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CSR and spiritual meditation: fantastic results! October 17, 2007

Fontainbleu, October  12,  2007 – enterprises and responsibility: Today in France at the Fontainebleau Campus of the Management Academy INSEAD, the results of the largest  global study of “Corporate Responsibility” was presented. The focal point of the academic work was the significant differances between social needs, global enterprises such as Unilever, Microsoft, IBM, Johnson & Johnson or Shell, and shareholders of these Multis. Apart from a consortium of prominent European Businesses Schools (Insead, Bocconi, Copenhagen Business School among other things) the participants were from 19 world-well-known enterprises in 8 critical sections with 210 managers, 180 owner companies and the European Academie „Businesses in Society (EABIS) “.


The project was sponsored by the “European 6th program for research and development”. Major task of the study was to find out how the cognitive consciousness of the managers for the problems, which the enterprise in the society or their environment causes, can be strengthened. It concerned particularly the effectiveness from different training programs on the development from social consciousness in the heads of the managers.


Due to the collection by company targets, which face social interests, „a cognitive often develops gap “. The far majority of the managers saw completely solve-solved the role of your enterprise in the society from global society goals. Only 20% the decision maker were conscious of the interests of their shareholders itself over the difference. In relation to sensitivity the social implications of executive committee decisions is however crucial, in order to manufacture the confidence of the society in enterprises. As example for instance the environmental degradations served by Shell, or resettlements of villages in the course of the work of mineral enterprises like “Rio Tinto”. Chris Marsden, Chairman of Amnesty International: “This is exactly what makes people hate Shell or avoid buying Unilever marked products….”


Altogether the study determines that the 300 asked manager an extremely close perception over the responsibility of your enterprise in the sense of legal or moral borders shows, what over the image on a long-term basis a direct effect on the success of the enterprise has. In order to increase the psychological plants, those necessarily for socially responsible person decisions, 93 managers were submitted of the following trainings: Physical Yoga techniques (Hatha Yoga), deep spiritual Meditation (Sahaja Yoga) and the standard executive training.


It turned out that only the introspective approach through deep meditation could affect the consciousness of the managers lastingly. Particularly the following values of the meditating subjects changed: Luck feeling, courage, peace, free ability of decision and an increase of the value „unit with nature “and/or other moral values (between 97 and 99% the participant). Further statistically a significant acceptance of the priority “personal image” (95%) could be determined in the group of interventions.


Study leader Maurizio Zollo, professor at the center for management studies, Bocconi: „Mental independence from the image or the judgment of the others in the enterprise is crucial for the priority of the social implication of the decision over pure economic numbers, which are again-reflected at the end only in the balance, but not in the image of the enterprise .If one compares these innovative learning methods with standard executive committee training, we find a much larger effectiveness here, without addressing directly on the topic „Corporate Responsibility “.

(Article by Natascha Rubia)


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