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I LOVE YOUR BLOG award + THINKING BLOGGER award October 8, 2007

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Arlene, my sweet angel – sunshineforlife is her comment-name – has given me her award created by Tish and Mike– 1000 thanks and hugs! I am normally not a big fan of tagging, but to pass on love in this way feels a good thing to do 🙂

So these are the bloggers whose dedication and uniqueness I love:

Nita  – A wide angel view of India (incredible analytical ability, brilliance and a big heart)

Edword – Self-Help (deep, wise and truly innocent)

Leela – The game of life (she makes a captivating fairy-tale out of a simpliest everyday`s happening, beautifully spiritual)

Mast malang – The realm of intoxicated mind (wonderful thoughts and poetry, romantic and yet Sufi-like)

Sadiq – Inspirations and Creative thoughs (the best of all religions, very meditative and deep)

Anastasia – Know Thyself (the jewel of the Russian spirituality)

rw_man – Russian Women (fascinating love and adoration for Russian women by one Western man)

And, by the way – all of them receive something more – the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD (thanks a million, Arlene! – your second award for me, highly appreciated).


I wanted to combine these two awards also because I believe that there is no true intelligence without a heart.

And all of these bloggers named above have both – a big, dedicated heart and an outstanding intellect. Thank you, dear friends, for your great input to the world´s collective consciousness!

LOVE, axinia


16 Responses to “I LOVE YOUR BLOG award + THINKING BLOGGER award”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    Hello Axinia. it’s nice to see ya spreading love through these awards. Have a nice day! Keep smiling.

  2. Nita Says:

    Axinia you have given me the best award that anyone can ever get, and thank you for it.
    I realise how similarly we think! I too believe that you cannot really be anything without a big heart. I always see people in terms of their heart. Yes, they may have other qualities too, but for me the heart is very important. You have a wonderfully big heart Axinia and and you are a very intelligent woman.
    I love both your blogs. You deserve this award far more than me.

  3. axinia Says:

    Dear Sunshine, you are just wonderful!

    Nita, I also feel we are quite similar in many ways and your appreciation of my work is a sign that you are too very spiritual and deep person. I am so happy I found you and can enjoy every day your honest, hardworking and enlightened heart!

  4. Nita Says:

    Axinia, I have put up the awards on my site and have linked to this post. You will have to forgive me for not tagging anyone else. Everytime I tag someone, its hurts others. 1-2 come right out and say it, others don’t. Therefore I have decided that no more tagging for me. I hope you understand.

  5. axinia Says:

    Dear Nita, sure! I actually even not meant that any of you should continue tagging. Normally I do not do that either. And I can comprehen, that people can feel offended.
    I also think I will not be doing it any more, it was just my spontaneous desire to share with everyone.

  6. MysticSaint Says:

    wow! Axinia!!

    so sweet of you! thanks so much for the honorable mention and i do love the whole idea of ‘i love your blog’. really a cool blog meme!

    your blog has got some very interesting entries (apologies for visiting after some gap, now this time technorati helped), i would love to come back and read again and again with time.

    may you always be blessed in your path and keep spreading love from inner heart.

  7. Dio Says:

    Where was I when you were dishing out lots of love? Nice idea.

  8. mastmalang Says:

    Thank you so much for recognising my blog Axinia. It is indeed a great honour and I am deeply touched. It is only because of loyal readers that my blog has been as successful as it is. Thank you once again

    -mast malang

  9. axinia Says:

    Dear MisticSaint, your words are the honour to me – I am your fan and your contribution is indeed tremendous!

    Dio, somehow I have to admit that though the idea of “Fine art of blogging” is extremely intelligent and beautiful, I noticed that adSence and all that commercial stuff do not do much good to your blog 😦 When the money take the first place, the heart goes away…Sorry to tell you that, my friend, but this is what I feel and want you to know.

    Mast malang, my brother 🙂 Please keep writing about your personal experiences and insights – your language and ideas are always something special to enjoy…

  10. Axinia

    Brilliant selections of lovely blogs! Great work and keep it going!

  11. Yo Says:

    Thanx, Axinia. May the whole world become one big, loving, inter-supporting family.

  12. swati chawla Says:

    i m in 12th std. i want to join design institute,pls let me know how to prepare for that..and which best design course should i opt for u..pls let me know….
    or mail me swati_4462@yahoo.co.in

  13. shirley Says:

    hi axinia, first time here… i am wondering on how and where to get awards to be given to other bloggers.. just like what you did.
    By the way, i just love your blog… so cool and great.. i like it. I will definitely come back here..

  14. axinia Says:

    dear shirley, thanks for dropping by and compliments! 🙂

    I awards I just dot from somebody, you can take them an also give to somebody I think there are no strickt rules here 🙂

    your blog is very special by the way, I love your topic (mother & wife), keep up the good job!

  15. Dear,
    Axinia Your Initiative for your love awards is really appriciable.

    Nandkishore Gitte
    Life at sea

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