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What is Thoughtless Awareness? October 6, 2007

photo by axinia

Thoughtless awareness. The state I often refer to and regard as the source of amazing states of my being like joy, bliss, easiness of existence and love.

Thoughtless awarenesshas been described by Buddha and the Sufi’s of North Africa as also by Saints in India such as Eknath and Gyanadeva.

This state is a higher state of awareness which bisects the past and the future. Usually human beings are most of the time unable to enter the present because the mind is either thinking about the future (Ego) or the past (Superego). Interestingly, we are only in a present when we watch something in admiration, or enjoy some action to its full measure (like a child).

In the state of thoughtless awareness we are free to think about whatever we want but we don’t have unwanted thoughts in our mind at all, we have complete control over our mind. Our mind becomes very relaxed yet completely focused on any tasks we need to perform in our daily lives.

Form a regular point of view it is actually almost impossible to reach that state: how to have NO THOUGHTS? And still be aware? Be alert? Be efficient?

The trick is that it is indeed possible and relatively easy to achieve BUT NOT WITH THE HELP OF THE MIND! To tell you the truth, most of the meditation/self-help/yoga techniques make me laugh as there you learn to control your mind with the help of your mind. Isn`t it absurd?

My experience tells that Self-realisation enables one to enter into the new dimension (physically perceptible!) where one can easily do beyond the mind. With me it work this way: I feel the cool breeze over my head which relaxes the scalp and then somehow the brain. It is absolutely real because I can not force it and sometimes I do not feel it/ or feel warm  – and even if I want very much to have it the other way, I just can not influence that. It is just there – or it is not. It is like the 7th sense!

When I feel it clearly it is incredibly enjoyable (like drinking the divine nectar) and at this moment I just can not think. I am aware of the surroundings but the power of joy and love is stronger. And if I am lucky to enjoy this pure state for 5 minutes than I feel like charged with tremendous powers and billions Watt of Love…

Of course we need to think to perform our jobs, to achieve something in life, but that thinking is of a different nature to the incessant rambling of the mind.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that as many people as possible could experience that absolutely outrageous state of being. Then we would definitely have far less stupid ideas floating ín the air and causing wars, hatred, envy, lust and greed.

And one more thing: in the state of thoughtless awareness you are brain-wash resistant! Like in a fortress: still, powerful and truly free…

LOVE, axinia

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29 Responses to “What is Thoughtless Awareness?”

  1. Tomas Says:

    The photos by axinia touch my heart, and your words pierce me with the truth. Is it possible to remain calm in such conditions? I think it is needless to talk on what happens when we step into thoughtless awareness. Let’s enter the http://trustlight.blogspot.com .Just the incredible things happen in the hospitals for the people with psychiatric disorders. What was black becomes the white and otherwise – the ego becomes the apple on the apple tree nearby the window under the heavy bars…
    Where should I put my awareness there? I don’t want to become blind and deaf to tears – I want to rejoice over the smiles I discover there and I refuse to think what for could be the sharing of the pictures I have discovered there.
    Wow, that sounds so … so unprofessional, but I am not a professional indeed. The huge eyes of the child are watching me from a mirror and I cry – I don’t want to become the unseen and the needless.
    Sorry for my English, but it is hard to talk plainly even in my native Lithuania.

  2. sunshineforlife Says:

    axinia, got something for you in my blog. please check itout when you have time.

    as always — you have great posts sharing insights that not all people ever imagine to write about.

    keep inspiring!

  3. JV Says:

    Beautiful photograph.

    Thoughtless awareness becomes paradox for most. Making efforts to become thoughtless is falling into trap which creates hurdles.

    It is a beautiful moment, if arrived at one. It is a journey where you reach at the destination without taking a single step. Stop walking and you are arrived at the destination.


  4. axinia Says:

    Wow, JV, such a clear message!
    “Stop walking and you are arrived at the destination.” I love it.

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  6. balajee Says:

    Thoughtless awareness is a stage when “you are not ,only he is “.it is like “flowing with the river called life and not pushing the river”.It happens through “moment to moment living”.

  7. Is the thoughtless state a concept or reality? If the latter, how can one validate its existence?however, one can imagine the significant benefits to the life form,if this possible concept can manifest to a level where consciousness identifies and acknowledges yet is not conscious of so doing.

  8. axinia Says:

    dear Edward,
    everyone who ahs experiences even a glimps of thoughless awareness, know how it feels and know that it IS reality 🙂
    let me know as soon as you get there!

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  13. rajiv khosla Says:

    i guess all those who feel the last chakra called as sasrara or fontale lobe or limbic area or bhramarandra or talu or point of baptisim or tenth door or seventh heaven as called in different scripture are those who are born realised ,who are real seekers and have kept themselves pure and innocent and thru meditation reach the state easily becuase of previous birth karmas are very few ,may be tens out of billions.

    the ones who are not able to experience need to get the same thru sahajayoga self realisation process of six chara bhedan or penetration process which happens with the kundlaini or divine intelligence piercing thru the last chakra and being part of the collective conciousness.

    this is very easily possible in sahajayoga for those who truly deserve and those who truly ask or seek for this higher state of evolution in this blossom time or aquarian period.

    please visit web site http://www.sahajayoga.org for online feeling this power and then continue in weekly free mediation sessions across 140 conuntries world wide.

    all the best, 2012 is coming and even if you dont believe you loose nothing by becoming stress free and in balance just by regular twice a day meditation and feel the inner subtle system on the finger tips of your hand and on the last chakra for proof that you are connected.

    luv and gud luck and GOD luck

  14. rajiv khosla Says:

    In continuation,,,we are living in the most self destructive and self -realisation time both at the same time. hence all true seekers and people who belive that the new race is a race with selective people who are inncoent,chaste,loving,compassionate, honest and all the gud qulaities have to get thier kundlainin awakened.

