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The only thing that really makes me sad… November 7, 2007


photo by axinia

Sadness is not my friend. In fact, it is very seldom that I can be affected by that strange mood. However there is one thing that really makes me sad. One thing that lays at the core of all the human problems, I think. One thing that is well known and that is mostly taken as it is, as a natural and unavoidable: the lack of love.

One person calls another stupid and refuses to talk – for some ego-driven reason.

Another one takes something too personal and feels hurt.

The third one says: we are not here to love each other, but to work.

Sounds familiar? I bet it happens everywhere and any time.

It makes me really sad to see that especially people who are close (for family or work or other reasons) in too many cases can not stand each other and talk ill behind each other`s back.

It makes me really sad to see how people love to look for differences between each other and to play on it. How they just obviously can not live without making each others lifes difficult.

And it makes be really, really sad to know the reason of such a stupid human behaviour (I bet you also know what it is).

But what to do?  Shall I also play this funny game? Shall I just never mind? Shall I keep my sad mood forever?

No, my heart knows only one way out: keep loving all that quarreling, struggling, fighting, hurting and crying ones. Forget all the mediation, consulting and training. Forget all that methods that have never helped the human race. JUST LOVE.


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10 Responses to “The only thing that really makes me sad…”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    I love the thought of this post and you are correct – it is sad to think why people just can’t love.

  2. axinia Says:

    my dear sunshine, thank you for that lovely comment – you saved that post! 🙂 I was already wondering why noone comments on it – whether the topic is too boring, too clear, too new or too old?

  3. Subhasri Says:

    Topic is not boring…really an awakening topic….
    Just love the world like that..u will have no worries….

  4. JV Says:

    Too confusing, the topic is, I guess 🙂 I often get troubled by the humans selfish behavior. And as you said in end it JUST LOVE the way people are.

  5. Alex Says:

    It’s at 99,9% true statement! 0,1 – all other possible things in this World, 99,9 – a lack of Love… It’s a bit tricky, because you can not “make” yourself or somebody to love… or may be it’s still possible?! So, what are the “tricks” for this? Let’s share this wonderful and so precious experience of everybody!.. BECAUSE THERE IS NO MORE IMPORTANT MATTER IN THIS WORLD THAN LOVE…


  6. A.S. Says:

    Dear Alex, LOVE is everything!!!! it’s not only that there is nothing more important than it…LOVE is the essence of our existence… This whole world would not be without it. The only thing is that we do not see it many times because of our EGO. Because of it, we cannot say:” I’ m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you”, ” or I don’t want to see you sad, please forgive me”…It’s many times a matter of “the 1st step”…who will drop Ego first…Love is flowing through each of us, but the Ego covers it…

  7. axinia Says:

    I love that point! LOVE is the essence, and EGO is the only thing that covers it up…100%true!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely photo! very good post!

  9. […] 7. Worst feeling in the world? Seeing people hating each other […]

  10. Sahaja Says:

    Too good photo……

    Hm….I feel, it ends up in the same old Adam eve story….we humans have the power to think and sense unlike other animals…so we are a breed apart….

    This extra feature we have ‘sense’ lets us feel the emotions……that we realise something is happening like happiness, sadness, jealous etc….thats a good part because we can appreciate what we have :-)…..give it any name , compassion, love, kindness etc I group it as “Love” (for various things and in various forms)

    Now bad thing is, (ofcourse everything comes with both postitves and negatives), since we think about Why we feel, What makes us feel, etc etc , it makes us feel knowledgeble, better, etc,…..”ego”

    and so we get lost in that power of thinking and let the feeling of pride take over us – EGO – takes over us and so love is shadowed by this for the time…..the sooner we realise the better coz its difficult to avoid such situation (thats characterstically human)!!

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