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Divorce Fair? World premiere in Austria! September 16, 2007

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Since centuries Austria had been playing a very special role in the international politics – the emperors, following the strategy of Kaiserin Maria-Theresia preffered to marry their childred instead of fighting the neighbours. Very smart!

Unfortunately the birth of Sigmund Freud in Vienna had obviously a much greater impact on the Austrian society than that of the whole royal history: since 20th century the idea of sex as the measure of all things is nowadays deeply rooted in the population and you can not even sell yoghurt without showing a girl taking off her cloths…  Do you believe it would have no impact on the national maritual situation?

As it is, the marriage institution is pretty ruined here. In Vienna alone, the divorce rate was 65.9 % last year! Interestingly enough, many who have been in a long-term relationships (even for years together), had to face a divorce rather soon.

Now what is the way out? Some clever people came to a brilliant idea: the world premiere of a DIVORCE FAIR! Why not? The organiser, who was before specialized on the wedding fairs, realised the necessity of a different kind. The first Divorce Fair will take place in the end of October 2007. In Vienna.

Various stands will be set up with lawyers, mediators, notaries and psychologists on hand to offer counsel. But exhibitors will also include real estate agents, car salesmen, travel agencies and spa centres in order to offer a true “new beginning” to new divorcees (sure, let them spend even more!)

And to avoid any awkward or potentially heated encounter with a former husband or wife, Saturday will be reserved for men while Sunday will be open to women only (very wise 🙂

What can I say? Exellent, just exellent! Another nail into the back of the marriage istitution. Another win for the consumer society.

I wonder how long it will take untill “Love Fairs” or “Suicide Fairs” turn up?

Trully amazing, how much a human being is eager to ret the most important root of the society – the gorgeous and glorious maritial tradition…

LOVE, axinia

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7 Responses to “Divorce Fair? World premiere in Austria!”

  1. Nita Says:

    Ha! Now thats a good and unique idea! However, it does gives a feeling that it’s a happening thing, divorce, and everyone is doing it, that’s its somehow festive, somehow important…I don’t know!
    I always thought this divorce thing was so private, so painful…
    anyway! I guess every culture is different.
    Btw, Axinia, that link you have about the British Raj, I have been thinking of using it, then I thought it best if I add is as an update to a previous post, which is about a very similar subject.

  2. axinia Says:

    Thank you Nita, your comment is straight to the point: divorce is a painful act and it is so stupid to make a show out of it…:(

    Other thing: always happy to sent you soemthing useful, you know I am a great fan of your work!! 🙂

  3. GrantTLC Says:

    What a wonderful 21st Century way of dealing with the issue! 😀

    Marriage is sooo last millenium anyway, unless the old victorian ideals have been kicked firmly into touch and the two people involved take the time to blend themselves properly, carefully and without sacrificing the best of themselves to please the other. Human relationships these days simply have to be more flexible. People should only get together for the very best of reasons, not pressure from family or society or anything like that.

    …am I preaching? Sorry, but I do feel very strongly on this! It’s just I’ve seen too many couples locked inloveless, soulless relationships when they would be infintely much happier apart, and with other people! Go, Austria! Well done for dealing with it in such a clever way!

  4. axinia Says:

    Dear GrantZLC,

    I believe it is not the matter of a marriage institution being old-fashioned, it is the matter HOW people choose the partner! I have also seen plenty of poor marriages where, as you say “they would be infinitely much happier apart, and with other people!”

    I see the problem is so called “love marriage” – why people first fall in love and then marry. Why not try the opposite way? Love after the wedding is very much possible and turn our to blossom slowly but steadily…Of course, if you have found the right person :))

  5. modobs Says:

    65,9% ! OMG, that’s really a high percentage.In Brussels, this statistic is only 50% more or less.
    Did you hear about this proposition circulating in Germany, in the Parliament, to put a seven years contract for couples who marry?

  6. axinia Says:

    ya, I think it will not help anyone, only ruin the whole thing even more…
    I think people habe to change the whole attitude to the choice of a spouse, than things will change. The Holliwood-Love-Marriage fairytale does not really work.

  7. Sorry, but I do feel very strongly on this! It’s just I’ve seen too many couples locked inloveless, soulless relationships when they would be infintely much happier apart, and with other people! Go, Austria! Well done for dealing with it in such a clever way!

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