with Financial stuff directly, but anyway I can observe what can be done with very wealthy individuals…
                    I nenever dreamt of becoming rich and I live a happy middle class life and have an income which allows me to have a very pleasant and catisfuying living standard. So I woudl not say I have any problem with money.

                    As for Social media – yes, go for it, it’s amazing! That’s the best MATERIAL manifestation of the Collective Consiouslness of mankind, I believe. ENJOY!

              • mahesh chendake Says:

                Money is not everything.
                we can not survive without money as it is medium of exchange. this battle will go on . we need to take out mean of it. one should decide how much importance should be given to it. but i am sure lot of conditioning is done on it and people really find difficult without it . Having desire to earn money is not bad but how much? and how? the way? please see cut throught competition and running only after money. we can not find end.
                price hike in India is extreme and make common man difficult to survive. It seems there is no value to money at the same time there is no survive without money. No admissions to schools? No vegetables? No pulses? No housing ? without money. everything beyond reach of common man so what he will think and act? people are after of money. go on earning and holding money by any way is the only philosophy remaining.( by which one can afford and buy so many things and services and go on enjoying? the life, ways??? so dual picture ?!!!) No other desire?. Older says with one rupee, we used to bye many things . now 100/- 1000/-??? not enough for one time.
                so one can how to deal with this money business and act upon?
                previously in four varna’s system services were exchanged in terms on of goods. every-bodies job was fixed and tranfered by generation to generation. which is gradually replaced by money and now money is growing and value of money is decreasing ??? increasing ??? confusion.
                Services given by shudra’s in returns of exchange of goods were consider low, Nobel ? and second important is there is no value for shudra’s and woman’s. I am not clear but story of eden again blem to woman’s desire. Brainwashed ,Male dominating society used to think that woman is grate obstacle in spiritual upbringing so should remain away and not give value to them. How much it is correct one should decide.
                my economy teacher used to tell me, why hindu/ Indian???? lag behind in business, because it is taught to their children from child hood that money is bad and try to remain away from that so no personal/ national economical growth seen among certain groups. Money is not that bad one should learn how to handle that. Macro economy and micro economy both tells equal and opposite things to do. one should achieve balance between desire and money matters and rally learn to handle money properly.

                • axinia Says:

                  belive me or not, dear Mhesh, but Indians are the most money-oriented peopel I have ever seen! That’s a true puzzle for, especially if concidering your last comment. Even spiritual people, really good ones, they always want to do business and make money with everything possible. Inside and outside of India, both.
                  Can you give an insight, what could be the reason?
                  I dont’ mean every sigle Indian, but really many, many more than, say, Russians, Austrians, German, or elase. And that is my long-term observation.

                  • mahesh chendake Says:

                    I am also having same observation .I don’t know about others but when I studied china, Japan and Russia even Americans. ( communism and Capitalism)
                    comparing Indians are more money minded and their desire to collect money and material is ever lasting and increasing like demon. and they do it, even more naturally (when I say by any way It always mean that by wrong way , may be corruption and all illegal ways…. ( i know 1000 of such stories around me , people do it even in close relation also)) Hard work, devotion to work is not intended for which I don’t have objection
                    reason is obviously they are not truly spiritually oriented, evolved and there is no real fear of GOD almighty . ( many times, by joke, I comment like, getting this understating is true self actualization for Indians and for others about Indians , and seriously it true.) forget about grate cultural heritage of Indian culture. Interestingly If you go through Indian literature you find lot of such things but reality differs. When you say spiritually better Indian ,I wonder… You might judge on your arms but i am not sure. It is habit of Indian, they write and talk different and behave differently. In Mahabharatha and Ramayana really what you find? there are some social and historical writer totally tells different meanings to those stories and myths but by n large we don’t read them. It is my strong intuition that ,Indians,including me? are not spiritually evolved nor on the way. we have not understood it. We don’t have real fear of GOD . Even we are not true seekers. We use yoga for totally different purpose,not divine . then when you say spiritually better Indian .. I wonder…

  16. mahesh chendake Says:

    very true Axinia. You have put my words.
    I am also walking on same path in my small world and given My Home ID even on world map
    with “NO MONEY” as we all are putting efforts and time
    I don’t want even separate Identity , I am doing “Mother’s Job” joyfully without anybody’s written order and will do throughout life as selected way of leaving life . This blog enriches my knowledge and experiences which I use and share in my center

  17. belive me or not, dear Mhesh, but Indians are the most money-oriented peopel I have ever seen!

