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The tree of life. Modern version. April 5, 2007

 photo Krogen

Look at this one! – how huge and majestic (though not really harmonious) the crown of this tree is. It stays along and proud of itself in the frosty morning light…

I find it a perfect illustration to the condition of a modern man, to refer to the following metaphor given by my favorite author, Gregoire de Kalbermatten:

roots – deeper spiritual dimensions

trunk – construction

brunches – abilities

leaves – actions

fruits – achievements

From that perspective it is – alas! – obvious that the modern man, compared to a tree has a huge boosted up crown of abilities, actions and achievement, and poor weak roots (one can not see it on the picture, but lets assume it is the case). 

If the branches grow too big, the tree loaded by the overgrowth of ego will be uprooted at the first storm. If the roots do not grow, equally the tree will die. For without strong and powerful spiritual roots one can not grow and live a full and harmonious life.

Could be the balance possibly achieved? How would the humans beings look in the future?

See the next post!

P.S Under “spirituality” I do not mean religion, rather something like that.

LOVE, axinia


14 Responses to “The tree of life. Modern version.”

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  2. A very good metaphor Axinia. Somehow it reminds of the words by Shri Mataji: “How does a tree grow? By itself. Allow you to grow by yourself, through introspection and meditation”. May be if we really follow the advice, our roots, trunk and vegetation have a chance to be balanced?

  3. dio Says:

    Another beauty in color/

  4. […] previous two posts we learned what happened to the human tree in the ancient times and what the state of things is […]

  5. diogenes Says:

    We zanaeche Russki Yazik?

  6. axinia Says:

    answer to diogenes:
    Da, konechno ;)A chto??

  7. di0 Says:

    Karashow 😉

  8. […] This painting is called the Tree of Life which has been an inspiration to many artists: Check out this photo, this one and this […]

  9. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Artinthepicture! – what I find really amazing that Klimt´s picture reflects the message: the fruits on his tree of life are shown like Kundalinis!!! (its symbol is 3,5 coiled snake)…He also knew much more that one can think first…

  10. Thx for informing me about this axinia, there’s always a lot to learn :). Klimt is one of those artists that I never really understood, but I get better at it every day.

  11. axinia Says:

    I live in Vienna and here Klimt is everywhere. They make lots of business with his style…

  12. Hazel Says:

    Another wonderful post coupled with a stunning visual. I think I’m likin’ this blog!
    See you later.

  13. GoPro Hero 5 Says:

    If the branches grow too big, the tree loaded by the overgrowth of ego will be uprooted at the first storm.

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