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You must ask for what you really want April 26, 2007

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For years, copying other people, I tried to know myself.
From within, I couldn’t decide what to do.
Unable to see, I heard my name being called.
Then I walked outside.The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

RUMI (1207-1273) Persian poet, juris, theologian


17 Responses to “You must ask for what you really want”

  1. psychophone Says:

    beautiful and wise!
    in mi opinion, no music can accompany this poem, only the sound of the wind and maybe a bell sometimes slightly ringing. just to remind us not to back to sleep.

  2. axinia Says:

    such a beautiful idea, psychophone! – i was only thinking of a picture..but music..it is even finer…

    have you heard Sufi music? I think that would do, after all Rumy was one of the great Sufi masters.

  3. Doug Says:

    Only Crush Me
    Crushed I am grapeful, but
    mirror me not
    lest you ferment troubles
    be drunk in sorrow

    For me be
    high in memories
    take my joy
    like wings to heaven
    though reluctantly
    I will open your cage of Earth
    and in your wake
    I will sing like a
    blue canary with trumpets
    for feathers
    showy wet eyes to the sky
    looking past secret loneliness
    to give you
    freedom in heaven

    Only crush me
    before you go

    In this fear full cup of your elixir,
    in the spoon splashes I make
    stirring your medicine,
    I bleery, blurry-eyed peer into fluid depths
    seeing you before all sickness
    dragging me onto the merry-go-round
    you saying it’s not just for children
    just be young forever with me
    for I will put that laugh of yours
    I love so much in a jar
    like a firefly, and
    in my precious journal of joy
    I press flat my saving leaves
    near your butterfly kisses
    engraved in the pages, you said,
    but I am a charlatan unworthy server
    because this sadness spilling can’t save you
    my only love

    I’d be your drink
    if I could squeeze salvation
    from the fruit of our love;
    let me be a grape
    that I’d be crushed
    for you to drink me well
    — Douglas Gilbert
    Free-verse Poetry

  4. susaneb Says:

    where are you originally from?? I think you have a lovely face!

    Susan in Italy

  5. axinia Says:

    Grazie, Susan! I am Russian 🙂

  6. quantumlove Says:

    Rumi is amazing 🙂 My Partners father is into sufism, He is muslim :)Have you read any deepak chopra?

    😀 😀 😀

  7. axinia Says:

    regarding deepak chopra, I can only say that I am not reading anything of that kind. being a very pragmatic person, I only believe in my personal experiences, and no reading can help me go be happier and better!

    And, honestly, I Am a very happy, joyful and enlightened person (this you can easily find out from my blogs) – so actually I dont need any guidance and advises, my only heart desire is that more and more people will experience the state I am blessed to experience!

  8. quantumlove Says:

    My reading is enjoyed in the moment, Like poetry it offers insight and expands my awareness 🙂 My hearts desire is also to help others become more enlightened and help shift the current global paradigm 🙂 I wish for others to experience joy. 🙂

  9. psychophone Says:

    Sufi music 🙂 you’re right! my grandfather was a sufi singer in a tunisian band, i can just love this sufistic idea 😉

  10. After reading that beautiful theme I’m little bit confused. I’m not sure do we really get what we want. As far as I think our thinking works beyond our capability so then How do we decide what we really want?
    Isn’t it a endless war towards our demand?

  11. Doug Says:

    Dipangkar Kundu,
    I agree. I don’t see how we can ask for what we really want specifically. What we really want is beyond the forest. There are many paths through the forest. Which one do we want to take? If it’s raining, perhaps we will need to cut down some trees first to make a shelter, and clear a field to plant crops to eat enough to be strong for the journey. Do we want a plow or a tractor — it depends on what we know.
        We want to love and be loved. Be helpful, be helped. But it’s not easy when under attack by man and nature. Sometimes I want a sword, sometimes a plow. If it rains, I want shelter. I may want a boat, but if I’m given one in the desert, it’s not what I want.

  12. axinia Says:

    i wonderufl explanation!!
    However i belive Rumi-poet did not mean all these ways. He says: “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.” the cool breeze after your self-realisaton gives you all answers.
    What we really want is what our spirit wants – to become ONE with the WHOLE…Untion with Divine (whatever people call it).
    It is what we REALLY want, the rest just comes and goes…

  13. axinia Says:

    “At the end of our wanderings there is only the soul’s yearning to return to God. No one speaks that yearning better than Rumi.”- Ram Dass

  14. I understand but if I leave other things the true most I want to be a researcher but what then? Even now I realize I can’t be so cause my sourroundings doesn’t support me, There might be variuos reasons

    so is it just realization among us or this is the way meant to be?

  15. axinia Says:

    Dipangkar, it seem to me you are a true seeker of truth… If you are strong enough, no surrounding can ever distract you from seeking and getting what you want. And you are strong, ain`t you? /Have you seen RANG DE BASANTI? – it is somehow relevant, one can always withstand the circamstances!

    As for realisation, I belive it is only the realistion of SELF that sutisfies all our needs and demands. I wish you to expereince it as it is the most powerful and amazing experience a human being can have…

  16. Thanks for your answer.Yeah I’ve seen RANG DE BASANTI that was very self satisfactory act in that movie, I mean to do some good whatever it takes………

    I guess we are all in some sort of bindings that can’t be broken to make ur dreams come true. We definitly have to act within it, may be within that some part will be good and some will be bad but surely we will never stop searching our precious treasure..


  17. axinia Says:

    Dipangkar Kundu,
    I like your thinking!

    I am wondering a bit about boundarie you are all the time metioning, i can not see any! Are they not all in our heads?
    Regarding the searching of your precious treasure – a wonderful thought, dear friend!
    – but as for me I have found it already and keep enjoying it every moment…it is deep…still…powerful…it is the bliss that comes down your head…

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