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I keep falling in love… with everyone! July 4, 2007

 photo: axinia

I do, really!

Every new person I learn a little more – just can not help falling in love with. No matter, man or woman, old person or a child…

The fragrance of every personality is so intense, so amazing and colorful that it is hard to feel less than love!

  • I love the way a person gets angry (because I find it humorous)
  • I love the way a person shows the sweetness
  • I love the moments when it comes to the core values and the person reveals hidden or obvious beauty of his/her soul
  • I love the way people are trying to withstand the power of love and then give up following it
  • I love the way people jump into the ocean of love – fearful or fearless, curious or trusting
  • I love watching human beings becoming divine

It could be the case that I only meet such lovable people, the ones who are easy to love. But I meet so so many! – Is it all by chance?

Dedicated to everyone I know.

LOVE, axinia


34 Responses to “I keep falling in love… with everyone!”

  1. Nita Says:

    I know exactly what you feel Axinia. I feel this love for fellow human beings too, no matter where they come from, no matter anything.
    In fact at times I feel a sympathy and love for people who do bad things as well. Not those who are evil to the core and without conscience, but those who do bad things because they are confused, and lost.

  2. thebeliever Says:

    You have too much love to go around.

    p.s. It’s not a bad thing!

  3. Yo Says:

    although I have a sliver of doubt that you would enjoy my thunderous outbreaks of Canadian, forest chopping temper, I believe that you are unique in your open-hearted love of life, and I sincerely hope more people will become like that.

  4. axinia Says:

    your note is nice, I think I know what you mean. I also know this feeling of loving a person who is kind of lost – in some way it is even easier, because exactly these people need more love!

    Thanks! – but I did not want show how wonderful I
    am, I only wanted to tell all my friends (and I concieder every one I know my friend) HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL.

  5. Mehmet Says:

    I know this feeling. I sometimes have a similar one, say for example, when I am watching people on a bus. I feel this strong sense of connection, as if the people that I am looking at are my own children, it is an overwhelmingly intense love for a fellow human being that I have never even met or talked to. I want them to be shielded from all harm, to be protected, to be happy, to be satisfied with their lives. Like a parent, I wish all these things for them, knowing however, that I can only do so much, that when we get off that bus, they will go on to live their individual lives… I send a prayer to each and every one of them.

    I think we know so little about how deeply connected all human beings are!

  6. axinia Says:

    what a wonderful note, mehmet! thank you!

  7. Diogenes Says:

    I can see in the direction you are seeing. Yes. And thanks for falling in love.

  8. qwert18 Says:

    what a great post. divine love is so universal. you may find this article about divine love interesting also.

  9. Priyanka Says:

    Hi Axinia! How sweet of you to write this lovely mail. I wish more people would become as open hearted as you. I do hope to meet you in person sooner than later!
    Love always

  10. Winslie Gomez Says:

    Same problem here but I always assumed that I must be fickle.
    So I am delighted to see your article and to echo the sentiments already commented by others.

  11. purespirit Says:

    Hi, Axinia!
    thanks for wonderful post!
    But it seems to me “failing in love” have a bit another meaning… 😉

  12. Winslie Gomez Says:

    Have to raise my hand and admit that I am one of those with different perspective from the innocence you convey.

  13. axinia Says:

    Thank, winslie and purespirit!

    It is true that “falling in love” has quite a stupid meaning – as we actually rise in love – if it is the true love. But i just used it because it is an understandable expression for many.

    Unfortunately the word LOVE in any meaning has been so terribly misused all the time, so that it does not matter how you call it it will always sound somehow “worn out”..really sad..

    @winslie: I know what you mean. But I hope one day the mankind will realise that there are also other ways to feel love, not only with some sexual context!

    I am glad to state that most of the people who read this post obviously understood what I mean – but it is only possible if they know the feeling themselves..and if the do – then we are already on the way!!! – have you not been asking about a revolution the other comment, winslie?? it is on the way, it is on the way…

  14. Hi Axinia.

    I love your post, and I love your site. But the reason for this comment is to ask you a favor.

    I am looking for a few people to “guest” post on “Be The Change You Want To See In Yourself” — the week of July 23rd. I would love it if you would consider being a guest blogger…I would just need one post, I would link back to you and give you full credit, and you could also cross post on your site as well.

    If this is something you would like to do just drop me an email at: catherinesblog at yahoo dot com.

    Have a great day,


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  16. ysis Says:

    Love is what makes Life worth living.


