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Scientific picture of the real world July 24, 2007

 photo by axinia

“I am very astonished that the scientific picture of the real world is very deficient.

It gives a lot of information, puts all our experience in a magnificently consistent order, but it is ghastly silent about all and sundry that is really near to our heart, that really matters to us.

It cannot tell a word about red and blue, bitter and sweet, physical pain and physical delight, knows nothing of beautiful and ugly, good or bad, God and eternity.

Science sometimes pretends to answer questions in these domains, but the answers are very often so silly that we are not inclined to take them seriously.”

Dr. Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel prize winner and a founding father of modern quantum science.


6 Responses to “Scientific picture of the real world”

  1. owen59 Says:

    What can I say, “Hear Hear!”

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  3. The methods of science are not designed to answer certain questions, such as what meaning there might be to life. That’s to say, it’s not just that scientists have yet to get around to exploring those questions — Instead they will never as scientists explore those questions because science simply lacks the methods to explore such questions. At least, that’s my understanding of it.

  4. axinia Says:

    Profound comment, Paul.
    However I believe that mentaly it will never be possiblbe to explain many things. Only above the mental science is the answer. but that will take time for people to discover…

  5. I could not agree with you more, Axinia! Am I mistaken to think that when we try to mentally answer or explain life’s greatest (and often simplest) questions, we often end up just going around and around with them? Perhaps sometimes we even force ourselves to settle on this or that answer, but because our answer is purely mental, it wastes remarkable force and energy to cling to our mental answer.

    I do not want to single out anyone for criticism, but only to illustrate the point: I believe I see such things happen with some of the Fundamentalist Christians we have here in the States. They try to answer so many very important questions mentally and only end up expending great psychological and spiritual energy to cling to their answers.

    The solution, as you so wonderfully point out, lies in going beyond mental answers and explanations.

  6. axinia Says:

    just brilliant, Paul! can not agree with you more.

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