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One inventive way to teach a language July 15, 2007

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Benjamin Constant was aged four when his tutor suggested that they invent a language.

They went around the estate, naming everything,  and working out a grammar, and they even invented special signs to describe the sounds.

Ben was aged six before he discovered that he`d learned Greek.

From the book “Impro for Storytellers” by Keith Johnstone


German Blog Study 2007: what we really think about blogging July 13, 2007

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And here we go again: more facts from the German Blog Study 2007.

Reasons for blogging or reading blogs:

  • Blog users are interested in new, fast knowledge and interesting background information.
  • The main motivation for blogger and blog-reader is the same: to learn something new what they can not learn from the other media
  • every third blogger (66%) claims to “have something to say”, and only 7,5 % of blog-readers claim the same (can it be the reason for weak commenting?)
  • every 5th blogger has a mission “to enlighten” the public or even “to influence the opinion of others”
  • and quite a bit of bloggers (26,6%) – unfortunately – want to criticize and express their argue

Upshot: Blogger are extroverts, blog-reader are stronger consumer. Bloggers love to communicate  – 54% exchange their opinions with other bloggers. (more…)


German Blog Study 2007: 5 blogger types July 11, 2007

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Latest German Study on us, bloggers came out Feb.2007 and seem to be only available in German.

Just wanted to share with you some interesting results.

The Blogstudy 2007 of the Leipzig University in cooperation with the Ask.com search engine gives an interesting insight into the blogger nature and psychology.

Nothing very new but still flattering: blogger are “inventive multipliers” and trendsetters!

The study of 600 heavy-user in Germany let clearly identify 5 blogger types: (more…)


How much do we know about the reality? July 10, 2007

 photo by axinia

I took this lovely picture in the Alps during my company`s holidays. If you look attentively you can see that the cows have no horns. Do you think it is natural?

As somebody who used to spend every summer holidays in a Russian village I know that cows DO have horns 🙂 Ok, I realise that probably it is common in Austria to cut the horns off for safety reasons.

But imagine my surprise when I heard all my colleagues being pretty sure it is totally natural and the cows do not have horns at all (at the most – bulls). My colleagues are very intelligent grown-ups, but how come they are not aware of such a natural thing? (more…)


When I look at a person July 7, 2007

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When I look at a rose-bud

I can see a splendid, fragrant flower

When I look at a person

I can see a colorful bunch of talents


Let me pour Thy love

To everyone I meet

Let my heart expand

and encompass as many as I can

poem by axinia


I keep falling in love… with everyone! July 4, 2007

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I do, really!

Every new person I learn a little more – just can not help falling in love with. No matter, man or woman, old person or a child…

The fragrance of every personality is so intense, so amazing and colorful that it is hard to feel less than love!

  • I love the way a person gets angry (because I find it humorous)
  • I love the way a person shows the sweetness
  • I love the moments when it comes to the core values and the person reveals hidden or obvious beauty of his/her soul
  • I love the way people are trying to withstand the power of love and then give up following it
  • I love the way people jump into the ocean of love – fearful or fearless, curious or trusting
  • I love watching human beings becoming divine

It could be the case that I only meet such lovable people, the ones who are easy to love. But I meet so so many! – Is it all by chance?

Dedicated to everyone I know.

LOVE, axinia


What to say of talks That lead to veiling of Truth July 3, 2007

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What to say of talks

That lead to veiling of Truth 

Too much talk leads to chaos 
Yet without talk how does one discuss 
If you must; then talk with
With devils it is better to stay mum 

Blessing it is to talk with the wise 
Talking with stupid is waste of time 
Says Kabir, 
Half full is forever swaying
The fulfilled prefers staying calm

poem by Kabir (1440-1518), Indian poet


Freedom is Ego July 1, 2007


Freedom is the favorite mantra of the western society. It is the magical word people use left and right to explain their most odd interests and ideas. Freedom is on top of the value system. But how can anybody be free and make choices based on so-called freedom when he does not know himself??

We feel that we are free to make our choices: the choice between toast or sandwich or maybe the choice between pizza or pasta. Fine.

Now the clothing: how can we be free persons if we are actually forced to buy the things that are right now in, otherwise we just don`t get anything else in the shops.

No need to mention so-called political freedom when every President selections our poor brains are being manipulated to such extend that God save us from knowing it in details!

However, the worst type of freedom today is the freedom to lead an immoral life. You can marry one person, sleep with another, flirt with the third and make children with the forth. This crazy idea comes from the notion that you always have to be looking for something new. (more…)


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