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The abuse of joy April 16, 2007

 photo axinia

 The word “joy” has been terribly abused since 20th century.

Searching for “joy” on Google I first saw nothing less than links to pornosites and then all sorts of selling…

Joy sells.

It seems like it is what people want the most. Such an abuse of this powerful and bubbling with colors (or may be it is only pink?) word makes me sad… What kind of joy they want to sell?

And what does Wikipedia say? ´” Joy is an emotion of great happiness”. Is it an emotion?

I would say – no!

To me joy is a state, state of being. Any emotion is influenced by an outside happening. The true joy is just there… It will not come and go. It is there…

Recently I was introspecting my character and found out that my main quality which I am sure and aware of is that of living in a state of joy. It is an ability to enjoy every thing, every moment, no matter what.

How can I describe it?

  • I enjoy waking up in my princess-bed
  • I enjoy dressing and making myself up – every day it is a miracle to me how a sleepy “nothing” turns into a lovely image
  • I enjoy watching people`s faces on my way to work – everyone is so unique, all these faces: worried, sad, funny, pretty, smiling or numb… Every time I think – God, what an incredible creation, this human being!
  • I enjoy my cosy boss and overresponsible colleagues who, despite oil trading business all look like designer agents (pretty girls with smart branded togs and friendly traders with a dandy kick)
  • I enjoy some stupid clients who do not want to understand the way our company works
  • I enjoy having 5 projects run at the same time during one day
  • I enjoy blogging in a free minute and Google talk with my best friends
  • I enjoy walking back home through the incredibly beautiful and poetic city of Vienna, listening to the birds in the parks and taking pictures of a rich flower-decoration
  • I enjoy making a homely evening for my husband and myself and
  • I enjoy falling asleep feeling like in a cradle under a mother`s hand…

You may say my life is too easy, everyone else would enjoy it the same way! I wish you were right.

I bet my life is hard enough as yours – it is only the state of being which makes the difference!

I dont know the recipe of a joyful life, but I guess the thing that blocks it must be something like this.

LOVE, axinia


21 Responses to “The abuse of joy”

  1. Sigrid Says:

    Hello Axinia

    I have to add your blog is the most joyful, inspired and positive blog I have ever found on the internet!

    With love

  2. Diogenes Says:

    Your post reminds me of this (I have quoted this in my book):

    Sultan of Spain Abd ur Rahman III has been quoted as saying, “I have ruled for fifty years with triumph. My subordinates always held me in high esteem and enemies were terrified. Wealth, respect, and all pleasures were at my disposal. But critical evaluation reveals that there were only fourteen days that I spent in real joy. They too were blemished some how.

    Human are in search of joy since inception. Considered deeply, is it not correct that all the questions stand replied by this sole experience? Do I make a point here?

  3. axinia Says:

    Sigrid, it is the highest award I could ever get! THANK YOU!

    Diogenes, thanks for this very interesting quotation – it says everything! Although i think it is more LOVE than JOY what people are searching for.

    Anyway, both joy and love are the core manifestations of our spirit, the part and parcle of the Divine in us… This could be the reason why it is so desirable for human beings…

  4. Nita Says:

    Axinia, what you wrote about Joy, I feel it many a time, but not always. As I read it I realised that I should feel it more. Be more grateful for being alive and healthy. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    Great you share this experience Nita, by now I ahve not found many people like that 😦

    You say you should feel it more – I am not sure one can really force oneself to feel it…

  6. leelajesus Says:

    yeah, joy of the spirit gives such a comfort! who once experienced it does not desire much more (maybe just the same state of joy for everybody) and all the thinks that have such a high value in our society like: money, career etc. seem like small dusty stones.
    I noticed that nature is full of this quiet joy..

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  9. Grazilia Says:

    what you right is so simple yet an absolute pleasure to read… & the pictures every single one of them is so pretty…very nice!

  10. InnerJoy Megan Says:

    I absolutely love the definition of joy you’ve given: “To me joy is a state, state of being. Any emotion is influenced by an outside happening. The true joy is just there… It will not come and go. It is there…” I once read something quite similar and it stuck with me. Happiness is what we feel or display on the outside. Joy, on the other hand, resides deep within us and can fuel us. It blossoms up like a flower when we provide ourselves with the right conditions (i.e., positive state of mind, love, etc.), and retreats when the conditions become oppressive (i.e., giving in to negativity). Thank you for leading me to your lovely blog. It’s almost as lovely as the picture you’ve featured! Be well & joyful! ~ Megan

  11. axinia Says:

    thank you, Megan, for this absolutely heartfelt comment! Nice to meet you 🙂

  12. Sahaja Says:

    Axinia, I dont know if I am correct, but I felt we are similar by thoughts but with one difference – You know so much about yourself that you can express yourself so well :-)…..I can relate to so much of your posts just like this one….Sometimes i really feel, they are my thoughts expressed in words…..Knowing you is like getting aware of myself may be….I dont know even now, I am not able 2 exactly express what I feel 😦

  13. Abhinayaraj Says:

    This is the situation for every beautiful and elegant words English has, Thanks to Google images! I too had to go thru’ the awkward experiences by typing words like Joy, love, etc expecting to find an art of Da Vince/ Michael angelo/ Ravi varma:(

  14. Kabar Says:

    Love it!!! Tell it on the mountain sister!

  15. Indian Fakir Says:

    Oops! Did I turn my Safe Search option “Off” ? 😉

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