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I do not understand Copy-Right August 16, 2007

  photo by axinia

 Living over 10 years in Europe, that Motherland of Capitalisms and having experienced working in sales… I have to admit being a Communist at heart. Has it something to do with my Russian background? – I am not sure. I know only since I was a child I could not understand money and all that money-making.


Even being a big girl now I still can not understand the ways all that works and why somebody should always make money out of everything possible under this sun.


 One of the things I deeply disagree with is the copy-right. Whatever I can contribute to this world, especially if it is done from the heart – why should I “protect” that? It is like a bird I let free from a cage of my talents – I let it fly free and happily, and find its own ways…


Whatever I create belongs to the whole world, why should I charge for that?


 I know, the fear is that some indecent people can misuse it and (again!) make money out of under their own name.


I know that this idea of everyone sharing/contribution the talents to the society for free sounds extremely utopian and silly.

But I also know that one day it will happen, and the Capitalism will collapse, because it is not based on the natural human behaviour (no matter what they say).The only condition that the humanity should come to it on its own, in an EVOLUTIONARY and not revolutionary process.

And it will. One day. 

LOVE, axinia


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  1. axinia Says:

    This photo I used symbolically: the red waters means the blood which is the base of all today`s riches.
    And the pink sky is the future, which will be build on love and trust.
    Do you think it is so unreal?

  2. bbZuSh Says:

    Money isn’t everything, that’s what people do not understand…

  3. Nita Says:

    Axinia, Its a wonderful thought, to believe that human nature is basically unselfish, but I do not believe that. You have seen that in all communist countries…the economy has finally collapsed.

  4. axinia Says:

    Nita, you are right.
    But the so called Communist countries have never experienced any Communism! – Anything done on force will never work out, that’s for sure.

    For me it is the same as somebody who is practicing Yoga is not necessarily a true Yogi 🙂
    There has never been any Communism in any country, so nobody has ever seen how it works.

    What I believe is that is has to be an evolutionary process that will naturally lead the mankind to the harmonious existence. Nobody knows how long it will take, till people will recognize their true selfless nature, it may be a long way to go. But I prefer to start now 🙂

  5. purespirit Says:

    а за что тогда жить тем, кто творит эти замечательные вещи – музыкантам, писателям, etc.., произведения которых принадлежат всему миру?
    если не будет авторских прав, то они либо умрут с голода, либо им придется уводить внимание с возвышенного на то, чтобы прокормить свою семью.
    так что авторские права – это деньги для развития как человека, так и проекта.
    В it-области очень хорошо работает open source, но это немного из другой оперы и там работают другие законы…
    соблюдение авторских прав важно для нашей Наби – как ни крути 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    Purespirit, I see your point very well. But tell me how did these people live BEFORE copy-right was invented? 🙂

  7. Leo Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    die Natur ist kapitalistisch, immer wird etwas angesammelt, immer eine Zeit lang und immer nur eine begrenzte Menge. Und dieselbe Natur ist immer kommunistisch, weil immer auch alle Aktivitäten sich einem größeren Ganzen unterordnen.

    nature is capitalist, it always saves something, always only for some time and in a limited amount. And the same nature is communist, because all efforts of nature are subordinated to the bigger whole.


  8. Tomas Says:

    Wow, I totally identify myself with the wonder of the author of “I do not understand Copy-Right”. However, I perfectly understand purespirit too … The situation reminds the crossing of the fairy tale – we must to choose the road to move further on and can either bother for the self, or remain faithful to the call of the heaven.
    I totally agree with axinia, but I don’t know what I should answer to the purespirit’s logic. In case there would be no copy rights, our world would be much better place to live in. The typical sellers disguise as the modern artists and transform the fine art into some markets unit – the galleries into the shops. The culture would lose anything in case such artists cease to exist. It would be otherwise. Have a look. In case somebody welcomes me, am I to pay him for that? Not, of course, and that’s so in spite of the fact that the welcome that was received by me have made my day. Unfortunately, the defenders of the copy rights threaten to make Hi the market good too. That would be the end, but there is no need to fear – 1000petals guards our smile. Thank you, dear axinia

  9. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Tomas and Leo for very valuble insights. Yes, the question in not an easy one, but I do believe it will develop itself harmoniously.
    Just to make my points a bit more clear (and also to oppose the saying that ” nature is capitalist, it always saves something, always only for some time and in a limited amount.”) – please see my other post on Generosity:

