1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

When I look at a person July 7, 2007

photo by  axinia

When I look at a rose-bud

I can see a splendid, fragrant flower

When I look at a person

I can see a colorful bunch of talents


Let me pour Thy love

To everyone I meet

Let my heart expand

and encompass as many as I can

poem by axinia


7 Responses to “When I look at a person”

  1. Dmitra Says:

    How I wish to write poems in english.
    But I still don’t know this language well enough for that.
    Thanks for blogrolling.

  2. axinia Says:

    I find it much easier than in Russian – it can also go without the rhyme (which would be considered weak in Russian) – think of Pushkin being almost unknown outside of Russian-speaking countries thanks to his almost untranslatable poetry.

    I feel that English, due to its analytical structure and ascetic nature is especially suitable for spiritual poetry, where not the beauty of a language but a depth of a thought is important.

  3. This was altogether beautiful. Your picture is incredible and your lines speak directly from my heart. Thank you for sharing.
    And I agree with your opinion on the suitability of the English language. I have not studied English but I live in English, therefore I have to write in English. I have to rely on the fact that it works out.
    Be well…… SP

  4. By this poem you are already pouring love onto everyone!

  5. sunshineforlife Says:

    very beautiful poem!

  6. fiance visa Says:

    I enjoyed reading your article. It has lots of useful information. Thank you so much.

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