    Shri Mataji Nirmala Deviji as the world of sahajayogis address her is the living prophet or messanger or incarnation or master as you may call her has come on the earth in this time when hundred and thousands can get thier self relisation or nirvana or moksha or higher state of awareness easily.please dont this time and this oppurtunity even if you are an atheist or non believer in GOD’s working.

    Even if you are with a scientific mind and rational mind try this with this belief or thinking that thier is some higher intelligence in this universe which governs and runs this universe call it gravitational or atomic or magentic or electomagnetic or whatever.

    this power was called as paramchitnya in hindu mythology,ruhani power in qoran,holy ghost in bible,maitraya (tri mother) by Buddha, Trinity in Bible, Trigunamitika ( three power in one mother) in hindu mhythology .

    If similar reference in all Holy scriptures then thier is some common denominator and this shower of paramchaitnaya on human beings is only possible thru kundalin, the inner power in sacrum bone move to the last chakra or limbic system and connect to the divine power or living consciousness which we address as GOD or Allah or Paramatma.

    That is why in all scriptures or teachings from holysaints,sufis,prophets,messengers or realised souls GOD is describer as Omnipotent,Omnipresent which is very simple to understand as the paramchaitnya is every where and surrounds or envelops the universe but this power like any other power needs a media or an condition and this power is flowing or envelops people who are pure ,innocent and full of wisdom or who are evolved (self reliased).

    Places where the great masters or adigurus OR INCARNATIONS or realised souls visited or were thier leave a cofficient which allows the paramchaitnya to manifest.

    badrinath,kedarnath,vaishnov devi temple,sirdi sainath temple,guru nanak brith place,tuka ram,sant gyaneswar birth place or places where kabir,sankrachrya stayed or were born, Lord Buddha,Lord Mahavira place of birth and place where they got thier nirvana,moksha , Brith place of Lord Jesus,Shri Krishna etc etc all emit this special vibrations that is why followers of this faith feel good when they reach these places and offer prayer or meditate.

    When a human being gets self realised he gets connected to this same power and emits this power .

    luv rajiv

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  16. Eugene Says:

    You spoke to my soul with your words–I even related to the cool breeze, for that relaxing/soothing feeling is what washes over me, too, whenever I can balance my existence towards proper thoughtless awareness.

    Kudos. 🙂

  17. […] thoughts, wisdom, Zen, Zen story Zen is one of the few spiritual practices that teaches thoughtless awareness. Nevertheless, it is often hard for me to comprehend. Probably because the approach – how to […]

  18. pooyan Says:

    nice post, describing very well the state of “Thoughtless Awareness”, and beautiful quotes on this topic, nice job axinia, and happy new logo for your Avatar !

  19. […] The outcomes of this study therefore suggest that “thoughtless awareness” is both experientially and physiologically different to simple relaxation. Interestingly, all other […]

  20. […] success, appreciation? In the end of the book Jean Liedloff gives a hint that the experience of thoughtless awareness through meditation is able to give the sense of returne to the complete happiness pf a baby in the arms of its […]

  21. Nathan Says:

    That is a great writing Axinia,

    Thoughtless awareness is indeed a real thing and I’ve been there about once a day for the past 3 yrs. The less thought or responses to thought.. the more your awareness will expand. I just do my own meditation and there isn’t anything complicated about it unless one cannot detatch from their own mode of thinking and learn to focus on one single object (or their own breathing) for an extented amount of time.

    There is nothing to really describe it, but to experience it for oneself is a whole different story. One does not return as the same person once going there. Not to mention the energy or chi that also arrives or the mysterious visions that seem to bewilder us through the light that illumitates the third eye or the other internal senses.

    It is truely a different world or state of existence. It is a fact. Has nothing to do with daydreaming or an overactive imagination. I hope everyone gets to experience it one day. But, virtues and graces or a specific state of mind or perspective are also involved to usually enter it.

  22. Indian Fakir Says:

    A higher intelligence beyond human mind, time and matter.

  23. Toronto Maple Leafs have been my favourite. Everyone is raving about them. I anticipate winnipeg jets are able to keep it up as I heard their sales numbers are lagging in the future years.

  24. TigerTaco Says:

    100% agree. I first experienced this state 10 years ago by accident while analyzing a chess position and it lasted less than a second. That experience threw my life into a turmoil for a year because I wanted to learn how to achieve it on demand but kept failing. Eventually I gave up and kind of forgot. But 1.5 years ago it happened again and at that time I decided to really investigate what’s going on. Other events in my life, most importantly painful breakup, forced me to temporarily stop doing less important things and look inside myself. My Indian friend recommended me to read Osho and that was exactly what was needed.

  25. Ramesh Says:

    Yes, Its good to feel it , i do not think you will give details which you can feel with without senses.. better you can give details to how to achieve safely .. Normally by birth we do not know the how to walk and balance then its become habits using our 5 senses .. if you stop / ignore the thoughts from all 5 senses and ignore the memory which saved using 5 senses .. then your their .. the book called Yoga Sutra or Rajayoga thats has all methods and details.

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