  10. Dear Axinia,

    There was something about my blogs that was bothering me. Now I have decided to fix it. Despite the fact that I mostly used the pictures and videos of others (I rarely posted pictures taken by me), I tried to protect my articles by copyright 😦 Now, I have decided to COPYLEFT everything on my blogs! 🙂 Your post has also inspired me. I’m not doing it because I hate the filthy concept of “free market capitalism” 😡 but because I want as many people to read what I write, even if it means that it appears as if someone else has written it on his/her own blog. Afterall, it is about thoughts and ideas, so it does not matter whether people know the author or not – in any case, I will never reveal my complete identity on the blogosphere 😐 Yes, it is about spreading ideas and thoughts, so why should I “protect” them when I want to spread them? Thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  11. axinia Says:

    wow, Raj, what a metamorphosis! 🙂

  12. This in an interesting discussion on copyrights. I think the concept should exist. For example, a wonderful photograph taken by someone is put on the internet, and if someone else takes it away and sells it without the knowledge of the owner, there is a dis-advantageous situation, for the owner.

    But if people just want to use it without making money, then it could be done with citation to the original source.

    But having no copyrights also has its advantages. The commercial “Capitalistic” world has taken very good advantages of that concept too….

    One quote that I am reminded of : “Knowledge is one thing that grows when it is shared” As no one has unlimited knowledge, it is good to openly share what one knows so as to educate the listener and also learn more about the topic,

    Destination Infinity

  13. Sailaja Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    Lovely picture!! “the red waters means the “blood” which is the base of all today`s riches” — This is what i exactly felt when i first saw the picture without reading the content. Then i was happy to note that i felt the same way as you did!!! But with slight changes in the other things.

    I felt that the pink sky symbolizes the Sahasrara in the Kingdom of GOD and the black mountains the illusionary world obstructing the human beings (Personified by the bloody water) to enter the Kingdom of Love. How zzat?

    Wonderful photograph!! Where is that? Austria or Russia

  14. Sailaja Says:

    Beautiful new picture of yours too!!

  15. axinia Says:

    Sailaja, thank you, what a wonderful description of a picure…
    The photo is taken in Austria, river Danube.

    and thanks for the compliment to my new avatar picture – it was taken by my father after I came back from India (I think that is what makes it truly attractive, the spirituality shining through, as i was full of vibtaions that time :).

  16. Sailaja Says:

    Yes Truely!! Your spirituality and the plain heart full of love andcompassion makes you vibrate with beauty!!!

    Even your articles are full of vibrations and my whole body is so cool with a very cool breeze emitting from the top of the head, while reading them.

    Any plans of going to India for Christmas?

  17. axinia Says:

    wow, what a compliment, sis!

    Christmas in India will do work out this time, hope for the next March…

  18. Notify Says:

    If someone else is benefiting from your words and photos, and you aren’t…well I don’t understand why you would let that person steal. You should be reimbursed for whatever he has made off of your content. He is doing this to hundreds of people who don’t all “Allow” their content to be “freely” used. We work hard, and I am sorry you think that hard workers don’t deserve credit. Why should someone steal it? Give me a break!

  19. archanaccp Says:

    you are the next to Paulo Coelho’s blog!
    gr8 thoughts.


  20. axinia Says:

    thank you, archanaccp for this nice comments and appreciation! i have to check now the Paulo Coelho’s blog and see what he does in there 🙂

  21. Igor Gulik Says:

    Good day, Axinia. This is Igor, Russia. Thank you for the joy that felt when reading and seeing the site. I hope you (and this site’s visitors) don’t mind my writing in Russian :-)Добрый день, Аксинья. Это Игорь Гулик из Новокузнецка. С удовольствием познакомился с вашим сайтом. Очень понравились ваши слова об авторском праве. Еще больше радости было, когда узнал и почувствовал, что вы – сахаджа йог. Спасибо за ваши фотографии, искренние слова. Успехов! И еще – передавайте привет сахаджа йогам Австрии.

  22. You truly have a beautiful heart.

  23. axinia Says:

    Для тех, кто не в курсе, Российское Авторское Общество последнее время
    лютует не по-детски. Например, РАО требует с ветеранов деньги за
    исполнение фронтовых песен (пруфлинк). Не то что бы я считал это такой
    уж вопиющей проблемой, но, в общем, наверное, пора мне сказать пару
    слов по этому поводу. Тем более, что меня регулярно спрашивают —
    почему я не слежу за перепащиванием своих статей и не преследую

    Перехожу к сути дела. Я считаю саму суть авторского права на тексты
    идеологически порочной. Несправедливой.

