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Democracy or Demo-no-cracy? November 2, 2007

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Democracy is apparently the best system available as it tries to guarantee our basic freedoms and a level of opportunity and choice. But the opportunity for democracy to succeed in reaching common prosperity can be missed.

Democracy had many roots, from the Icelandic council to the Swiss “Landsgemeinde”. All these communities were small by today`s standards. According to the Greek founding fathers, the people cannot assume power beyond the size of a relatively small city. As larger collective grew, checks and balances were lost, leaving the modern ship without mooring.

“Demos” means the people, “kratos” means power. But do people really have the power? People got ownership. This is not bad, but probably not enough. Democracy depends on the large dissemination of the private property, seemingly bringing the materialist millennium within the reach of the middle class.

We know now that our world is becoming in many ways a more dangerous place, plagued by a multitude of challenges and split by a growing and threatening disparity in income levels. This is partly because the neo liberal 1990s reduced the nexus desire-through-action to a global money-grabbing proposition in which the West`s collective resources were channeled and largely wasted away.

We still do not exactly know who is hiding behind the drive for the power of money? Where is the one who set us on this course?

It is the Mr.D. – but can we recognise the true face of Mr. D. ?

Of course, Marx had already decided that Mr.D is most likely to be a plutocrat. Marx and Engels tried to uncover Mr.D to describe his clothes, tricks and habits. Their attempt to catch him backfired mostly because they focused on sociology and economics and largely ignored the field of psychology.

Mr.D has two sides. His luminous self carries as ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity. He follows a path of growing maturity and balance between multiple interest so as to achieve the greatest good of the greatest numbers.

His dark side is naturally hiding.

In Mr. D`s groin, lust is lurking.

Anger and fierce competition burn in his belly.

Greed boils in his stomach.

Attachment and possessiveness close his heart.

His throat spits jealousy and vanity adorns his forehead.

Mr.D is hiding within modern man, for he is not pretty. If such is the ruler of our country, the chances are that democracy will turn to “demonocracy”.

For these are the old demons of our race that we were told in ancient times, would lead us to our destruction. Have we boarded a taxi for Armagedon?

Gregoire de Klabermatten, “The third Advent”


8 Responses to “Democracy or Demo-no-cracy?”

  1. dianarn Says:

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. In democracy, the minority has no power. The USA is a Constitutional Republic, or at least it used to be, before our leaders made it into a “democracy.” At least in a republic, the sheep has a gun.
    Democracy is one of the worst forms of gov’t, just like communism, socialism, and the rest of the -isms.

  2. radha Says:

    I read “the Third Advent” one time but probably tonight i am going to start it again because it feels like bathing is such a good high level of wisdom by reading its pages. About all these -isms it feels just true. Here in China many people wish to leave in a democracy without understanding that it would be on the same level as living in a communist body. All these -isms is evident are not bringing any genuine hope and advancement of humanity in a deeper satisfying sense.

  3. axinia Says:

    Hi, Dianarn, I like your comment!
    RAdha, thanks for this wonderful support!

    Regarding thins topic of the best political system, I can only say that the more I live in the “democratic” West, the more I understand how lacking this system is.
    In the end of the day I believe that Communism would the be the best for for the humanity – however the TRUE communism, and not the funny try like in the former Soviet Union or China!
    I will expand this topic soon.

  4. leelajesus Says:

    yeah as it seems comunism was (with right) discredited before it could reach his pure form. but probably it would never get there anyway. if we were people free from the inside, probably it would not make much difference if we lived in comunism or demokratie, we could make both the systems work! or maybe we would not need any system at all! 🙂

    like axinia I lived in comunism and in capitalism. my observation is that communism is putting some restrictions from the outside, like you can not travell freely ect. but the relationships between people are much stronger and also the sense of togetherness, which is very joygiving and makes one more humble. in capitalism we have the freedom from the outside: we can travell, take jobs we like etc, witch is very nice but it´s also an illusionary freedom, we are free most of all to consume! 🙂

    and the exegerated individualism gives people some sense of insecurity.
    hmmm… difficult decision 🙂

  5. dianarn Says:

    I, too, lived under a communist rule for 14 years and I can’t say that I agree that it’s the best system. The only people that profit from it are the elite, while the working people live horribly. You don’t even have your own plot of land because it belongs to everyone. You work hard all year long in your field, only to get back a portion, equal to everyone else’s and not enough to feed your family. The government owns everything and they can do whatever they want.

    As long as there is potential for corruption and greed in the human soul, communism will never work.

  6. axinia Says:

    my dear friends, there have NEVER been any communist system nown on thins earth yet 🙂 IF you are familiar with the true idea of communism and if you have lived in a sort of a soviet country – it is NOT THE SAME!!

  7. Scietech Says:

    Have we boarded a taxi for Armagedon?

    I think so 😦 There is no hope for humanity. Humans deserve to perish as they cannot reform themselves 😡

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