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The artists of the Generation S November 21, 2007


painting by Konstantin Sterkhov

In the modern times when everything is moving very fast, it is very difficult for a single person to achieve anything without compromising with the trend of the world. Hence, it is absolutley essential that those artists who seek freedom and who believe that they have to play a vital role to further the cause of art, should give up their petty differences and jealousies and unite together.

If such a group of artists decides to accept good in their personal, economic and social life, and pledge not to deviate from the straight path, then no power, however destructive, can lay hands on them. Unity of purpose can only grant them all security needed for the creation of their art…

Artists have to raise the public eye to their standard of taste and not to stoop down to the cheap demand of the public and thus surrender their freedom.
From ‘Heralding a New Age of Joy and Spiritual Fulfillment’ Shri Mataji Art Quotes

And see how it became true: Sahaja-Yoga-Art

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