    На мой взгляд, брать деньги за авторские права — это примерно как
    торговать пиратским Windows. Вроде бы как, ты работал — взламывал
    Windows, печатал диски, стоял за прилавком. Но, в конце концов,
    программировал-то Билл Гейтс, а не ты…

    Спросите, при чём же тут книги? Ведь, например, Сергей Лукьяненко
    корпел над своей книгой самолично? Почему бы талантливому писателю и
    не прищучить распоясавшихся пиратов?

    Отвечу. Приходилось ли вам когда-нибудь слышать слово “муза”? Знаете
    ли вы, как именно появляются в голове у поэта или писателя гениальные
    мысли? Я расскажу.

    Писатель сидит чешет себе ухо. Вдруг р-р-раз! у него в голове
    появляется мысль. Писатель эту мысль берёт и записывает. Потом
    р-р-раз! и у него в голове появляется вторая мысль. Писатель
    записывает и её. И так до упора, пока писателю не надоест, пока муза
    не сбежит или пока текст не будет закончен.

    Проще говоря, когда писатель “творит”, он, на самом деле, всего лишь
    выполняет работу секретаря — пишет под диктовку музы. Помните, у

    “В младенчестве моем она меня любила
    И семиствольную цевницу мне вручила.
    Она внимала мне с улыбкой — и слегка,
    По звонким скважинам пустого тростника,
    Уже наигрывал я слабыми перстами
    И гимны важные, внушенные богами,
    И песни мирные фригийских пастухов.
    С утра до вечера в немой тени дубов
    Прилежно я внимал урокам девы тайной,
    И, радуя меня наградою случайной,
    Откинув локоны от милого чела,
    Сама из рук моих свирель она брала.
    Тростник был оживлен божественным дыханьем
    И сердце наполнял святым очарованьем”.

    (На всякий случай. Цевница — это такой музыкальный инструмент из
    нескольких соединённых вместе свирелей. Конкретно эта муза, как
    следует из показаний Александра Сергеевича, смастерила свою цевницу из

    Так вот. Давайте посмотрим на получающуюся схему.

    1. Муза надиктовывает писателю текст.
    2. Писатель свой текст издаёт.
    3. Писатель гнобит и преследует тех, кто его текст “ворует”.

    Не видите тут ничего странного?

    Лично я вижу. Проведу аналогию. Представьте себе, что вы взяли “из
    Интернета” красивую фотографию. Уменьшили в графическом редакторе в
    десять раз, сделали себе аватарку. Дальше, допустим, у вас эту
    аватарку нагло похитили.

    Как — будете подавать на “пирата” в суд?

    Полагаю, не будете. Так как изначальная фотография тоже была вами не
    куплена, а, кхгм, позаимствована.

    Так почему же писатель считает себя вправе с кем-то судиться, если
    первоисточник текста принадлежит не ему?

    Сейчас, знаю, начнутся гнилые разговоры про “закон суров, но закон” и
    про “надо же писателям на что-то жить”. Разберу по пунктам.

    Первое, про законодательство. В штате Миннесота, например, запрещено
    спать голым. Во Франции владельцы ресторанов имеют “право на бёдра”,
    которое позволяет им совращать своих поваров. А, скажем, в Израиле для
    езды на велосипеде требуются водительские права.

    В латинской поговорке “dura lex sed lex” первое слово иногда означает,
    что закон глуп.

    Второе, про заработки писателей. Современному писателю для творчества
    нужен стул, стол и компьютер. Сел, подключил душу к музе, и сиди себе
    — кропай очередную нетленку. Что, объясните, изменится, если писатели
    будут получать в десять раз меньше?

    У писателей не будет хватать денег на компьютер? Да глупости. Деньги
    на компьютер сейчас есть у всех. У писателей исчезнет настроение
    писать книги? Не-ве-рю. Хорошая книга — это что-то типа фонтанирующей
    рвоты. Её при всём желании внутри не удержать. Единственный способ
    заставить писателя отказаться от написания хорошей книги — всадить ему
    пулю в лоб.

    Что же касается плохих, негодных, вымученных книг… зачем нам плохие
    книги? Если их будет меньше — я ни разу не огорчусь.

