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Blog credibility (German Blog Study 2007) July 18, 2007

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Coming back to the German Blogs Study 2007 I quoted some days back, there is some more interesting information on blogs.

What kind of blogs get the highest credibility?

  • The Study shows that the least credible are the corporate blogs (26,4% do not trust their content)
  • Only 12,1% do not trust the content of privat blogs
  • Media- and journalists` blogs are highly credible (from 4 to 7% blog-useres do not trust them)
  • But the top-credibility prise goes to the expert-blogs (only 2.1% do not trust them!)

Unfortunately the Study does not differentiate privat blogs with adSence and without, I am sure there will be some difference in Ranking.

To sum it up, I would say that obviously blogging keeps its individual character and is generally a trustworthy media.

I am convinced that the success of blogs lays in the heart and good will people put in it. That is what makes them trustworthy.

However as soon as there is some money-making interest, the spirit of blogging dyes away…

Don`t you think?

LOVE, axinia


4 Responses to “Blog credibility (German Blog Study 2007)”

  1. bluebeard2 Says:

    I disagree.

    http://www.problogger.net is a professional blog that has maintained the open and sharing spirit of blogging while making Darren Rowse a good livelihood from adverts and referrals.

    If anything, Darren’s ability to make money from his blog has given him an opportunity to contribute MORE to the blogging community. Check the readers comments on his blog to discover it’s true spirit and value.


  2. axinia Says:

    I see what you mean, thanks!

    I may be hopelessly idealistic, but I believe that money-interest kills anything whatsoever in this life…But this is my personal view 🙂

  3. sunshineforlife Says:

    Thanks for sharing more about this survey, Axinia. And i wholly understand your view. I just think not all people are alike. Personally, i find money-making logos crowds a blog page. It made blog page lost its personal touch. Am just glad WP seem not to accept this kind of thingy so my page is just as is. =)

    By the way, I tagged you with Linky Love and i hope you not get bored with my tags.

    I can see your smiles in your pictures. Keep it up!

  4. axinia Says:

    Dear Sunshine,
    I enjoy your comments and posts, thanks a lot! And I really enjoyed your last tag with “7 things about me” – for some reason my “7 things ” was very popular with readers for many days 🙂

    I had a look at this “Lucky love” , and really, I do not see wny love there and it also does not fit into my concept…Sorry, dear!

    I do appreciate you thinking of me, Sunshine, and will be happy to join some other suitable idea!

    LOTSOFLOVE, axinia,

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