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My Fine Art of Blogging April 10, 2007


I was surprised and very much flatted to be asked by Quasi Fctional to take part in “Fine Art of Blogging” project. The author asks prominet blog artists to share their views on blogging.

Those my dear readers who are passionate bloggers themselves, or those who are thinking to start a blog – you may find it interesting to look behind the curtains of my blogging and see how I create these pages FOR YOU!

The post about it is here.

LOVE, axinia


5 Responses to “My Fine Art of Blogging”

  1. di0 Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. ajay Says:

    are you indian

  3. axinia Says:

    Dear ajay, if you will attetively read my other posts, you will find out I am Russian 🙂

    But I love Indian dress, I find it the most comfortable and beautiful!

  4. […] My Fine Art of Blogging […]

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