    Подведу итог. Я считаю, что идея авторского права на любое настоящее
    творчество (книги/песни/научные открытия) порочна по своей сути. Так
    как настоящее творчество принадлежит Музе и никому больше.

    Можно и нужно оберегать результаты своего собственного труда.
    Кропотливо собранные статистические данные, например. Или заботливо
    выращенную яблоню. Но присваивать себе заслуги Музы? Нет. На мой
    взгляд, это недостойно настоящего творца.

  24. I had to translate that via Google translate 🙂

    Just wanted to share something I had written on the subject some time ago:


    If we are here to share and to share freely, then why put up a false face? Why the need to claim thoughts and ideas as one’s own as if no one else is bound to the truth? Copyrights, names and ownership are all illusions. We claim things as our own, and yet in the same breath we try to preach openness and oneness. Do we truly believe as such if we are not willing to share simple ideas, without the need to attach our name to the idea. After all, were there and are there not others who find their way along the same path? Some say we put our energy into our thoughts, and we put our energy into the things we do, so why not claim ownership? Why not put our name there to be seen? To this, one must ask themselves, is it better to be known, or is it better to truly help without want for oneself.

  25. Lorentz Rudzewicz Says:

    The copyright laws are absurd, and only more so with the advent of the internet. Who doesn’t collect images from it? And to think that one is supposed to keep track of the owner of each image before that image can be re-displayed!
    The original, sensible copyright laws were developed in Europe just after the development of the printing press, and some Queen (of Norway?) declared an author could “own” his work (claim all profits derived from it) for 14 years. Now we have absurdities like the Disney corporation being given the “right” to “own” all drawings of Mickey Mouse, no matter who draws him, practically forever.

    BUT, I do feel this monstrosity that is the current copyright system is an abuse of capitalism, not a result of it. Capitalism is just a way of exchanging goods and services. In fact, it is the most natural way to exchange an endless variety of goods and services for populations larger than a few thousand (where barter or altruism would work). The USSR failed because they didn’t have enough of it (just the black market), China turned to it to create prosperity, and Europe balances it with welfare. Like yeast for bread, capitalism is essential to a large, interconnected, human population of workers creating a nearly infinite variety of things to trade. The way to get rid of capitalism, is to get rid of all international trade and connections, go back to living on farms, and have nothing except that which your close-by neighbors can provide you.

    • Terry Says:

      Absolutely correct on every point. No reason to claim capitalism is the perfect system. Or that it will make people happy by itself. But also no reason to hate it. Especially not to make films or write books against it and then revel in all the money they make.

      • axinia Says:

        Terry, i wonder who is talking here of hatered?

        I am just tryting to make the point that since capitalims seems very natural for Western people because they have never seen anything else, it does not mean nothing else can be better. I personally do not feel any hatered to anything/anyone whatsoever in life, so i wonder which haterd to capitalim do you sesnse here?

        As far as I know not many Russians blog in English and thus Western people alsmost have no chance to even hear something different…so why not give some other insight on capitalism? 🙂

        • Terry Says:

          Not you, Axinia! In the US there is a wave of criticism of capitalism. The filmmaker Michael Moore is an egregious hater because he lives such a careless and extravagant lifestyle earned from being a very clever capitalist artist who trashes any of the obvious excesses of capitalism. But the wave is really made up of decades of pent-up Progressive desires that have been unleashed by the Obama socialist agenda. The split in the US between capitalist and socialist ideals may be wider than it has ever been, and the hatred expressed is unpleasant and uncharacteristic. It was this situation that I referred to, because I thought the awareness of it is widespread. I should have taken the time to explain.

          I understand your position on communism as a purer form of government and economics. But the west has an automatic dislike for that word based on our five-decade struggle with the Soviet Union. You could make that point to westerners more clearly if you switched to the word communalism. In the US we have no formal class history, so Marx has no impact. Our racial divisions left over from the karma of slavery, in my opinion, are deeper than any class awareness. And because we believe in both an entrepreneurial ideal by which anyone can rise to success through hard work and creativity and a generosity ideal by which the rich are expected to give back to society, we cannot embrace widespread socialist solutions to economic class problems.

          All our freedoms are enjoyed at a high price, because freedom invites extremes. So we live with a higher level of violence and moral looseness than more highly regimented societies. But those extremes tend to be how we are judged–both by the rest of the world and by our own citizens. And that blame tends to taint capitalism as well.