  17. bbZuSh Says:

    Love… the real essence of life, some say… 🙂

  18. gav Says:

    love is the ultimate truth.

  19. randomlycameacrossthis Says:

    I feel exactly the same 🙂 It can get embarrassing at times though, sometimes I can go a bit overboard

  20. […] that it can dissolve a lot. Say it! I use this word often for telling about things/people I love. Or saying it to people I love. I can even say it to my boss, if I feel so. It opens at least two hearts at the […]

  21. Dearne Says:

    Hi Axinia.

    I feel the same as you. Every person I meet I feel compassion and understanding with them. I also love to see people crystalize, and become the person they will be.They gives me great happiness.”Is happiness a reasonable goal for most of us?” “Yes. I believe it is.”
    So reach out and toch soeone today……..
    Help FREE TIBET…………………..

    Cheers From Australia

  22. axinia Says:

    Dearne, I enjoed your comment a lot! Amazing, how people can feel the same!

  23. swaps Says:

    Axinia, I already know this…love is your signature 🙂

    But these words ” we actually rise in love” in one of your comments is a test for real love.
    (Wonder what U.G would have said to this).

  24. […] -saying “I love you” every time I feel love – and that, to everyone from my boss to a newly met person. […]

  25. […] -saying “I love you” every time I feel love – and that, to everyone from my boss to a newly met person. […]

  26. […] -saying “I love you” every time I feel love – and that, to everyone from my boss to a newly met person. […]

  27. Oxy Says:

    You have to be the happyest person alive 🙂 I wish I could feel the beauty you are able to feel, from my eyes the world looks colourless. Falling in love with everyone is truelly a gift from God. The world arround you is probably so beautiful, so sensual and inspiring.

  28. Oxy Says:

    Hi people it me again. I just red post gain with all the comments and I want to say how wonderful it is to see so many happy people on one place. Know that what you have is truelly a gift from God. There are people who are not gifted because they have gift for music, art or writing. These people are simply gifted because they are gifted with love – the fuel for their are and inspiration. Love is more valuable then anything in the world. Even if you had everything in the world, it wouldnt matter if you couldn`t feel love.
    I am one of those people in the world who are the most unhappy. Simply from the fact that I can`t feel any love, I also can`t connect with people on a spiritual level , it feel like Im dead for everyone. The world looks black and white and uninspiring from my eyes. Don`t get me wrong, it not depression, its something far worse. Only those who have the abillity to love can truelly suffer emtionally and experiance depression. The condition Im in is very rare and in it a person is souless and dead for the world. Im practically a robot with no emotions, just thoughts in my head. People leave me like a shadow because I have no personallity or emotions, and I know that Im a useless shadow just a piece of flesh waiting to die. A person like this can never be happy even if it had everything in the world.
    My biggest dream is to have the abillity to feel love, that`s how I found this post. The though that in the world there are people that can feel love gives me hope that maybe one day or in my next life I will be able to feel love and dive into a beautiful world again filled with soo many beautiful colours and sensations, life would be worth living again and it would be a wonderouss adventure. I dream for this day to come.
    Dear friends its soo wonderful that you can feel this wonderful feeling, know you are truelly blessed. The thought that there are so many people in the world that feel love is wonderful.

    • axinia Says:

      dear Oxy, thanks for your great comment! I am glad you found this post and this blog- there is a lot to explore! I have some more posts about it, please read under tag “love” or in the list “all 600 posts”.
      and what is also helpful…is to get some spiritual experience, for instance this one:http://www.coolspirit.info/experience

  29. Dmitri Says:

    so what is love??? why is it called love??? is it to love somebody??? or to love yourself??? I think shri mataji was right when she said that the purest and the deerest relashanship is of frendship and really we should be honest whith all menkind there should be no greed no lust no anger no fuss but never mind that…what we really seek is tho know ourselfs..and what is exctaly is this self that is with every heart sou or body…who is the self??? does he have a name???? and what is more importnet???? i wish that we would start allready living lovingly; joyfully’ humballiy..braveliy, huomousirly, openly but with bueatiful 7 shame…and that all nature and the animals will be our friends and foes??? and above all I Wshing you LLLLLLLooooOvvvvvvvvEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    but really here and after i think Bliss Is not Importent hhhhhhhhhh..
    bye bye

  30. Oxy Says:

    Dear friend 🙂 thank you soo much for the wonderful links you gave me. I will try as much as I can to find the abillity to feel love and emotions again. Now it is hard but Im hopeful that with time my brain will rewire itself and I will be able to connect with people and the world again.

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