1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

Visit the Sick May 21, 2007


photo axinia


Visit the sick, and you will heal yourself.

The ill person may be a Sufi master,

And your kindness will be repaid in wisdom.

Even if the sick person is your enemy,

You will still benefit,

For kindness has the power to transform

Sworn enemies into firm friends.

And if there is no healing of bad feeling,

There certainly will be less ill will,

Because kindness is the greatest of all balms.


RUMI (1207-1273)



7 Responses to “Visit the Sick”

  1. Winslie Gomez Says:

    Thanks Axinia
    Great thought to start my day.


  2. Thank you for finding such a beautiful poem! It is nice to be reminded what one of the main virtues is!

  3. Diogenes Says:

    I will. I will today. Nice reminder.

  4. mynewlife07 Says:

    A wonderful and Inspiring Poem….I love your blog..I start my reading one of the petals…..Its very colorful like India…..Have a great day..

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  6. Is this the only blog you have?

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