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The rules of the game called LIFE May 14, 2007

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When we play chess, the knowledge of the game allows us to play, to enjoy the game and eventually, it helps us to play to win. Is there a type of knowledge that similary helps in the grand game of life?

The modern knowledge-based society is about how to perform better and not how to live better (in a more fundamental way). 

Performance-trainings are the best sold and one can even book a training of gaining charisma (What a nonsense! – one can never learn charisma)…

It is perhaps overlooked that the way we perform in any given area of our life is related to the state of our being. The best performer is in fact a child.

We play many roles in life: a company`s director experiencing the pressure of shareholders, a wife who must respond to her husbands`s expectations and a mother who faces the teenage crises of her daughters.

Being successful in one of these roles does not guarantee the success of other. Yet a falure in any of these roles can affect performance in any other one!

Being an expert with PhD, language skills and computer proficiency does not secure the personality`s global success, for it does not help him/her to face life in an integrated fashion.

On the contrary, knowledge of the actor behind all these roles, the Self is the crucial one!

The mastery of the Self (spiritual knowledge) means mastery over functioning in the material world. It is not about knowledge-information, but about knowledge-awareness.

Amazing rule of the game, isn`t it?

Inspired by G. Kalbermatten


8 Responses to “The rules of the game called LIFE”

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  3. Swaps Says:

    Yes Axinia, self-awareness is the key. But isn’t the highest point of self-awareness realizing there is no self. Funny line of thought in today’s cut-throat competition.

    Anyways, let me add a few ‘rules of the game'(courtesy Taoism):

    “Be bent, and you will remain straight.
    Be vacant, and you will remain full.
    Be worn, and you will remain new.”

  4. axinia Says:

    exellent lines, my friend!

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  6. […] love, giving love, accepting love becomes such an exiting occupation. Can it be THE RULE of the game of life that we all trying to find […]

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