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Positive thinking? No, thank you! November 20, 2007

 photo by axinia

 I am probably one of the most positive people you have ever met (even being able to claim that is a sign, isn`t it). In fact I think positive all the time and it is difficult for me to see a problem somewhere where most of the people see it.

However I am not following the religion of positive thinking, and I will tell you why.

There are situation where positive thinking can even harm – in a way of hiding the true picture of the issue. Cerulo, a professor at Rutgers University, wrote a book last year called Never Saw It Coming. She points out that medical workers and computer technicians—the professional troubleshooters of the world—keep our bodies and mainframes running by being paragons of pessimism. When doctors and IT workers take up a case, they begin by dispassionately assuming the worst and then move up from there. Their protocols demand precise and evolving definitions of the most severe maladies and malfunctions, while they tend to have fuzzy and almost absentminded definitions of health, well-being, and normal function. Facing a problem helps more that just being positive about it!

Since much is being spoken about positive thinking, one recent American study has shown some interesting results on the topic.

A patient’s positive or negative emotional state has no direct or indirect effect on cancer survival or disease progression, according to a large-scale new study. Published in the December 1, 2007 issue of CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study found that emotional well-being was not an independent factor affecting the prognosis of head and neck cancers.

So why am I, myself being a positive thinking person oppose it so persistently? For the same reason that I oppose many psychological methods and techniques – for the “unnatural” nature of them!

I believe that the positivity is something that comes from within, and it can not  – and should not! – be trained. Positive thinking can be taught, no doubt. But isn`t it strange when people “try to think positive”? Whatever one does on purpose does not really work in a proper way. One has to be authentic. Natural. Innocent like a child… Then everything works.

You BECOME positive when you touch your deeper SELF.

When the true beauty of your nature reveals through every cell of your body, every movement of your soul, every sparkle of your thought.


LOVE, axinia

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14 Responses to “Positive thinking? No, thank you!”

  1. radha Says:

    Last mounth at my office we attended a seminar about “The 7 thinking hats”. I must admit i joined because somebody asked me; it was to make the number full to have the seminar happen: moreover my colleagues were so excited then i decided to sign up! It was talking about a man who is becoming very famous with his theory saying that in different situations of our life we should wear a proper hat (7 colors per 7 hats per 7 main situations), meaning an adeguate “way of thinking which fits the solving, the good success of that situation”. Like we were robots which can change their program, their disk anytime. Its cool but we found out it is just theory and it is not so applicable during the real living time. Even my colleagues were disappointed while i had fun and guess what? during the experiencial session i won the red hat which is the one of the positive thinking! so funny 🙂

  2. JV Says:

    Hmmm. interesting post and cute photograph.

    I agree with you completely. People so much emphisize on being positive that it becomes obession than natural.

    One needs to understnd the concept of positive thinking and complete understaning brings natural application of the concept.

    Postive thinking is not a mircale, which change over anything overnight. My understanding that if you are positive you accept or respond to any situation /circumstances with understanding.

  3. axinia Says:

    radha, nice experience! – that is exactly what I menat. As an enlightend person you ARE positive because you are able to the depth of the situation – and at the end the game of it…keep it up!

    JV, thanks! I like your understanding – it is exactaly what I meant above. Do you also feel the life as a game?

  4. Tomas Says:

    Dear Axinia, your posts inspire just applause. I totally agree WITH YOU. Positive thinking sounds nice, but that theory is politics that forms some kind of self reticence (makes us blind to the social problems that exchanges social activity into rejoicing at self (that works at times but it works just until we are young and healthy)The positive thinking is the most dangerous sort of atheism that denies spirituality by pointing to it.
    Positive thinking is not the abracadabra – when we have faith in God (if we live with God) the positive thinking expresses our reality that is not an achievement of some our personal merits but the gift of faith.

    All above is easy to talk, but it is hard to live with such uplifting mind. We face too many hardships on our road – the hardships that don’depend on our positive atitude. While living on a disability pension (while being jobless and constantly dependent) I faith not only harsh health problems but need daily financial support. Lack of money limits all my plans to do something – makes my artworks the accidental (it is impossible to draw without anything on anything) and thus these positive responses that I receive become something like the charge for my laziness ( I could do much more in case I would get the concrete support) That’s hard, but begging for the help looks even more hard and I just don’t know what to do…- I am happy to write to you- that’s all I can to do at the most of time. Can I be satisfied with such situation?

