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HEART August 9, 2007



photo by axinia



I have a heart that glows

 It makes my eyes sparkle,

 My skin feels like an angel.


 My heart is so soft,

 My home is so nice and beautiful

 I feel like I am free – I run so wild


 It’s just where I belong


 I feel the wind blow

 It’s so fresh – like a rose.

I have a heart that glows

It’s just my life. 


If you want a life like me

Just be fresh,

And you will be free

Like me.


It’s just where I belong. 


poem by Daisy Duncan., 8 years old



I just love this poem, because I can identify myself with every word of it!

The poem was written by a little girl who was born realised. And though I was not born realised (I got my self-realisation being 20), I was lucky enough to experience that state again and again, day by day…And I still do! 🙂

LOVE, axinia


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3 Responses to “HEART”

  1. bbZuSh Says:

    Well written. I didn’t think 8 years old could write beautifully like this. And I got my self-realisation not very long ago 😛 Could say I’m still in the process.

  2. axinia Says:

    Interesting comment, bbZuSh! The prosess of getting to know your Self is a never-ending one 🙂 And may be not the easiest one.
    But I wish much enjoynment on the way! – happy to help you if you need some support (see my contact @ “about”).

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