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Freedom is Ego July 1, 2007


Freedom is the favorite mantra of the western society. It is the magical word people use left and right to explain their most odd interests and ideas. Freedom is on top of the value system. But how can anybody be free and make choices based on so-called freedom when he does not know himself??

We feel that we are free to make our choices: the choice between toast or sandwich or maybe the choice between pizza or pasta. Fine.

Now the clothing: how can we be free persons if we are actually forced to buy the things that are right now in, otherwise we just don`t get anything else in the shops.

No need to mention so-called political freedom when every President selections our poor brains are being manipulated to such extend that God save us from knowing it in details!

However, the worst type of freedom today is the freedom to lead an immoral life. You can marry one person, sleep with another, flirt with the third and make children with the forth. This crazy idea comes from the notion that you always have to be looking for something new. If it is so healthy than why jealousy is the leading reason for murder (statistically seen)?

The thing is the true freedom is only possible at the spiritual dimension (and I never mean religion under it!).

Being bombarded with billions of messages everyday a human being is not able to distinguish the best/the right thing at the moment in his regular state.

If we trace back our decisions and deeds, mostly they are taken by our ego, conditionings or emotions. But is it what we really ARE?? Some people use intuition that can also be quite a powerful tool – but how to be sure that it is not Mr. Ego whispering the solution with his sweet and flattering voice?

Yet somehow we come further, we move, we evolve  – making right choices here and there, learning to be happy… Suffering, struggling, bearing, in vain or in pain…

And at the same time our Self, majestic and still, beautiful and powerful, all-knowing and all-pervading is just waiting to give us the true freedom.

LOVE, axinia (image by me)


14 Responses to “Freedom is Ego”

  1. madmouser Says:

    Well said! Applause, Applause!

  2. leelajesus Says:

    Axinia, a bit out of topic I must tell you that you are developing to master of photography 🙂 how do you get the drops of water so nicly?

  3. axinia Says:

    very sweet of you, Leela 🙂 No idea, it just comes out that way. I wonder what would come next after I bought a professional camera shortly…I am curious myself about the new possibilities!

  4. Sunshine Says:

    in the bad side: it gives one the freedom to hurt anyone. (sad)

    nice write-up, axinia. But for those who are not so spiritual they don’t get the real meaning of it.

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  6. axinia Says:

    thank you, sunshine, your comment is very valuable. I guess you are right, as I was expecting more comments exactly on this topic.

    But I believe that people will have to see the spiritual side of life – sooner or later.

    And that is my humble contribution to that evolvement.

    Regarding hurting I wonder what you would say on this post:

  7. nitinrohidas Says:

    If freedom is EGO..then what is EGO?

  8. axinia Says:

    Good question, nitinroidas, I will write a post on it soon 🙂

  9. rashi Says:

    ‘Amazing’ is the word..must say !
    chides me to write smthng and if i try now..i think i will say the same thing but with diff. vocabulary..

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  11. Just because people misuse their freedom, why do you want to take away their freedom, Axinia 😦 The world is a pathetic place because there is very little freedom, not because there is too much freedom.

  12. Brian Says:

    Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred some mates.

  13. Neha singh Says:

    i love the picture 🙂

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