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the only truth I know is my own experience

let me be thy florist… June 26, 2007

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image by axinia


Let me be Thy florist

Let me pic up and arrange the flowers

of Thy sunshine lit garden…

Let me pic up the beauty-roses,

the purity-lilies, the generosity-peons

the joy-marguerites and the love-orchids

Let me arrange them all in the handmade vases

And fill in the rooms of Thy House of Love…

poem by axinia


7 Responses to “let me be thy florist…”

  1. Diogenes Says:

    You are a florist already. Yes.

  2. solveig75 Says:

    My dearest friend!

    That’s just DIVINE – no other word can describe it.
    Your humble student is proud of her teacher 🙂

  3. axinia Says:

    thank you, solveig, your words mean the world to me!

  4. […] let me be thy?florist… […]

  5. Mahesh chendake Says:

    Good idea. it will reduce breakdowns? …..
    I like your true loving nature and flower fresh attitude towards life….
    Give to the world the best you have…

  6. Triveni Says:

    The flowers r so warm and its as if they have are welcoming us with open arms, just like your lovely nature Axinia. 🙂 May God Bless you..

  7. Well, must be resource intensive imported flowers at that time of the year…what about snowdrops ?

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