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A woman with fatherly love March 29, 2007

 photo Amery Carlson

I came across one funny test based on destiny cards (These cards represent personality archetypes, symbols of our personal expression that reflect what the important elements of our life will be like). I normally never take these things seriously. Same with this stuff. But one thing appeared to be absolutely crucial to me!  

After I logged in my birthday dates the system showed me that my card is the CARD OF A LOVING FATHER, the King of Hearts. I failed to recognize myself much in the description, however the core idea stroke me and inspired to write this post. 


I suddenly realized that I am truly more of a father type than a mother.

My love – which is very much there for everyone! – is not of that compassionate type of a mother.

My love is not passive, it is active and it awaits action.

I love to do things for people. I love to elevate! To bring the best of the best to the heart of everyone… But I love to see people grow, blossom out with all the colors and petals, deepening their roots into the spiritual dimension…

I am afraid I can not love unconditionally, for I have this very condition and can’t help it. Still a long way for me to grow! 

I used to be very impatient and tried to challenge everyone, to overpower and to teach. Time passed and I learned to respect others ways. But I will unlikely keep up a relationship with someone not willing to grow. Even if my heart is wide open, there is not enough fuel to keep the friendship running in that case.  

People say I mother them, caring and supporting, always there, always giving and forgiving. But I feel it is fatherly, not motherly love…

Because it is demanding: not the love back but the blossming out, opnening up. Noble aim, but still not unconditional!

What is a woman without motherly love? I hope it will sprout one day…

LOVE, axinia


3 Responses to “A woman with fatherly love”

  1. Don’t you think you a little bit misjudge yourself? The thing is that we all have all positive qualities within us. And idealy these qualities should be balanced. But because of our fears, doubts, ego, whatever some of them cannot reveal. But you still do have other types of love within, too. And if there are situations when the World needs compassion from you, I am sure it will be manifested :).
    You also say: fatherly love is demanding! Perhaps… But can be real love demanding? Shouldn’t it be unconditional and detached? The same refers to motherly love. Can we distinguish love then? What do you think of Christ’s love (which we should grow in ourselves)? What type is it?
    Sorry, for so many questions :).
    What I really do agree with you on is the fact that it is safer for a person not to take such things as cards seriously. It so happened that I was dwelling on this topic today in my blog http://eternalvalues.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/fortune-telling/
    The photo you have chosen for the post is gorgeous! Wow! When I look at it immediately I am in a thoughtless state! And there is also such a feeling: when you see really beautiful things it is as if they become a part of you.

  2. axinia Says:

    Very good questions, eternalvalues!

    True love does not need any definition, your know when it is there. I was speaking more of the relationships guided by love: in my relationship to close people the intensity of this love unfolds with the this “fatherly” element – I would put it this may, but may be it is not the right explanation.

    Regarding Christ, if we speak about motherly and fatherly love, then I think his one is more of a motherly type: very compassionate, forgiving and soft. That is what i feel, but I don’t know…

    About fortune-telling: you are right! I love this sentence of yours: “the meed of fortune-telling appears because of the uncertainty in the future, and, consequently, lack of the realization in the present.” Straight to the point!!

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