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who makes a difference? March 20, 2007

 photo idogu


They call this “loveliness-uniter” (samya dvama), for all lovely things come together under unto it. All lovely things come together unto him who knows this. Chandohya Upanishad 4.15.2 

One way to have fun is to laugh at our problems. To recognize this illusion is to gain freedom and what really matters is our relationship with what is real.  This is how, without changing the whole thing changes.    

There is something crisp about born realized people, something fresh, and it has the taste of a blessed simplicity.   So much love flows in and between such people and it gives to the person in the vicinity of such beings a feeling they do not remember ever having before.  What kids can be like this, loving each other, helping each other, children growing into adults without losing their inner beauty?  


This is more than just saying, “I believe in God”.  We are drawn to people like that for every moment is alive and beautiful.  

Each person is so intensely caring and gracious, so fair and so aware.   It is a beautiful thing to realize that this is what spirituality really is, not the talk of priests or rabbis but the qualities within us that manifest outside and make us happy just to be.  



Many people wish for the experience of enlightenment but do not always realize that the flowers and fruits on this path are completely connected to our daily lives and indeed to our families.



Born realized children are handsome, kind and mostly successful in school but they are not pretentious. Such children just praise God by being, for they reflect exquisite qualities and other people recognize and want some of what they have…

Gregoire de Klabermatten, “The third Advent”


7 Responses to “who makes a difference?”

  1. om Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, Axinia ~ Thank you for sharing it ~ it explains what i have been experiencing with many “little ones” lately ~

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  4. I-d-o-g-u Says:


    I am currently reviewing use of my pictures on 3rd party websites. Of course, it is flattering that pictures are used. Still I want to be in control what the pictures are used for.

    Usually I have no issue if pictures are used for non-commercial purpose – if people ask for permission in advance. Not asking is steeling intellectual property – asking is a matter of politeness.

    Usually, I ask for immediate removal of pictures used without my permission. However, for once and in respect of your work on this site, I will make an exemption to this rule.

    For future case, my I kindly ask you to ask for permission to use pictures prior to uploading them on your site(s).

    Best regards,

    PS: Should I have granted permission in a previous e-mail, please ignore this mail.

  5. axinia Says:

    Hi, I-d-o-g-u,

    Thanks a lot for your kind permission and appreciation of my work!
    The only reason that i did not ask you before is only because it takes so long to get a response and one can not post immediately.
    But I am not really feeling happy to use photos of others (though the ones which i use in my blog are outstandingly beautiful!..).

    For that very reason I started developing my own photography (not that brilliant yet, but people say I am on the way;)

    As you may notice, 90% of my recent posts are coverd with my own photos, and I am quite happy about this copy-right issue.
    Again, thank you so much for letting me use your talent!

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