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Take off the shoes of your brain! March 29, 2007


   We walk in our shoes, rarely touching the earth with our naked feet.

Yet sometimes we have the urge to take our shoes off and feel, with delight,

the dew on the grass refreshing our toes or the fullness of the sand on the beach warming our feet.     


Would it not be nice if we could do the same with our brain,

take off it`s shoes,

that is, it`s  projections and concepts,

and just see, just know.



Gregoire de Klabermatten, “The third Advent”

(image by bokehren)


19 Responses to “Take off the shoes of your brain!”

  1. Dmitra Says:

    Easily, just look aside our everyday life.
    Stop drive on running to admire the leaf on a branch. Confucius.
    Union with nature always gives the rise to mind.
    Doing first – U’ll get the second.

  2. Beautiful comparison, Axinia. I wish I could take the shoes off my brain, too 😐

  3. axinia Says:

    in fact, you can.
    and you know, how 🙂

  4. Fitch Says:

    Just passing through and wanted to say — What beautiful imagery! Take off the shoes from our brain! Brilliant!

  5. Scietech Says:

    Yes, I know how and I am very grateful to you for showing me the path, Axinia 🙂

    But before I try it, my only concern is that, once I take this wonderful path, the rebel in me will die 😦 I’m worried that my anger against the ills of the world will vanish 😦

  6. axinia Says:

    Raj, the rebel will not die…look at me – I dare to rebell against MATERIALISM!! – and that is now easy :))
    You may keep being a rebell, but on a dirrefnert level, and you can act much more effectively if you are connected to the “power” :)) your rebeliiion becomes mature and efficient.

  7. Axinia, if one achieves realisation of the Self through Sahaja yoga and accepts the Oneness of the Cosmos and becomes a part of it, does one accept everything in this world? 😕 I love to hate the nasty systems and practices in this world and show my anger at those despicable concepts 😡 I try to keep my mind from regressing and deteriorating by expressing my disgust at the primitive, savage practices in this world. Though it would do my physical health a world of good if I get rid of this anger and experience the positive energy unleashed from within, I would still like to have some anger within me that I can unleash against the vile systems that are destroying humanity 😐 If this is possible, I’ll take to Sahaja yoga like a duck to water 🙂

  8. […] Take off the shoes of your brain! […]

  9. Dima Says:

    Raj, I was waiting for this moment 🙂 just to ask one question: what’s the use of your anger? real rebels do some change, Khalil Gibran said rebellion is like spring, life is impossible without it. So what about using your anger in some constructive manner?

    • Hi Dima! 🙂

      What’s the use of your anger?

      Though I can give you a list of its uses, I wouldn’t do it justice. Certain things are intangibles. It’s like me trying to ask you, “What’s the use of God?” when there is no proof that such an imaginary entity even exists 😕

      I understand you are from Ukraine, Dima. What would you feel if a despicable thing such as the Holodomor 😡 were to be unleashed on your land again? Hopelessness? Sadness? Fury? Or would you prefer to enclose yourself in a nice cozy bubble, thinking “the world is so beautiful, all are happy, there is love everywhere” 😕

      (Perhaps anger may not really help in that case, because, if one were to express it in something as uncouth and barbaric as Josef Stalin’s commie regime, one could expect a bullet in one’s head or to be sent away to die in a Siberian Gulag. Then again, I guess a quick death is preferable to a slow, agonising and painful one due to forced starvation.)

      So what about using your anger in some constructive manner?

      What makes you think I’m trying to use it in a “destructive” manner? 😯

  10. mirel Says:

    For every minute we are angry we lose sixty seconds of happiness!
    Indeed Life is difficult. but suffering optional!
    The mind turned inwards is the Self; turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the world. Cotton made into various clothes we call by various names. Gold made into various ornaments, we call by various names. But all the clothes are cotton and all the ornaments gold. The one is real, the many are mere names and forms.

