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German Blog Study 2007: 5 blogger types July 11, 2007

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 photo by axinia

Latest German Study on us, bloggers came out Feb.2007 and seem to be only available in German.

Just wanted to share with you some interesting results.

The Blogstudy 2007 of the Leipzig University in cooperation with the Ask.com search engine gives an interesting insight into the blogger nature and psychology.

Nothing very new but still flattering: blogger are “inventive multipliers” and trendsetters!

The study of 600 heavy-user in Germany let clearly identify 5 blogger types:

  1. Knowledge-hungry(23,7%) – “fed up with regular media”
  2. Active consumer(22,8%) – “get references, tipps & tricks”
  3. Information seeker(18,9) – “get the knowledge behind the news”
  4. Social networker (17,7) – “staying in touch”
  5. Self-performer (17,7) – “I have something to say”

Find out which one you are and tomorrow I tell you more about the other fascinating results on associations with the word “blog”, commenting, opinion formation, credibility and more…

LOVE, axinia


7 Responses to “German Blog Study 2007: 5 blogger types”

  1. krissnp Says:

    interesting insight.

  2. Outstanding photo! Just loved it!


  3. sunshineforlife Says:

    Interesting research.thanks for sharing. I guess i can be rated with Numbers 3, 4, and 5. =)

    beautiful pictures. is that a painting?

  4. ioucc Says:

    美丽的画!?(beautiful pictures) 可惜我看不到的啊 呵呵可能相隔的太远了

  5. axinia Says:

    Thanks to everyone, I am very touched by your appreciation of a picture! – actually amazing, as I was sure the information was more important.

    one never knows what these bloggers really like 🙂

  6. Princess Says:

    hi axinia,

    I guess I am a mix of all the categories.. 🙂
    and yea the pic is refreshing..

    //pictures get more attention than words// right??


  7. Diogenes Says:

    Taken this useful peice of research. Look forward to more on this. Thanks for sharing.

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