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Why most of us just love the seaside? August 27, 2007


photo by shashchatter

Most people I know are just crazy about the sea. The best holiday they can dream of is to go to a seaside and swim, swim, swim – to bathe in the water and in the sun… I am a bit of exception here as I am fully in love with the sky (airplanes, parachutes, paraplans, any kind of flying is what attracts me the most). 

Anyway, this mass phenomenon – love for a seaside has been always puzzling me. There must be something very special about it. Why swimming in the river/lake is not that popular? Why is this salty, vast water?..

The answer came from an unexpected side: foot soaking! To soak the feet in salty water has been known since centuries (I believe, in the Arab tradition – please correct me somebody if not). Apparently it is meant to bring some relief, especially after work). Today foot soaking is offered as one of the most natural and effective relaxation methods of wellness.


I learned to do foot soak as a part of my Sahaja Yoga practice: before my meditation I put my feet ankle deep into a bowl of cool water (salted with a table spoon of any salt) and sit for 5-10 min. Doing it in the evening I often feel so fresh again, the whole tiredness vanishes and I still have powers for some other things! The reason might be that the salt, as an intensive earth-element absorbs all kinds of negative energy. 

Interesting: if you put “foot soaking” to the flickr.com search, you will get about 2.000 photos of people soaking their feet in all types of water.

Of cause, I do not know for sure why so many people love swimming in the sea – but I suspect it has something to do with the foot-soaking effect (in that case it is already a body-soak). 

Therefore – if you are not at the sea shore right now, why not have a part of its relaxing effect at home (also in front of your beloved WordPress 😉   

LOVE, axinia


6 Responses to “Why most of us just love the seaside?”

  1. Beautiful thought! but it is actually much more deeper than that, fist life on earth originated from water, at least scientist believe so, apart from it our body mostly consist of water, our affinity towards water is very high right from the womb! Sea reminds us of something deep inside us which we can’t recognize in a market place! it’s going to be so sea will remain as a remainder to our true nature.

    thanks Axinia for lovely post!

  2. axinia Says:

    Suresh, this is a strong argument 🙂

    However how can you explain the fact that I never feel atracted by the sea (and any kind of water) – I am still a normal human being, right? Though water is my favorite drink, but no more 🙂

    The power of water is áwesome, I will definetly write another post on that…

  3. sunshineforlife Says:

    seaside is anywhere in my country and it is well loved by sea lovers. but unfortunately, am not one of them. I don’t appreciate much the heat of the sun plus the sea water…it burns the skin. but i love the smell of the sea.

  4. radha Says:

    Oh axinia, this post is really cool, just like fresh water! i hope you’ll dedicate a even deeper one to the water element. On earth we are probably divided per main-element-attraction-person. Chinese knowledge expalins it well. So you are more air-person than water. It gives specail traits plus understanding to yourself of yourself. Yes the topic is quite fascinating and you can edfinitely post more about it. Myself i spent the first 20 years of my like practically bathing at least my feet, if also teh whole body, in the seawater, being born on a small island and living in a house literally on the beach. My grandma used to sea-footsoak everyday in the evening, she never could really explain us why, but it was something good to do for yourself. I just love water, i was even born in summertime 😀

  5. Nishant Says:

    In the hotel in Puducherry recently, I had A Room With A View wherefrom it was viewed that 🙂 …

    Waves can be likened to egos – sooner or later they have to return and reunite with the sea (the Superego).

    Those strong meet a crushing end;
    the ones tender submerge so gracefully.

  6. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    While closely watching sea-waves from my hotel room in Puducherry recently, it occurred to me that,

    “Waves can be likened to egos – sooner or later they have to return and reunite with the sea (the Superego) – the strong ones meet a crushing end;
    the ones tender submerge so gracefully.”

    Nishant AGRAWAL
    (just added my surname to avoid mix up with my namesakes)

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