  5. axinia Says:

    Dear Tomas, your comment is just brilliat!
    I really love your point “The positive thinking is the most dangerous sort of atheism that denies spirituality by pointing to it.”

    For your situation I can only suggest you to get your self-realisation (I dont know any other way to help oneself in spiritual, health and material matters at once). There is a group of exeptionally good Sahaja Yogis in Lithuania, wonderful people – if you will get to them, you will see how many things will change. I am talking from my personal impressive life experiences.

  6. Craig Price Says:

    “Never saw it coming” is a great book. I think more people need to look at their negative thoughts and understand their value. They exist for a reason, to protect us from harm and hopefully avoid problems.

    If you just think positive, you’re only getting half the story!


  7. axinia Says:

    Hey, my post was not meant to promote the negative thinking 🙂
    In a way I can agree with you – everytime I see the worst case szenario it never happens 🙂 There must be some mechanism working…
    However the best way to me is just do not think at all – or a least to keep my mind relaxed. Then the righ things happen and I just go with the flow. And it works wonders!

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  9. sailaja Says:

    Yes positive thinking combined with faith will work wonders. no doubt. “You BECOME positive when you touch your deeper SELF”. this is truely true if you realize your SELF/Spirit. then the all the things will be working out by themselves without any extra input.

  10. axinia Says:

    thanks, just to the point!

  11. Evgeniya Says:

    hi, Axinia!!
    Ich möchte dir meine Meinung nach Anzeige ausdrucken..
    Positiv denken..Das ist einfach..dank dir!!

  12. mahesh chendake Says:

    last week I attend seminar on it organized by our institution. Dr prem masand Cancer surgeon from brhmakumaries hospital mount Abu delivered lecture.
    one thing was clear from his lecture that due to positive stroke in the morning by thinking there are changes in theta waves and alpha level.and neuropitutatory hypophysis axis which affect on stress level by secreting hormones like adrenaline .More the adrenaline more the stress.more stress more problem for individual . more endorphin /less adrenaline more efforia ,joyful ,relaxed state. as he said positive thinking promotes less adrenaline /more endorphin, changes in alpha /theta level, less or no stress more joyful, relaxed disease free life It gives strength to heart to beat at 60 as well as 180/min efficiently no blockage in coronaries and so on. I asked him about mental silence then he said that is spiritual state very difficult to achieve may be imaginary not practicable because every time persons thinks only. but another thing he told if possible by that we may shift to conscious competitive to unconscious in competitiveness which can be our objective to achieve to have a desired effects. eg. changing attitude, beliefs, habits so easy to fight life’s difficult situation
    but I appreciate your writing specially last two lines
    I believe that the positivity is something that comes from within, and it can not – and should not! – be trained. Positive thinking can be taught, no doubt. But isn`t it strange when people “try to think positive”? Whatever one does on purpose does not really work in a proper way. One has to be authentic. Natural. Innocent like a child… Then everything works.

    You BECOME positive when you touch your deeper SELF.

    When the true beauty of your nature reveals through every cell of your body, every movement of your soul, every sparkle of your thought.

    When you KNOW YOURSELF.
    and as we know mother has given lot about thoughtless awareness lastly he said It might be co exist with unconscious in competitiveness which is their final destination.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      just thinking on repost I remembered when once I asked to famous worldwide leader (One another from previous comment)on positive thinking who is doctor and collecting and teaching people on it . very famous people are follower of him including sports and politics he just make fun of me when I talked about thoughtless awareness. I was totally different/inappropriate in that group and he requested me to quite the group /conference hall immediately.
      After taking self realization when we enter in the world of thoughtless awareness then real beauty of it begins others may not understand …. but interestingly he has used same word on positive thinking for as I am inappropriate for group and their thinking and understanding…. it is one’s understanding or one’s standing on his role what to say more…. as u rightly said one should speak about own true experiences……people talk about many thing with many intention we should able to understand their intention and work with own way isn’t it?

  13. Chris Says:

    I totally agree with this. I really like your articles by the way Axinia!

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