    • axinia Says:

      “The USSR failed because they didn’t have enough of it (capitalism)” is a very limeted view I think, sorry to say so. I believe generally no one who never lived in USSA can ever judge its culture and history just because of lack of personal experience. USSR failed because of many various reasons, and definetly not because people were starving for capitalism 🙂

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        I do not understand meaning of fail.
        Mikhail Gorbachev – i know little more about
        Perestroika- conference of development of democracy, socialist self-government, encouragement of initiative and creative endeavor, improved order and disciple, more glasnost, criticism and self-criticism in all spheres of our society. It is utmost respect for the individual and consideration for personal dignity.
        Glasnost- freedom – the two word he has given which was responsible for all change which was in fact necessary at that time that much I have read that time also
        It is definitely true that unless until we experience it we can not understand exactly the situation.


        • mahesh chendake Says:

          I mean to say, same thing can happen with US/UK or country with capitalism after this deep rescission. Because news says there are no jobs since last two years . many people are waiting after passing all entrance exams even outsourcing also stop. this about people outside then what is condition of people of same country? whether they feel that they will survive with maintaining present living stranded? or they have any alternative? can current policy of Obama will work for them? if not then what…..

      • Terry Says:

        You are right. No one can judge anyone or anything on the basis of appearances or secondhand experience. But the US and the USSR spent decades judging each other as enemies, and it is hard to find Americans who do not believe they won that fight, so naturally we are too smug and judgmental.

        However, a very large number of former soviet citizens emigrated to the US in the past two decades, and if one makes an effort to learn from their experience one can get a more balanced idea of life in communism. I once had a very long dinner at a business conference with a woman who was a party member with considerable authority and who started her own business here in the US. She seemed extremely happy with her life in capitalism and she was equally happy during her life in communism. It was very interesting to learn from someone who had succeeded equally in both systems and was bitter about nothing. Obviously personal qualities count for more than political and economic systems when it comes to how to live a successful life. The dinner was not long enough to get to her spiritual experience unfortunately.

      • Lorentz Rudzewicz Says:

        I take your point, Axinia. I can’t know exactly why the USSR is no more, not having lived there. Saying it was due to the system there was nothing more than an educated guess.

        But it is of interest that the Chinese Communist Party turned to capitalism recently in a very bold way, and is thriving now. I think it’s arguable that the two most vibrant governments in the world today are India and China, and both of them are quite busy at nurturing their capitalist elements.

        By the way, I believe you said somewhere you are now living your life in Austria. Did you know “Austrian economics” is hailed as the standard for capitalism the world over. The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises is a hero to capitalists, and the so-called “Chicago school” of economics here in the USSA is an offshoot of Austrian ideas. You chose a good place to live. Peace be with you.

        • axinia Says:

          Dear Lorentz,
          I ahve not chosen this place to live 🙂 It just happend, it was not even in my wildest dream (in fact, I always wanted to live in India :)).
          Eveyone who comes to live in Vienna from abroad find it to be still extremely socialistic, belive me or not! One girlfriend of mine, who was beaten my her husband, was immediately put into a women house where she’s got free ligving and food, and all legal care – just for nothing, only because she was a victim. She said “I fell like in Communist times” 🙂 And this is just one example.
          The taxes are very high, and you can lead a very safe and easy life even if you are not wiling to work, because somebody else is paying for you.Is this a real capitalism?? 🙂

          • Lorentz Rudzewicz Says:

            Yes. Because it’s capitalism that is paying all those bills. Your friend’s care may have been free to her, but it wasn’t free for the ones who paid the bills. (And that includes yourself, since you work there and pay taxes.)

            • axinia Says:

              absolutely, but don’t you know what in USSR most of the things weere free anywhay? education, medical care, all social support…and that was not capitalism 🙂

              • Lorentz Rudzewicz Says:

                But your friend’s help came in Austria, not the USSR. The USSR is no more – it failed in 1989. Capitalist Austria is now providing the support for you and your friend. In capitalist Austria, you exchange your work, work that you chose to do, for a paycheck. That’s capitalism. All those capitalist bankers and businesses exchanging goods and services in a free market system support all the human activity you see around you, all the houses and streets and roads and rail systems, all the hospitals and plumbing and shops and parks. Without them, you wouldn’t have a job, and your friend wouldn’t have been helped. You are a capitalist now. (I think the only place where true Communism is practiced now is North Korea.)