    Axinia dear, I’m pleasantly surprised, no, absolutely stunned to read that comment from you! 😯

    I’m stunned not because it’s surprising, (of course, it IS completely unsurprising), but because it comes from you! 😉

    I thought you were completely brainwashed by the fake “spirituality” and other non-sense that the Indian hordes claim to have and how they loudly despise the so-called “materialistic” civilised societies as opposed to their own supposedly “spiritual” behaviour. How silly and foolish I was 😦

    Though it wouldn’t quite be accurate to paint the whole 1.2 billion (and rabidly multiplying) mass of Hindoids with the same broad brush, but yes, generally speaking you are correct! 🙂 The Hindoid hordes are much, much more money-minded than the Russians or Europeans or East/South East Asians or Africans or West Asians or Australians or even those supposedly “most materialistic” Americans. I realised this belatedly myself only after I read how everyone else viewed the Hindoids entering their civilised societies by the hordes (to leech off them like parasites), and how accurate their description of Hindoid money-minded behaviour actually is. Well, maybe there is a group of people who are more money-minded than the Hindoids, but that is immaterial.

    It isn’t that puzzling once you look at it from the point of view of the Hindoids’ history, geography and “culture”.


    • axinia Says:

      awe, Raj, even though you are reading my blog since years, you still don’t know me?!?

      I cannot be brainwashed because I have a clear realistic view on life. Yes, I love many things and even if I love that does not make me blind. I see EVERY drawback in every person (Virgo by horoscope :)) and yet my love to humanity makes me appreciate and valus also everythiing good in it.
      _ yes, this money-orientation is indeed very much puzzling and I hope you will be able to bring some light on it! thanks 🙂

  18. mahesh chendake Says:

    Another reason lies in Indian politics. Even though 50% Indian do not vote and prefer to remain away still politics have tremendous impact on Indian mind. They love,keep watch, they discuss hours together,they guess, they bet,on politics. Politician a real hero, all are corrupted, worst,criminals , not having vision,any eligibility criteria except getting win by any mean (Power,food, money,alcohol, girls ,murder, riots, deaths everything, nothing excluded ,Chanakya niti), even they pick up, boost up religious leader,sportsman, film heros, and use them intelligently to win and to rule Indian minds. they spoil everything. money making is the only and only objective and full time business of them as I already said close ones are also not excluded from using for politics and money and power making. politician and so called religious, cultural leaders???? grows together by putting hands in hands and very worstly rule and use Indian mind and power.I will not call Indian people Innocent as they understand everything and directly or indirectly get involved in whole process. they take every opportunity to make money and politics shamelessly. these are senseless people. and real destroyer Indian spirituality as they are demon or real evil power. they change history,geography, Sociology,economics,cultural trends everything with politics and power of group. I will not call them as a group as nothing is constant or similar in politics, changes according to need and demand of time and politics. No emotions, No feeling, No relation, No religion in politics, every thing is for politics by politics and finally for money making. money … money and more money… every thing is for money ,by money…. power. money power is biggest power used in India
    Any way vigro means balanced rashi but may wondering in Bhavsagar as their guru principle is week, woman’s are very pretty and beautiful specially their hair. and can control and rule man very nicely.
    ….and I am aware of it, Dear sister, Axinia !!!!
    ( I am doughtfull about Bavasagar /Guru principle comment)…..

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