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No challenge is worse than any challenge! June 18, 2007

 photo by axinia

I never use the word “problem”, as I don’t see any problem anywhere.

There are issues to be solved, there are challenges to be worked on but I can not make a tragic face and desperately cry” Oh, it is a problem!”

In fact, I found out that I not only like challenges but really need them. One very fresh experience. Today is my last day in the company where I have been working for 2 years (Russian Oil Trading). Before giving me the position of his assistant, the director said “I can see you are overqualified for this job, and I will be glad if you could stay at least for 6 month” . For several reasons it turned to be 2 years and I now am happy to switch to a more exiting and challenging branch. 

What I realized it that lack of challenge is much worse than no challenge to me.

Thanks to blogging and my other interests I could survive and did not grow stupid: in a situation when there is nothing to learn and to develop, where I used only 10% of my talents and abilities – it was a threat indeed to become dull. 

Challenge is a change that is being often percepted as a danger, but why? What is there to be afraid of?

I guess it has something to do with self-esteem – Am I performing well? Could I loose my face?

Or may be it is Mister Ego?

One can distinguish between ego and self esteem is the way that in a situation of challenge it is the ego which is afraid of failure.

On the opposite, the healthy self-esteem has nothing to fear, as it knows WHO is going the job!

And if you know WHO than every challenge becomes an enjoyment.

And therefore – enjoy! 

LOVE, axinia


3 Responses to “No challenge is worse than any challenge!”

  1. purespirit Says:

    Очень рад за тебя 🙂
    Родилось спонтанно:
    Весь мир открыт перед тобою,
    Открой его – и стань Любовью!

  2. axinia Says:

    Спасибо! именно так я себя и чувствую 🙂

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