    Its so easy to loose faith in humanity in this age….
    Its is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

  11. Dima Says:

    and in what way you use your anger constructively? I ask becasuse I don’t. I just respond to I what I see, and what I see doesn’t affect me, I prefer seeing things as they are, NOT GOOD NOT BAD, though it’s not always easy. I undersnand your anger very well, and respect your point of veiw anyway…

  12. Dima Says:

    Mirel, your words resonate with my state, and I really enjoy it.
    Are you a musician?

    • mirel Says:

      i replaced my temper with compassion. Indeed Forgiveness is the power to let go of anger, hatred and resentment.
      …discovered to unite my attention with my true atmic Self. (chitta…will and determination)deeper deeper each day with new confidence!
      Desire, determination and attention – tools of human evolution!

      Our current world turmoil is a reflection of the imbalances that afflict every level of our global society. This same applies to the country where I currently live. Nonetheless, individually, if we can change the core of our being and hence the world itself, which is on the threshold of a complete transformation!…to restore peace, harmony and a new dimension of collective consciousness is reachable with the enlightened attention. thats my humble faith!

      …..being a witness of the my life drama. ‘If you fall into the water, you are afraid of drowning, but if you sit in a boat, you can view the same waters with pleasure. Learning to save you will then have to jump into that water and others, then you reach a higher consciousness, which unambiguously consciousness.’

      Clearly, my limited mental energy is a linear movement and has no basis in reality – reaches a certain point and stops.
      My Kundalini, however, like an ocean of an ocean of knowledge and bliss. forgiveness. what a joy! transcending the mind to see my reality, to feel and understand. Thought-free consciousness led to my inner peace!

      Being a witness of the life drama. ‘If you fall into the water, you are afraid of drowning, but if you sit in a boat, you can view the same waters with pleasure. Learning to save you will then have to jump into that water and others, then you reach a higher consciousness, which unambiguously consciousness.

      Mayas like clouds….if we recognize them…. It gives strength and courage to our sight to see the sun.
      I welcome ‘clouds’ to appreciate the sun more uniquely!

      Nothing exists outside
      It is even bigger than the universe,
      it even creates the illusion
      The self hidden in the depths of each being
      The true self: absolute being, absolute knowledge, absolute bliss
      Infinite and immutable …..

      best wishes,
      Nilufer Mirel…..my first name means lotus water lilly….happy for that!

    • mirel Says:

      not professionally….began attending a music school as part time student at the age of 8 for seven years….ceased to play my fiddle after one of parents died….enjoyed baroque Bach immensely!

      recently started again….joy joy complete joy! my regained creativity inspiration with devotional music. it is quite natural to find pleasure in bhajans kawwalis. Music is a unique tool to keep the subtle system clean and be able to get the most from the life.

  13. Dima Says:

    Raj, have you read the book this quote is taken from, The Third Advent, it’s really intelectual, unlike me :), and gives quite broad perspective on the state of the world and it’s history, so I suggest you reading it.

    • Thanks for recommending it, Dima, though I’m not an intellectual either 🙂

      I’m sorry, though it’s very easy to enclose oneself in a nice cozy bubble, but I think I cannot remain unaffected by what I see. As long as I don’t use it destructively, I see no problem with it:

      If you want an example of destructive use of anger, here it is:

      Poor Joe Stack! 😦 I fell really sad for him. I can completely empathise with him and feel that his anger at the scum robbing and killing his society is completely justified. Read the note he left behind, and you will, too:


      But he didn’t really know how to use his anger in the best manner. He ended up killing himself and making a statement… he will be rightly regarded as a martyr, but what a sad waste of life 😦 And what a terrible waste of the enormous amount of built-up anger inside him 😦

      If he had been cooler, he could have found ways to use his nuclear fissile-like anger as an avalanche to wipe out the scum that he hated. But I don’t blame the martyr. When people lose all they’ve got to lose, then they really lose it!


  14. Dima Says:

    Thank you Mirel, I am so happy to hear that you started practicing music again, with awareness of its great power, the power to penetratre deep into everything…

  15. mirel Says:

    Dima, thank YOU. Thats the beauty of Permeation, indeed like the music notes move into each other…no matter how far we are from one another

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