1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

People want to be like flowers July 16, 2007

photo von axinia 


People want to be like flowers

beautiful, blossoming

They put on make up

and wear smart clothes.


And they do look good,

and even like flowers

But they have no fragrance…

Where is this fragrance gone?


It is gone with the scream of an abused child,

It is gone with the tear of an abandoned mother,

It is gone with the worship of gold.

Then how to return the fragrance?

How to give it back to people?


Only the freshness of a spirit

Can awaken the fragrance of the being

Let us wake up in the light of our spirit,

let us become the fragrant flowers!


poem by axinia


10 Responses to “People want to be like flowers”

  1. krystyna Says:

    Hi Axinia!
    What a beautiful, inspiring poem!
    Excellent blog!
    Peace and happiness to you!

  2. Princess Says:

    wonderful lines…
    and an awesome photo..


  3. I love this poem! Especially the contrast between how much people want to be like flowers and how they too frequently behave. To call their behavior “fragrance” is really fascinating.

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  6. Dru Says:

    I plan to read your poem at a Mother/Daughter/Friend Brunch. I have choosen Flower Power as the theme for that day.

  7. Flowers Says:

    Everything looks perfect on your blog- pictures, title, theme and poem. Awesome. Keep it up the good work.

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