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Web 2.0 as the Last Point of Trust August 22, 2007

 photo by axinia

The new Study of GDI (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut), Switzerland – to be published in autemn 2007 – was aired on a subject Trust 2.0 Who customers trust in the future”. The study Trust 2.0 is based on a representative survey and shows how consumers find their bearings in the new niche markets and who stands to gain or lose their trust.

Regarding the “official” authorities people tend to trust more doctors followed by experts.

 ·         How do consumers find their bearings when they want to buy a car, enjoy a break, change their telecommunications provider or upgrade their homestyle? – Tipps form friends and family are the most welcomed (by emotionally affected decisions), followed by online opinion forums and other Web 2.0 sources (by tourism, going out, telekom, auto).

·         Whom do they distrust the most? – Manufacturer and producer, advertisement, guidebooks and mass media.

By networking, consumers are increasingly by-passing manufacturers and retailers to procure information. Their trust in manufacturers, retailers and experts is declining, and they are relying more and more on “dropping knowledge” (wikis, for instance). 

It is fascinating to see networked consumers acting as a body, forming a kind of “higher intelligence” and, hence, becoming the most important source of orientation, preferable to any expert, no matter how brilliant.  

This study examines the ways in which collective recommendation and rating systems work and how niche products find their customers, with reference to topical examples from the consumer-goods, leisure, media and healthcare markets.

As bloggers we know much of it already, don’t we? But to get some study results is very supportive: it shows the whole dynamics and the actual power of the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Are we really aware of what is going on here?

To me Web 2.0 is presently the most powerful manifestation of the Collective Consciousness. 

LOVE, axinia 


3 Responses to “Web 2.0 as the Last Point of Trust”

  1. Hazel Says:

    Nice post, I really liked the idea of networked consumers acting as a body, and the whole higher intelligence angle. Plus I thought the cherry photo was brilliant!

  2. Interesting blog, I went to Europe for several weeks and I was bored to tears with no source of internet. The internet is the other part of us, most civilized people cannot function w/o internet.FACT!

  3. Tomas Says:

    (…) networked consumers acting as a body, forming a kind of “higher intelligence” (…) What high words, and sounds they nice, but who am I? Do I belong to that body?
    To say the truth, nobody from my friends has a computer, but we aren’t the lower body. The “higher intelligence” is the spiritual feature that ligten the eyes that turn of scientific words and admire the heavenly lights.
    I have reminded one girl, who has confessed to me that she liked the most to watch the growth of a rye.
    You ask how consumers find their bearings when they want to buy a car … Most of us haven’t time to think about such things. Butt I will allow myself to dream a bit there… In case I will find a treasure (something around &5) I would ask my friends from Art Therapy Club Modus Vivendi, could they have a cup of coffee with me? Wow, we will make a feast then…
    You know, I like your blog – I stumbled just upon some words, sorry, be well.

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