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Alamkara – let’s be each other’s decoration! August 29, 2007

 photo by axinia 


 Alamkara is a Sanskrit word meaning ornamentation, decoration, and figure of speech, describes an enduring characteristic of Indian artistic production, whether in the visual, performing or literary arts.

 The verb alam-kara – ”to adorn, to decorate,”- means literally “to make enough”: for the simple appearance without ornament is ”not enough”; it is poor, disgraceful, shocking, except in the case of an ascetic.  

Obiously the Western philosphy and lifestyle give us the opposite idea: “less is more” is the magic formular to be best dressed! The decoration – as adoration – is missing…  

 Sometimes I feel that in fact, people are each other`s decoration: wife is a decoration of a husband, children are decoration of a couple – but not only in their looks! It is more about a person being a decoration of another person, with his/her own being…

I love this word “ alamkara” and its deep meaning. I love thinking that I am “not enough” without my dear friends, family, just all people around.

Decoration is a manifestation of love. Why don’t we see each other as decoration, as actually the most beautiful part of each other? Or as various ornaments on the collective human body?… 

LOVE, axinia

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7 Responses to “Alamkara – let’s be each other’s decoration!”

  1. GrantTLC Says:

    That’s what I love about communities like this, you never know where you’ll end up next!

    From what little I know of Indian culture – a shocking oversight considering I have links to it deep in my family tree – ‘Alamkara’ brings me a step closer to understanding why Indian clothing and architecture can often be so ornate and colourful, in ways that you just don’t see in the UK.

    I also love how you apply this concept to people. It is certainly true that to understand a person fully, you often have to take in their whole lives and especially the people they interact with. Seeing this interdependence as an expression of love is a thought that will keep me smiling for the rest of the day. 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    Thank you for this very beautiful and sincere comment!

  3. GrantTLC Says:

    You are very welcome. 🙂

  4. […] the ALAMKARA (decoration) principle in everything, Indians take care of their vehicles – very […]

  5. swaps Says:

    Let’s be each other’s decoration.

    So simple and hence, beautiful 🙂

  6. ”to adorn, to decorate,”- means literally “to make enough”: for the simple appearance without ornament is ”not enough”; it is poor, disgraceful, shocking


    What it really means is that the uncouth, turd headed, savage, barbaro-hominoid hordes of the filthy Indian trash can are so pea-brained, primitive and regressive that the turdy barbarians don’t think that a human being is complete by himself/herself. The pea-brained lowlife creatures actually need silly pieces of ornamentation to feel complete as living beings 😮 Such worthless creatures they are!

    No wonder, the barbaro-hominoid hordes of the turd world Indian shit hole always feel incomplete. They lack the ethics, progressiveness and humanity to be a civilised country. But the pea-brained turdy creatures instead believe that instead of these humane qualities, they need silly, ugly pieces of ornamentation to feel complete 😆 Such a pathetic people they are, the lowlife Hindoid hordes! 😡

    Here we have the filthy “culture” of the turdy Hindoid savages openly proclaiming that Hindoid barbarians are incomplete, poor, disgraceful etc. without worthless, ugly pieces of ornamentation on their turd-headed bodies. And yet the lowlife Hindoid hordes are hypocritical, deceitful and shameful enough to loudly LIE and DECEIVE completely naive, clueless and gullible people that their filthy “culture” is supposedly “spiritual” while the civilised cultures of the First World are so “materialistic”. Can there be greater hypocrisy, lies and deception than what the turdy Hindoid creatures routinely do?

    Just the the “non-violence” crap that the sub-human turds routinely dish out about the filthy turd world sewer of a country that is the lowly, uncouth Indian empire. The stinking mercenary dogs unleashed by the filthy Indian empire are murdering unarmed kids by the dozens in the last few days in cold blood in Indian occupied Kashmir, just like the sub-human creatures have always done in the vast swathes of territories occupied by the filthy Indian empire. Yet, these stinking turd-headed pea-brained sub-human Hindoid hordes are so filthy that they keep lying non-stop about the so-called “non-violence” of their stinking country while the filthy mercenary pigs of the Indian empire keep murdering, raping, looting, destroying and looting the unfortunate occupied peoples.

    What is more unfortunate is that there are enough gullible and completely clueless people who are naive enough to be deceived by the sheer lies and hypocrisy of the filthy, turdy, pea-brained, uncouth, savage Hindoid hordes. It’s such a pity 😦


  7. This post offers solid proof that, contrary to popular myth, Hindoid lies and brainwashing propaganda, the civilised societies of the West are far more “spiritual” and less “materialistic” than the filthy, rotten, regressive, stinking “culture” of the savage, pea-brained, uncouth hordes of the turd world trash can that is the filthy Indian empire.

    So the turdy Hindoid savages are told by their own filthy “culture” that their turd-headed bodies are so poor, disgraceful and shocking without ugly pieces of ornamentation that the lowlife creatures wear all over their turdy bodies. It’s an open admission that the filthy Hindoid hordes feel completely insecure, disgraceful and incomplete without silly, ugly, materialistic ornamentation. Now what kind of “spiritual culture” will tell the sub-human hordes which follow it that they are so incomplete, poor and disgraceful without turdy, materialistic ornamentation?

    The civilised peoples who believe that human beings are innately complete and beautiful with less or no ornamentation are supposedly “materialistic” while the poor, disgraceful, shocking Hindoid hordes who rely on silly, ugly trinkets dangling on their turdy bodies to make them “complete” are so “spiritualistic”, eh??? What hypocrisy! What terrible lies! What shameful deception! 😡

    This should be an eye-opener to civilised people who are so naive and gullible enough to be deceived and cheated by the lies and hypocrisy of the savage, uncouth, turdy Hindoid hordes that (over)populate the stinking Indian sub-continent.

    Face it, the savage, uncouth Hindoid hordes are much more materialistic than the more spiritual people of the civilised societies. The savages believe that only worthless, ugly, turdy trinkets and ornamentation will make them complete human beings. This post offers open, solid proof of their stinking “culture”. But the Hindoid creatures lie, cheat and deceive naive and gullible people into believing the opposite because they want to cover up their uncouthness, barbarity and the fact that the lowly Indian empire is a filthy, stinking turd world shit hole of a country. If you still want to be naive, clueluess and gullible to be cheated and deceived by the lies and hypocrisy of the pea-brained, turdy, uncouth, savage Hindoid hordes, then even Jesus Christ cannot wake you up from your self-induced dreamy slumber!


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