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One inventive way to teach a language July 15, 2007

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Benjamin Constant was aged four when his tutor suggested that they invent a language.

They went around the estate, naming everything,  and working out a grammar, and they even invented special signs to describe the sounds.

Ben was aged six before he discovered that he`d learned Greek.

From the book “Impro for Storytellers” by Keith Johnstone


2 Responses to “One inventive way to teach a language”

  1. Sailaja Says:

    Hi Axinia, I read it somewhere that, a young mind between the age 2 -5 has the capacity of learning upto 10 languages at the same time. This inventive way of teaching a language sounds interesting. But if the child is exposed to the languages he/she can grasp easily and learn than teaching it forcefully.

  2. Sahaja Says:


    I recently learnt to speak confidently in Hindi…one main thing I found by experience is , we learn a language much easily if we start thinking in it 🙂 …..and words vocab flow 😀

    what do u say?

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