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Why it will never be boring in the world of happy people October 11, 2007


photo by axinia

Sometimes I think I come from another planet. Many bad things just do not happen to me ( or they do but I do not see them as bad 🙂 May be I have an elephant skin– normally I am the last one to notice somebody`s unfair play, sarcasm or an intent to offend. Lucky, you may say.

I am definitely a happy person. And in my blogging activity the first thing I want to do is to share this great state with you, and even to infect you with love and joy!..

However again and again I hear people saying the world would be boring if everyone would be happy. I can not believe such a nonsense!

The matter is, the life become very intensive and funny, sunning and amazing much more when you are a “happy” person ( in fact I do not like the word that such, as it does not really reflect that state). And at the same time it is very relaxing, soothing… Why not have that? Why not let everyone have it? BE THAT?

I know quite a number of people who feel the same, live the same. Believe me, their life is so far from being boring! – actually the opposite. It is much more fun! And these are people who just do not do many so called “enjoyable” things like wild nights out, drinking, drugs, etc. There are other things, really cool things to do 🙂

Have a look at these leaves on my picture: they are all so beautiful (though bitten by life!), and yet not exactly the same. True beauty and happiness are never the same, never boring. Always unique and fresh

The post`s title is ” Why it will never be boring in the world of happy people” –  I use the “will” and not “would” form as I believe one day we all WILL live happily.

LOVE, axinia

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7 Responses to “Why it will never be boring in the world of happy people”

  1. telesbrize Says:

    Are you familiar with “The Secret”? It’s a hokey way around the same topic.

  2. axinia Says:

    Telesbrize, I was not familiar with this book until your comment.
    Then i went to Intenet and got an idea 🙂 The result of my investigation and my honest opnion on such book you can find in my next post “The mind games or the myth of self-improvement”.

    I do know that the things written in “The secret” mostly work. BUT ONLY IF IT HAPPENS NATURALLY, not forced, and from the heart. Any kind of a technique, tool remains being “forced” can brign you lots of trouble, because the price for palying with material world is quite hight…

  3. anat Says:

    i don’t really know how i found myself on your blog… but just wanted to say you have very nice photos

  4. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Anat, I really enjoy taking photos. Keep visiting! 🙂

  5. Sanjay M Says:

    amazing post axina, its really wonderful.

    btw I think elephants have very sensitive skin 🙂 not sure though – but I do understand what you meant 😀

  6. wishtobeanon Says:

    Nice…this is what I wish for the world too! I hope our dreams come true!

  7. axinia Says:

    thanks, wishtobeanon, it will definitly happen 🙂

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