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A book: to read or not to read? August 12, 2007

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Since I learned to read I was reading books passionately: in a classroom, in a bus, in a toilet, under the bed sheet, while eating – simply everywhere and at any time. Once I tried to count the numbers and came to the 3.000 books that I swallowed in my childhood and youth. Till I got 21.

And then I stopped. Suddenly I realised that I am so fed up with that kind of dead knowledge and someone else’s experiences, someone else’s theories and ideas… I just could not read any more.  After graduating from my University where I ought to read all the so called “golden World literature” (which I enjoyed a lot), I probably reached the limit of my braid-load. I had no desire whatsoever to read a book – and that for many years to come.

Recently I started reading one or two books a year, but this is really nothing. And even if I know that there are plenty of good books out there, I just can not force myself to spend my precious time on reading them. Why? Through some introspection I came to a clear conclusion:

  1. Books are valuable source of knowledge but it is not the first-hand knowledge, for it is served through the perception of the author
  2. One can never become wise from the experiences of others – even form the best depicted
  3. At the most I can enjoy the beauty of the author’s language but this is exceptionally rare
  4. If I need some information (which I do need, as I love to watch the world changing, to watch all the trends and new phenomena) – I prefer Internet or scientific magazines (online or printed)
  5. And somehow I have a feeling that most of the literature is not any more suitable for the new generations to come: too much hate, depressions, aggressions, jealousy, greed… If people will not stop writing or reading about it – why would it all stop?

Surprisingly, even in the age of Internet reading books has its magic attraction and many people still adore and love it. They must have their good reasons for that. But I wonder why so many of us keep quotation this author, that author, keep referring to this book or that book – and never say what THEIR own experience is??? 

I feel that the time has come for all of us to make our own experiences and stand behind them.

To enjoy the life as it is and to look for the answers inside ourselves. Not in the books. Just to look inside. 

LOVE, axinia 

P.S I wonder if any of you have made the same experience with book-reading? Thanks!

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18 Responses to “A book: to read or not to read?”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful post. Your question “A Book: A Blessing or a Curse?” deserves the deepest consideration. Your words awake. That’s grand out of itself. Thank you.

    My experience with book-reading was the same.
    However, I can’t agree that “the literature is not any more suitable for the new generations to come”.
    The problem is not in the literature, but in the way we read. The civilization seeks the comfort and security. And the quotes perfectly fit to these goals.
    While quoting other, we don’t need to take any personal actions and thus escape responsibility for personal acts in the concrete. While quoting other we take shelter in the quotation – our hearts remains tightly closed.
    In other words, the ratings of the books express not our literacy, but the spirituality.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Hi there,i injoyed viewing your web page here,i like looking up the storys in the bible and getting it to the word.i injoy the music ministries. at church.

  3. axinia Says:

    Tomas, many thanks for the wonderful comment! It was a pleasant surpriced to me to get that suportive opinion.

    Just only one thing to add: i did not mean we will not need the literature as such – sure, we will need it, it is beautiful and important.
    I meant that the “old world” literature with its focus on the “old world” problems will probably not be that interesting in the future.

  4. axinia Says:

    Dear Ruth, nice that you are enjoying your religion. But I hope you understand that every religion is enjoyble in the same way, and I wish you to read other scrips as well and to visit other, not only Christion sacred places.

    True spirituality is enjoyable in all forms…

  5. Tomas Says:

    What is the “old world”? What does mean “the old literature”?
    I will dare to ask one more question. Is the Swan of Avon the aged already, or still remains the young?

    Style of our clothing has changed. That’s for sure, but that’s just the decoration – the outward appearance that means totally nothing in essence. Reading demands understanding and that’s our ability to see what’s under the surface. God’s Word doesn’t changes, and, as it is written in the Bible, there is nothing new under the sun. We may name ourselves the kings or the modern workers, but the spirit remains the same and the light doesn’t change its way of shining.

  6. axinia Says:

    Dear Tomas,
    you are absolutely right – the spirit remains the same! The only thing is that HOW MANY OF US KNOW THEIR SPIRIT?

