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The Fire, The Water and The Copper Trumpets November 6, 2007

 photo by axinia

The deep wisdom of the legends and fairy-tails from all over the world keeps fascinating me.

One Russian fairy-tale called “The Fire, The Water and The Copper Trumpets” tells about 3 great tests a hero should undergo in order to reach his goal (marry a beautiful princess, of course!). 3 kinds of tests reflect 3 main problems we normally face in our personal development.

The water: all kinds of troubles of our emotional self. Depressions, doubts, our past, unfulfilled desires… All that heavy and sticky stuff (labeled as “the left-side” in the yogis terminology).

The Fire: all our action (mental and physical), stress, over-activity, anger, excessive planning and pushing, aggression towards others… All that hot and hard stuff (labeled as “the right side” in the yogic terminology).

As soon as we overcome all that and become a balanced, peaceful and pleasant personality – here comes the best part! The copper trompets: The glory of being good. The best test ever for our beloved ego. Interestingly, even saintly people have to undergo this test again and again – and some even fail! This is truly the most powerful treatment – to follow one on the ego-trip…

In a regular life we can see all these test going on daily with everyone – but the most obvious of course are the ones of the prominent people. I never try to criticise politicians, as I understand what kind of ” the copper trumpets” treatments they are in. And I would not like to be in their shoes!

But how to pass these 3 tests properly? My personal experience on this long way (as well as the one of the Russian fairy-tale hero) say: keep cool (mentally and vibrationally 🙂

Just watch the drama of life, take your decisions and enjoy. Just follow the golden Gate of the center.

LOVE, axinia

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8 Responses to “The Fire, The Water and The Copper Trumpets”

  1. Minal Says:

    off beat question but what country do you reside in??
    just for this simple reason that your photos read ‘photo by axinia’
    I am dying to visit the places you have clicked. If you tell me India, I shall faint. Because I have not seen anything like it in here. Plzzz do tell me
    and hey nice post!

  2. axinia Says:

    Dear Minal, I do love India and I visit it some time – therefore the pictures on my flickr site. But I reside in Austria (Central Europe), a very different from India place 🙂

  3. Jyothi Balan Says:

    Hello SIS…I am Jyothi Balan,yuvashakthi From india….i am greatly impressed by your thoughts dear…would really wish to talk to you sometime.
    Jai Shree Mataji…
    Jai Shree Ganesha!!!

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  6. swaps Says:

    “Just follow the golden Gate of the center.”
    You mean the middle path. In fact, people dismiss you if you claim to be at the dead center.
    As Bush famously said,”Either you are with us or against us”.

    (I always loved Russian tales. Very nostalgic. Thanx for this one.)

  7. axinia Says:

    glad you got the point 🙂
    yes, I mean the middle path.

  8. Ramya Says:

    Hey Axinia, Thats such a nice tale……so simple yet so powerful….I guess I wud be a regular visitor to your blog !!! Kudos!!

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