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The challenging beauty April 12, 2007

I could never force myself to do sports, despite the modern obsession with fitness I survived till now without trying any kind of it.

Funny enough, due to my ballerina-like construction people suspect I spend hours and hours in a gym. Nothing doing! – my laziness and total dislike for sports was stronger than any other argument.

But somehow I felt a need for a physical activity.

Dancing! – thought I – that would do! It is beautiful, very enjoyable and still a good training.

Popular styles like Latin-American, jazz, hip hop or ball-dancing were not attractive enough and I went for Indian classical dance (what else would you expect?), and that was very brave of me.

I found out that the style I chose is considered to be the most difficult among all the 6 classical dances – but it was too late to give up.

A few words about this art:

Kuchipudi is a fascinating Indian dance form that combines the intricate movements of classical dance with the narrative theatrical elements of drama. The result is a unique dance form that is easy to understand narrative in style, with fast rhythms, vivid expressions, and intricate graceful movements. (more…)


Heart and Brain April 11, 2007

 photo chandkipari

Without the inner capacity for enjoyment linked to an open heart, the brain seeks outside manifestations of its own phantasms. Actually the heart connects us to reality because it is itself connected to It through the energy of love.

read more here


My sister, the song of my heart!… April 10, 2007


This is a picture of my sister, Tatyana Samoylova who is an opera singer with divine voice.

I just came across a poem by Rabindranat Tagore which reminded me so much of her…

Her voice is so special, it goes straight into your heart and opens it. I wish more and more people will be able to enjoy it soon!

I feel this poem reflects what she feels while singing.

This song of mine will wind its music around you,
my child, like the fond arms of love.

The song of mine will touch your forehead
like a kiss of blessing.

When you are alone it will sit by your side and
whisper in your ear, when you are in the crowd
it will fence you about with aloofness.

My song will be like a pair of wings to your dreams,
it will transport your heart to the verge of the unknown.

It will be like the faithful star overhead
when dark night is over your road.

My song will sit in the pupils of your eyes,
and will carry your sight into the heart of things.

And when my voice is silenced in death,
my song will speak in your living heart.


My Fine Art of Blogging


I was surprised and very much flatted to be asked by Quasi Fctional to take part in “Fine Art of Blogging” project. The author asks prominet blog artists to share their views on blogging.

Those my dear readers who are passionate bloggers themselves, or those who are thinking to start a blog – you may find it interesting to look behind the curtains of my blogging and see how I create these pages FOR YOU!

The post about it is here.

LOVE, axinia


The sense of blogging April 6, 2007


I love guests. My home was created with the thought about the comfort and enjoyment of the people who would visit it, and so it also became. The picture above is the taken at my place and the tee in the cane is the chocolate one (very special taste!)…

I consider myself lucky to have guests once or twice a week, my busy life is not letting to have it more often. But blogging gives me that opportunity!

We all blog for different purposes, but we all know it is addictive. I started with a missionary idea to tell the world more about the true beauty in a 3-language blog. As it grew I had to split it in 3 separate ones.

Then I realised that I still want to share more than this topic and started 1000petals – my sweetest and the most joyful baby that let me treat it as often as possible without much effort. Then my best friend invited me to join the administration of our exclusive club`s blog, and here I am with 5 blogs 🙂

One gets addictive for different reason. For some it may be the fame, for some others – a way of self-expression, a  kind of a personal magazin or a toy. To me blogging is the one of the best ways to express my generosity by inviting you to my home, to the home of my soul.

All the colors you find in my blogs represent the actual decoration of my physical home. The feeling you get here is the same you will get at my place. People say it is relaxing, cosy, pure and joyful…

In my case blogging is giving. One of the aspects of giving is teaching, and I admit willing to live my teacher-principle also through blogging. And teaching is often about self-sacrifice (just think of maintaining 5 blogs sufficiently!)…

And last but not least: my blogging is a pure enjoyment. I enjoy the process of creation, I enjoy the reading/watching the final product and I enjoy the fruits (your comments, ratings and friendship that grows out of it).

To make it short and sweet: I love guests -> I love giving -> I love teaching – >I love enjoying -> I love blogging.




The Tree of Life. Future version.

  photo: axinia

In previous two posts we learned what happened to the human tree in the ancient times and how does it look like today.

Now lets see how our tree of life can develop modify itself according to the following metaphor given by my favorite author, Gregoire de Kalbermatten:

roots – deeper spiritual dimensions
trunk – construction
brunches – abilities
leaves – actions
fruits – achievements

If the tree grows tall and strong, it is lord of the landscape and gives shelter to all the creatures of the forest.

So what is the easiest way to become that type of a tree? (more…)


The tree of life. Modern version. April 5, 2007

 photo Krogen

Look at this one! – how huge and majestic (though not really harmonious) the crown of this tree is. It stays along and proud of itself in the frosty morning light…

I find it a perfect illustration to the condition of a modern man, to refer to the following metaphor given by my favorite author, Gregoire de Kalbermatten:

roots – deeper spiritual dimensions

trunk – construction

brunches – abilities

leaves – actions

fruits – achievements

From that perspective it is – alas! – obvious that the modern man, compared to a tree has a huge boosted up crown of abilities, actions and achievement, and poor weak roots (one can not see it on the picture, but lets assume it is the case). 

If the branches grow too big, the tree loaded by the overgrowth of ego will be uprooted at the first storm. If the roots do not grow, equally the tree will die. For without strong and powerful spiritual roots one can not grow and live a full and harmonious life.

Could be the balance possibly achieved? How would the humans beings look in the future?

See the next post!

P.S Under “spirituality” I do not mean religion, rather something like that.

LOVE, axinia


The tree of life. Ancient version. April 4, 2007

  photo McCann_M.P

Imagine, you were a tree. How would you look like?

You can try to make out your own picture based on the following description by Gregoire de Kalbermatten:



The roots are our deeper spiritual dimensions, the trunk is our construction, the branches are our abilities, the leaves represent our actions and the fruits manifest our achievements.



The ideals of ancient time could be repersented by the tree with a solid root but a poor vegetation – the spiritual life was regarded as the most important, worldly matters as only disturbing the accent. In that case I mean the seekers of truth and not regular people who were busy with getting enough food and shelter.


I believe the evolved human beings of the past might look like the picture above: long solid roots on a dry soil and a small bansai-like trunk.


What about the modern man? See the next post!


LOVE, axinia


A Thinking Blogger Award for 1000petals! April 3, 2007

1000petals received a Thinking Blogger Award from Quazi Fictional – I feel very honored and pleased…

You all know that I blog with my heart, and I hope not much thinking is involved here 🙂

Anyway, 1000 thanks to Quazi Fictional for recognition!

LOVE, axinia


A Dream Bank

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photo by doctony

Have you heard of dream studies? Worldwide there are several institutes and Universities (in Canada, Japan, Germany, USA to name a few) where researchers examine people’s dreams. If you want to join the studies, there are huge dream data bases online allowing you to search and analyze. 

1181 dreamers were interviewed by Canadian researchers in Montreal who compared these results with the relevant studies of other dream bank: 80% dream regularly of pursuit, 76% often have dreams with sexual context, 73% report about regular flight/fall dreams. 

Other frequent themes of dreams are violence, circumvention (missed the plain or train), exams or death of dear people. Interestingly these results overlap with the similar study from Japan in 1956, says Professor Tore Nielsen from “Dream And Nightmare Laboratory” in Montreal. Obviously culture does not matter much in this regard!  


The most mysterious dreams are “flying-dreams”: why do we dream of something we never actually do? (more…)


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