    Under “old world” i mean the modern times, as well as the past – the times when people focus on their survivial problems, involved into ego-games and geer, envy, etc.

    I have a feeling – and I actually know! – that the new time is coming, when people will become aware of the new spiritual dimention.

    When they will truly ENJOY (with the stree at “JOY”) their lifes, enjoy their love and comapssion.
    It will come. This is the evolution.

    Please see my other post: https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2007/03/12/generation-s/

  7. Princess Says:

    hi axinia,

    so true.. sometimes I don’t feel like reading.. but I love to write something or the other… 😉


  8. bbZuSh Says:

    I’ve had times when I didn’t want to touch any book, but not for long. I just love reading!

  9. RubyShooZ Says:

    There is timeless wisdom in some of the old books, old lit that will fit any generation and ages to come. I am in agreement that our outlook has changed along with the times but some of the “old” stuff keeps on resonating – why? Because it still fits.

    I’m big on keeping an open mind and exploring new thoughts (and literature!) and to not hold any as “THE WORD”. There are many words.

    Often when I see stuff quoted, it’s followed up with peoples’ personal experiences too.

    I think we get into trouble though when we make broad generalizations, don’t you?

    This is my first visit to your blog and I just wanted to say hello and I truly hope you have a beautiful day.

    Peace, love and understanding.

  10. axinia Says:

    Dear RubyShooz, your comment is just wonderful and – you may be surprised – I agree with everything you say!
    IT is also true that I tend to generalize, but this is just in order to emthasize my thought:)

    There have been absolutely great books in my life, but none of them had a stronger impact on me, than my own (spiritual) experiences.

    And thanks for wishing be a truly beautiful day – as lucky as I am, my days are filled with joy and bliss. Wishing same to you!

  11. Sumera Says:

    I think books are a form of escapism. And that is why most people pick up novels and gorge on them. They form part of your experiences.

  12. axinia Says:

    I see what you mean, Sumera. But I am not sure that book form the experiences: their influnece is like of a training. You can feel elevated after reading something, and even think of that some days long, but this is the OUTER influence, which does not go deep. It will vanish, sooner or later.
    A personal expereince make you undergo a deep transformation from within. I believe it is not the same.

  13. Sumera Says:

    Well what some books do is force you to perceive the world differently. But that’d depend on the book and its content and of course your own worldly experiences.

    I love books 😀

  14. The 2 Witches Says:

    The only times in my life that I have lost my love of reading are when I am in the midst of a depression. However, that being said WHAT I read can change very frequently … from deep thinking types of books to fluffy reads.

    Mama Kelly

  15. HuiHua Says:

    I loved to read when i was in school but slowly i wasn’t interestd anymore n turned more to non fiction books where i could learn something. these days i only read material that is for my spiritual growth. other than that i feel is a waste of time. I too don’t watch much films, also waste of time. sometimes i would oblige my frens by going to movies, just to please them.

  16. radha Says:

    I write books for children as part of my job. As Thomas was saying “…is the way we read”, its true and i’d like to add it’s also the way we write. In one of the last projects we had to work at my office in our team, we had to compile 5 little books with fables. The main editor choose an aesopian style to write them. ok fine. At the present i am still in the process of refining and adjusting a section of those fables and with surprise i realized that in my team all the others editors except me evidently choose to write plots with a non-awakening and non-nourishing intent. Reading at them it seems to me to go back of ages and live in an era of fears, panic, insecurity and greed. Are these the values we want to inspire into the minds of our young readers? – i just wonder. I talked to my colleagues and they like to enjoy a deaf attitude in place of an answer. Whatever, by my side i enjoy to awaken. Sorry for my friends.

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  18. kush Says:

    Used to read books earlier in my life.Havent read any for 19 years since recieving self realisation experience in Sahaja yoga.Own experiences give complete everlasting satisfaction,fulfillment and peace,bliss,joy.Agree and understand you totally, Axinia.

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