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What is wrong with Italian language? May 15, 2007

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Nothing, absolutely nothing! – I am only trýing to find reasons for German being my favorite language, and not Italian.

Italian is said to be one of the most melodical and beautiful languages of the word. Even if there is no much practical sense in learning it – only if you are not making vacations in Italy – the esthetical beauty of Italian sound is for many attractive enough to study it.

My personal encounter with Italian language was of an unusual kind: I had to force myself to study it! 9 years ago I went to work to one International School near Rome (with English as an official school language). There was no direct need for me to learn Italian. But I said to myself: I must be a fool not do so, being in Italy!

It was a tough year in terms of learning – apart from very busy schedule I had to invent a suitable learning system and show much self-discipline. Unfortunately my colleague were not that supportive and kept speaking English to me.

But somehow or rather I got it!  – I could speak, watch movies and even TV News. I started enjoying it more and more! I found Italian language very heart-opening and joy-giving, but at the same time rather… exhausting. It demands so much emotion and expressive power! – after speaking Italian for half an hour I would feel tired.

The main difficulty in learning Italian for me was  a lack of motivation, but belive me or not as soon as I knew some I thought of studying French! (after all they have much in common).

And I did 🙂 But it is another story…

LOVE, axinia


3 Responses to “What is wrong with Italian language?”

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  2. Swaps Says:

    Exactly. How can anyone not fall in love with Italian? I love it (want to learn, but nothing around to motivate me except movies that are hard to get). My sister loves their emotional style.
    Actually all romantic languages are adorable.

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