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Meditation is like drinking July 29, 2007

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Meditation is like drinking the most incredible drink, drinking not with your mouth but with the top of your head… Amazing! 

This sensation is unique and still very recognisable by everyone who is a realised person. I know it is absolutely useless to describe it to those who have not yet experienced that blissful state, but this is something so powerfully beautiful that I just can not keep myself from singing praise to it!..

When I feel the cool breeze on top of my head(normally I almost always feel it, but it gets cooler and stronger while meditating) it feels absolutely real like a soothing and gentle shower coming down my head, cooling my brain… So pleasant…  So dissolving… Everything goes away… No thoughts… No trance… No time… Complete awareness… And the absolute joy…

It feels like drinking – but not water. It feels like drinking some divine nectar – why do they always use that comparison in scripts? – It does feel like it!

I believe this is the most powerful state a human being is able to achieve without any outer influence (drugs, alcohol, training, hypnosis, etc.) – this is something I can achieve on my own!

At the moment of the total enjoyment and silence, bliss and spirit there is no desire left, there is nothing more to wish or to reach… Only after I am back to my daily life one thought keeps haunting me: “Why can’t everyone enjoy it the way I do???”

Luckily there are thousands and thousands of people who share that experience and enjoy it in the same way.

Are you the next one?

LOVE, axinia

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4 Responses to “Meditation is like drinking”

  1. Sandragons Says:

    I was interested to read your experience of meditation. I have never had exactly that sensation and do not consider myself a “realized” person. I consider the purpose of my meditation practice to be cultivating attention. Little by little I learn more about the workings of my mind. Thanks for your post. Sandragons

  2. axinia Says:

    Sandragons, thanks a lot for sharing your expereince!
    I know there are tounsands ways of meditation, ecpecially today 🙂 I just wanted to share my one, as it is amazingly enriching and fullfilling, nourishing and enjoyable…

    Attention is one of the most importat abilities a human being needs, and it is great you are cultivating it. But what is attention in your understatnding? Is it not the concentration what you actually mean? As there is a gross difference between these two…

  3. VangoghsEar Says:

    Excuse my spellings, english is not my 1st language but I must write. I can directly relate to your experince of drinking of devine nectar. I have been meditating for about four years now and now strange things are happening. cold breez on top of the head and also that my head feels like an umbrella that opensup when thinking of emptiness and existance, an invisble shower of cool drops falls on my body, a flow of invisble liquied on my leftside of my face. When in deep meditation I feel a soothing cool vibration of goind downwards in my body, lovely lovely. with concentration I can see a transparent shiled out of my body. I feel like I can switch into this state anytime and anywhere. Only issue I have is why does the flow of this substance drips down on my leftside of face only and not the other side? Why can’t I tatse theese drops of devine nectar with my tung? They only seem to go on leftside and down towards my neck and body. Ygois describe that having the tung on the roof of mouth would make one taste it but it hasn’t for me. In meditation I can send prana energy upwards and if I inhale I drink of nectar downwards. I can do both but it feels like upwards and downwards forces crashes and gives me headache, so I do either one at a time in each meditation. I can no longer stay in silent meditation I feel drown towards devotion of this existance and showering of bliss starts to fall.I appologise for writen this much becouse Im exited that I’ve found your blog. Please email me or replay and tell me what you think. Thank you.

    May all beings find peace and happines.

    • axinia Says:

      hi VangoghsEar, your description is beautiful, I really enjoyed that. My experiences are very similar, although I am not “playng” with this bliss . As for the issue witht the sensations on the left side only – that would probably mean that your right side energy channel is blocked, otherwise if you are in a balance state, the bliss is flowing all over… Which kind of meditation are you practicing?

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