                • axinia Says:

                  Dear Lorentz, the true Communism is NOWHERE now, and it has never existed anywhere on the Earth. Yet. There were some tries. BUt hey faild because humanity is not ready yet. Yet.

                  • Lorentz Rudzewicz Says:

                    Well if it never existed, how can you hold it up as an example of something good? We all live in the real world, after all.

                    • axinia Says:

                      Well if you are not an idealist, then you will probably never understand that. THese are things in live whih cannot be expalinded rationally, we just know certain things, it is the matter of knowledge, some deeper knowledge.

                    • Terry Says:

                      I would like to add a real world element to your exchange of ideas. In the current real world, if a disaster like Pakistan’s floods hit out of nowhere, Pakistan itself has very limited means to offer its own citizens relief. The world’s checkbook for such events is the US checkbook. And the US checkbook contains my money paid in taxes. “Excess profit” from the evils of capitalism. Of course, I have no say in whether I want to help Pakistan citizens and no say in what I would like in return. The cost of relief is simply given away. And not even in my name. The people who get the relief–assuming no corruption in between–may know that the American government provided the aid, but they don’t think about the fact that I and every citizen taxpayer like me are the real US government. And in a nice flourish of irony, the Pakistan Imans make it quite clear that the reality is I am the devil and deserve jihad.

                      I may seem arrogant and egotistical for the above, but I would really like to know, in this ideal communal world where everyone gives according to ones ability and takes according to ones need, which I agree sounds great, what happens when Pakistan floods? They are stripped of their abilities while their needs become unending. Checkbooks no longer exist. What is the idealist response to the drowning?

                      I hope I don’t sound cynical, because I really hope there is an answer.

        • I think it’s arguable that the two most vibrant governments in the world today are India and China,and both of them are quite busy at nurturing their capitalist elements.

          Lorentz, I really hope you meant to say “vibrant economies” instead of “vibrant governments”. Because, I can assure you that it will be difficult to find a greater bunch of crooks, thieves and mass-murderers than the filthy Indian government (just ask the Kashmiris, for instance). It would also be very difficult to find more murderers, rapists, thugs, goons, robbers, gangsters, crooks, criminals and the like in any one building other than the stinking, rotten, filthy Indian parliament (leaving out the most notorious prisons, of course).

          Even the phrase “vibrant economy of India” is a gross “mainstream media” lie, meant for the consumption of naive, gullibe, clueless people. To describe an economy whose human development index rank is a lowly 134 (out of 180 or so), which has 75.6% (or three-fourths) of its populace living below the international poverty line of $2/day, one which has more destitute, malnourished and desperate people than all of sub-Saharan Africa put together as anything other than an uncouth turd world trash can of a country would be inaccurate, to say the least.

          This “mainstream media” (NY Times) report does not even present the complete picture about starvation and starvation deaths in the uncouth Indian empire, but at least, it’s honest in reporting about the starving hordes and carrying pictures of children who look almost dead:


  26. mahesh chendake Says:

    The people who are trying to take natures rule in hand in the form of development are going to suffer definitely . It may be in the form of 2012 or results of global warming. Then it may be capitalism or socialism or in between experiment. It is the story of shaikh chilly only. we will destroy ourselves only. then it may be whatever govt. approved or their brainwashed report of faulty development of any institution. even I find WHO report brainwashed take example of swine flue report

  27. GS Says:

    This is a subjective matter. So it is natural to have different opinions. 🙂

    If someone wants to give out their ideas, or creation for free then it is fine. If someone wants to charge for it it is fine too 🙂

    In a more general context, if one tries to build a world without money, it is not possible. Even in theory that world will not be possible.

    Imagine a world where there is plenty of everything you ever need. Imagine how unimaginatively boring that world would be.

    People tend to think Armagadden is some violent event that annihilates the world with dramatic events. But if we “develop” the world into a society that has plenty of everything, no disease, no pain, no evil, only good, only what you want, everywhere and everything for everyone, that is Armagadden too. Please contemplate why 🙂

  28. GS Says:

    Dennis, You probably mean the same thing.

    But can you explain what you mean by Paradise?

  29. […] thing which I will enver understand is the copy-right. I was posting about it before. I believe that any product of creativity, especially when beautiful and useful cannot really […]

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