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The power-communicator: 4 basics May 16, 2007

  photo axinia

It opens the doors, it solves problems, it gives us the feeling of belonging and the enjoyment of other´s company: communication is the charismatic leader of today.

 Some simple yet powerful rules derived from my own successful communication style:


The witness state brings both acuity of judgement and clarity of perception. It creates a strong defensive barrier against the flood of thoughts , suggestions, conditioning and manipulations that confuse so many of us. If you know YOU ARE IN A PLAY – obstacles, deadline and challenging remain but they lose their power to worry or upset.


 “As soon as you decide to please others, the tongue becomes different it becomes sweet, like honey.” – says Shri Mataji and it does work wonders! Pleasing others, unfortunately, has not been seen very positive in our society (I guess it goes together with the dominating masculine style of communication). Communication is a chance to create a joyful, happy situation, why not start enjoying already before you start communicating?


Try to speak beautifully, it does matter. Even if a dialect may sound cute and funny sometimes, a pure and clear language helps everyone to understand you better. A well-spoken language is powerful and dignified.


Watching and listening to a person carefully you can learn a lot about his/her background, desires, value system and personal peculiarities. Remember the old good Sherlock Holmes? I loved his fantastic deductive skills of learning about a person only by one detail. But I know even easier method of gaining information about somebody – by using your own nervous system.

As soon as you get some impression, you can start with the best part of it: treat others the way they want to be treated (not even the way you want to be treated!).

That is basically all, enjoy your communication!

LOVE, axinia


10 Responses to “The power-communicator: 4 basics”

  1. Great post! Communication is one of those places that we all keep growing in huh? Thanks

  2. diogenes Says:

    Yes, great post with greater message (btw, on a different note may be, the world is celbrating telcom day today.)

  3. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Diogenes and realchurchpeople,

    I am pleased you liked the post!

    I did not know it is the telcom day today – but it must have been in the air -suddenly I felt a strange desire to write about communication 🙂

    Btw it often happens to me with the fashion: I start wearing something and then find out it comes into fashion. Not that I creat the fashion, but it happens simultaneously.

    I guess I have a good connection to collective consciousness 🙂

  4. That is what I meant referring to “collective thinking” several posts away in one of the comments! 🙂

    By the way, the second rule is something that should go from your heart and not from your mind. Unnatural sweetness does not play on your side (peple feel that you flatter them). But when you have sweetness inside which you are willing to share with others – that relly makes wonders. So, it’s better to prepare your own condition before any communication :).

  5. axinia Says:

    Eternalvalues, 100% agree with you! – sure it sould come from the heart. But it is not that difficult in fact: every person has something wonderful about him/her (ore even many wonderful things!): finding it out and telling him/her about it is a pleasure itself!

  6. Bala Says:

    Being as sweet as honey will really help, we dont the value of words.. if we can use them properly, then we can win hearts

  7. Robbert Says:

    Axinia, Your photos are amazing. Please do more photograpy. this text about communication inspiring. Your are a very talented artist. Keep it up.

  8. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Robbert, your words are very encouraging! I am in love with photography, it is to great to be able to capture the eternal beauty… I am learning more and more every day…

  9. […] The power-communicator: 4 basics […]

  10. adrian Says:

    It is a wonderful thing to enjoy… all things… including self… and others… listen within as well as without.

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