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What is your favourite season? September 8, 2007

 photo by axinia

It is Autumn in Austria: Rain, wind, cold, little sun… How can one enjoy that?

The strange thing about me is that I enjoy every season as it comes.

Then the spring comes I think “What a lovely time!” and breath in the fresh jolly air… What can be better than that curious green and blossoming gardens?

When the summer comes – I forget the spring and bathe in the warmth of the summer nights and the joyful look of the summer smiles…

Then the autumn comes in, clad in a golden coat, it breaths its cooling and wise odour of the fallen leaves into my face… Oh, how much I love this very special feeling!

And finally, the majestic winter walks in its solemn mood in  and covers the land with the cold but fabulous snow time… What a miracle is that snow, what an enjoyment to play with it or to watch it falling, or just to sit in a warm house and relax in front of the stove…

Form time to time people ask me what my favourite season is. And I can not really give an answer. For every one of them is so special and so joy-giving, so differnt and still so equally fascinating!..

It is autemn now. So today my answer will be ” My favourite season is autemn”. But try to ask me again in 3 months 🙂

LOVE, axinia


17 Responses to “What is your favourite season?”

  1. gypsygirl Says:

    hehe…i agree ….each season is good! 🙂 but ofcourse, my faves are autumn and winter…. 😉

  2. axinia Says:

    hey, that is a comment which I did not expect! 🙂 nice to meet you, girl!

  3. bgraef Says:

    Summer……….cuz its so damm short in Canada

  4. gypsygirl Says:

    hehe…oh well m different…LOL.. if ya go through my first post in my blog…it says this clearly…I LOVE autumn…. 😉

  5. gypsygirl Says:

    n yes…forgot to mention..luv this template…even I used this for a while, though changed later.. 😀

  6. mastmalang Says:

    Winter is by far my most favourite time of year, as is evident in my two posts:



    Winter is soon approaching here. I anticipate writing more on it before the new year.

  7. BlackJack Says:

    I like your photo!
    And I favourite season is autumn! I love the color of that season! I love the sound when I walk on the fallen leaves!

  8. axinia Says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your favourits!
    I am a bit surprised, that autemn and winter are that popular, but may be it is a mark of my readers? 🙂

  9. maliha11 Says:

    I love winter .. because its too hot in the summer .. and spring is not that happy and chippering like we always used to watch in our Disney cartoons 🙂

  10. maliha11 Says:

    i love the winter also because of the many options i have from which i can wear so many things on top of each other and not look weird at all 😉

  11. axinia Says:

    malih11, this is a very interesting perspective!

    I often heard it is exactly the reason why many people DO NOT like winter 🙂

  12. sunshineforlife Says:

    i love spring!

  13. radha Says:

    i used to love all the seasons before coming to HK where practically there is only one season going on all over the year. the degree difference doesnt almost exists here…

  14. Sahaja Says:

    Well, In india we cant significantly see autumn or spring….I used to like rainy and winter and summer just because of holidays to school 😀 (its too hot believe me!!)
    but after coming here I am in love with every season I witness…..I have made a nice collection of some 30 odd fotos of spring to show my mom 🙂

  15. Roksana Says:

    I like winter in Bangladesh. In winter, we eat many kinds of homemade cakes, its our tradition & then we see lots of vegetables in the market.

  16. le dinh dai Says:

    i like summer

  17. Quynh Tho Nguyen Says:

    I like autumn in your country, it is very nice but I like spring in my country, Vietnam. Have you ever been to Vietnam?

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