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Can comments on your blog reflect the state of your being? August 20, 2007

 photo by axinia

The nature of comments – that probably most precious part of blogging! – has been fascinating me since the beginning of my blogging experiences. For some reasons (and I always thought the reason was my so called femininity, may be cute picture, smart texts, naive beliefs) I used to get 90% of male comments, on all my blogs. That was somewhat strange but for the reason given above quite understandable.

Until the last week. Last week I suddenly found out that all (!) comments on my blogs have been done by ladies. Hmm… What was the cause?

 Taking in consideration such a dramatic change in the readers` support, I tried to introspect and see what could be the cause of it. And suddenly it strices me that actually exactly at that time my heart is being very open  – and what is unusual to me – filled with compassion to every living creature. And that is very, very feminine… Compassion is actually the core female value, right?

Being a joyful and loving person, I normally lack of compassion – that is the quality I adore the most and it is not easy to feel, as I am often too strict 🙂 Love and compassion are very close, but not the same (I define it as motherly and fatherly love).

Anyway, I believe that may be for the first time in my life I started feeling compassion so strong, and probably have been emitting it even through blogging (although last week posts are not different from my ususal style and topics). Does it mean that my regular content is more appealing to men? And probably emit more right-sided vibrations?

Whatever it may be, I find this development mysterious indeed and look forward to the future comments 😉 Who is first – ladies or gentleman?

LOVE, axinia

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9 Responses to “Can comments on your blog reflect the state of your being?”

  1. Nita Says:

    Ladies first! 🙂
    Btw Axinia, the fact is that more men frequent the net than women, so I guess you need to take that account too. And in India specially, its a huge majority of men who are on the net, but even world wide it is so.

  2. axinia Says:

    Nita, I just love your wonderful and supportive comments, thanks a million!
    I agree than more man are using Internet, but in Europe it is getting more balance in that matter (presently 75% of men and 59% of women are using Internet).
    I still believe it has something to do with the personality – I know blogs that are mostly commented my ladies (for example, of one popular Indian male blogger 🙂 – actually by Western women…
    There is definitely some play going on about that mysterious commenting :))

  3. maliha11 Says:

    very much true … lols .. very nice post

  4. Tomas Says:

    First of all let me thank you for the incredible peace that I have felt while reading your post. It was not because of some statements, but your openness that have warmed my heart.
    You took good title to your post. Your title is the question. I am convinced that the comments we get on our posts reflects the people we address. Comments affect our mood on some level, and that’s the test we have to pass through…

    I’m sorry for my English: the words above took a lot of time to pick them up from my dictionary, and thus I became a bit tired. But I will return back soon. That’s for sure. You have marked lots of interesting questions that are worthy to dig much deeper.
    Thank you for the good post.

  5. It’s a mystery to me, Axinia. I’d guess that my blog gets about equal parts men and women commenting on it, but I really have never added them up: That’s just my impression. Now, you’ve got me wondering!

  6. axinia Says:

    @ Tomas: thank you ever so much for that beautiful comment, I sometimes myself wonder why I am so open to the web… But I think it is just the love to my dearest readers and desire to share that gorgeous experiences that I have daily.

    @Paul: if you are getting comments equally, I guess it means that you are a balanced personality 🙂 But I dont really know. As I already said: comments are mysterious!

  7. Hazel Says:

    My first impression thoughts match Nita’s.

    As a (recent) woman commenter, I was moved to comment by the photography first off, truly inspired. There is a definite feminine feel to your blog that I find warm soothing and welcoming. 🙂 Your photo’s and your posts are of quality & there’s no doubt your female reader ship will grow.

    I’d have left a comment on your flikr page but dang it! I keep forgetting my password.

    Blog On!

  8. GrantTLC Says:

    I am male, but have always preferred female company, female thoughts, female opinions and, yes, female Blogs, even when they discuss typically male subjects. Women are simply much more interesting to me, and not because of mere gender-attraction; I relate to them far easier than I do with other males.

    Your Blogs so far have been excellent examples of why I prefer women: compassionate, caring, concerned with abstracts like beauty and femininity…you keep writing, I’ll definitely keep coming! 😉

  9. axinia Says:

    Thank you, dear GrantTLC, that is very encouraging..

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