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Axinia`s sense of cold April 20, 2007

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My love for India is obvious to my readers and friends, however it is not for the reasons of climate or nature that I adore that incredible country.

Speaking in terms of nature, I am fascinated by the northern beauty, cold blue mountains, sparkling snow and frosty air…

Much sun and palm beaches are not attractive for me at all, and I never dream of a holiday on a sunny sea coast.

Strange enough, but it is the hard truth about my character. Why don`t I need warm sunny weather? The reason could be that I just have too much sun in my own nature and thus look for something opposite.

Any activity – mental or physical  – produces vibrational heat in our body, which often reflects on our behaviour or health.

Most of the people in the West are very active (I once heard an interesting version of an astrologist, that the western part of the world is strongly influenced by sun, while the eastern stands in the shade, under Moon). For that or some other reason, more and more heat is being produced here in the West – could it be the subtle cause of global warming?

The folks wisdom knows many sayings depicting the “negative” influence of heat in our body:

  • hot head versus keeping cool head,
  • hot heart versus big heart,
  • hot temper
  • hot dog (which is definitely not good for health) just to name a few.

When we are not in balance, nautrally we do not feel what is right for us – thus millions of heated up westerners head towards the sunny beaches, get grilled there, go back to their overheated hi-tech surroundings and produce even more steam…

Why not cool down somethere in the north?

Keeping cool is keeping healthy and happy!

LOVE, axinia


8 Responses to “Axinia`s sense of cold”

  1. diogenes Says:

    About too much sun? Come to Lahore and yoou will know it; honest. Keeping equlibrium is healthy and happy, I think.

  2. axinia Says:

    Sorry, not quite clear, I mean your proposal and keeping equilibrium.

  3. diogenes Says:

    I mean Lahore has lot of sun, sultry. So if you want to get grilled, come here. And about equilibrium; I mean you can’t equate inner heat with the heat of sun. Can we? Stay cool inside and you can stay cool only when you have a balance in life. That is equilibrium. Do I make appoint?

  4. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Diogenes, very good point!
    But the thing is, however much we try to keep cool inside, we are still influenced by the outside world, even by the weather (some of us not that much may be but still).
    Even for keeping cool inside I have to use some simple techniques like a cold footsoak or an ice pack on my liver, or eat some cooling food…

    The world is one living being and we can not separate us much from it. So temperature does matter, even for spiritual people 🙂 Why did most of the saints lived in Himalayas? Not in the desert? – of course there were some also there, but…
    THE SPIRIT IS COOL, and the cosmos is cool..

  5. Aneta Says:

    i lived in Poland, where sometimes is cold sometimes warm and i missed hot wheather (leftside tendency). now i´m living in brasil. what a blessing…finaly i´m more balanced, lots of heat..
    many saints lived in Maharastra state in India, where is very hot. do you really think cool weather is better than hot? maybe it´s very subjective (depends of the person). best regards, thank you for very interesting blog. JSM!

  6. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Aneta! I see what you mean.

    However you may know that Poland is more of the left (Moon) side and you definitely need some sun 🙂
    Under West I mean all right-sided countries in Europe and America. I feel it would be a nice treatment for the overheated Westerners to cool down 🙂

    On the other hand, I can imagine that the reason for the love to the Sun in the West is the closed heart – the warmth in the human relationships is missing and people try to warm their left-side (channel of emotions) additionally by the sun.

    But anyway is you are in balance you always know what is right for you!

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  8. jsmg i like and appreciate.

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