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German Blog Study 2007: what we really think about blogging July 13, 2007

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And here we go again: more facts from the German Blog Study 2007.

Reasons for blogging or reading blogs:

  • Blog users are interested in new, fast knowledge and interesting background information.
  • The main motivation for blogger and blog-reader is the same: to learn something new what they can not learn from the other media
  • every third blogger (66%) claims to “have something to say”, and only 7,5 % of blog-readers claim the same (can it be the reason for weak commenting?)
  • every 5th blogger has a mission “to enlighten” the public or even “to influence the opinion of others”
  • and quite a bit of bloggers (26,6%) – unfortunately – want to criticize and express their argue

Upshot: Blogger are extroverts, blog-reader are stronger consumer. Bloggers love to communicate  – 54% exchange their opinions with other bloggers.

That was not very much new but still interesting to get another statistical confirmation of the things we, bloggers, can perceive.

Pretty curious associations with the word “blog” and what the user really think of this phenomenon:

  • 99% – trash and only 1% pearls
  • my blog is my home
  • A diary without login
  • big hype, will get less with the time
  • big potential, underestimated
  • self-marketing instrument
  • opinion-leader
  • world-saviour

Commenting: the percentage of commenting is divided into two groups:

  • only 12,3% of blog-readers confirm commenting
  • 28%4 of active blogger-commenters

So that is the way the situation is in Germany. I wonder if it is the same in your countries? What is your experience? Feeling?

P.S. some more research facts on blog- credibility follow…

LOVE, axinia


3 Responses to “German Blog Study 2007: what we really think about blogging”

  1. joefelso Says:

    I suspect that people get into blogging for one reason and, if they stick to it, they probably stay on for another. It’s hard to read blogs without wanting to join the conversation, and, from the other side of the equation, it’s hard to write your own views without, eventually, wanting to see what others are saying.

    Blogging seems so much more communal than I originally thought, and what I enjoy most is the people I’ve met and the other virtual places I’ve visited.

  2. i think one of the purpose for most of us to write is to get readers. that is why we tend to make our blogpage look beautiful and the material more reader friendly.

  3. […] Coming back to the German Blogs Study 2007 I quoted some days back, there is some more interesting information on blogs. […]

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