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Can you pick up a person with the same educational background as you from a crowd? September 5, 2007

 photo by axinia

I can. And I actually do it all the time. Unconsciously…

That is truly amazing, but since I graduated from my University (already 10 years ago!) I keep picking up people of the same educational background as myself in all possible meetings and groups.

How does it work?

Say, I am at a party (any kind of). I talk to many, but end up talking closely with only 1-2. And! – they mostly turn out to be linguists, germanists, philologists, interpreters, language-teachers, etc. Mind that I am a linguist myself 🙂

It seems quite incredible to me as I have a very wide range of friends and contacts in many branches and professions. But this “background” game appears to be the same!

When it comes to NGO project management which I often do in my spare time, again I face all possible kinds of people. And again, I end up collaborating the best with the people of “my ” background. That is probably less surprising.

My father who is a retired colonel, claims that he can identify if somebody has served in the Army (even for some months!) in several minutes of seeing that person. The Army is not education in that sence, but still…

My question to all of you: is it really that obvious? Is the impact of education really that vast? Is our education really our visit card – no matter what we say or wear?

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

LOVE, axinia


5 Responses to “Can you pick up a person with the same educational background as you from a crowd?”

  1. modobs Says:

    I believe this has something to do with our personal education itself. This drives our choice unconsciously. I wrote a post recently about that, I don’t know if it could help you out.

    Take care

  2. Nita Says:

    Yes Axinia it surely is. I can do it easily! And it is much easier to talk to such people. People from a similar educational background tend to accept each other better.
    Often I make a deliberate effort to talk to people who are obviously not educated… everyone has something to give.

  3. axinia Says:

    @modobs – thanks for the comment, I also visited you to read your post, it is really valuable!

    @Nita – great support! I can imagine talking to you hours through hours 🙂
    You are very right about talking to people who are not educated, they often have more wisdom (especially the one from the rural areas.

    I guess finally we get more from communicating with someone of a different mindset, it is more refreshing. My husband is a technical ingenuer and he keeps surprising me with his amazing solutions for daily issues – things I would never ever think of!.. And I can clearly see that despite his wise and deep nature it is an impact of his technical knowledge that makes the difference…

    Our “background-mates” are very comfortable though 🙂

  4. GrantTLC Says:

    Further evidence for the theory that this is a universe where ‘Like attracts Like’ is the binding principle. I have the opposite problem at the moment, in that it is hard for me to find like-souls, people with whom I have things in common.

    Ps: you’ve done it now. By being the first person to comment on my new blog means there’s no getting rid of me! I’m not entirely sure why yet but I feel strongly drawn to your sites at the moment, and the the unique and beautiful energies I find here. You’re an interesting combination of some of my favourite things. And BY GOD you take some lovely photographs. i weep at the possibility of being half that good!

  5. axinia Says:

    GrantTLC, you are just wonderufl – being able to appreciate beauty and deepness, means you are just the same! 🙂

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