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WHO ARE YOU? March 19, 2007

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“And who are you?”  – I bet you have heard this question innumerous times. And your answer must have been different according to situation.  

 Who are you? – is probably the most difficult question to reply.   Try to make a list of identifications: a human being, woman, man, wife, manager, student, sister, friend…

Whatever you list, the answer will be never complete for these are only the petals on the flower of your personality. 

An Indian philosopher and saint Adi Shankaracharya (788-820 CE) went the other way round – he wrote TAD NISKALA “what I am not” – what  an amazing realization! 

There are various ways to find out the answer, I have found mine through meditation in a thoughtless awareness state.

And you? Do you know who you are?

LOVE, axinia


6 Responses to “WHO ARE YOU?”

  1. Giorgio Angioni Says:

    Maybe the answer I wrote in this simple poem
    I am the Spirit

    I am my heart,
    I am the water,
    I am the earth,
    I am the sun,
    I am the stars,
    I am the Spirit.

  2. Olga SE Says:

    Hello, Axinia! I read your post yesterday evening. Then I noticed myself thinking about it and at night had a very unusual dream. There certainly is some magnetism about your blog! No wonder it’s been living for 4 years! 🙂

  3. Mahesh chendake Says:

    There is no branch of science who scientifically study Spirit . study for spirit ,kundalini and its function or identification is still obscure as once it is mentioned long back in Nadigrantha who was having knowledge of anatomy better . Gnyneshwarji wrote about it but in original .i.e in Bhagawatgeeta nowhere it is mentioned so people are having dought that it is immersed by somebody, on which it is based so not allow to read also.Adi Shankaracharya talk about cool vibration after that Mother explain about it. so study of spirit is important. In the development of defination of psychology it is started with study of spirit and then turn to study of mind and then behavior which can be observable . You can comment better than me as University student on it.
    if it is chaityna, brhmachaitny then its existence should be proved and if kundalini is residual energy and it exist through manifestation of vibration after self realization ( Knowing who am I ?) then its relation to spirit should be identified and co related by many studies at different setting and at all if it is mear cognitive function then it should be also cleared on path of evolution as development of spiritual brain from reptile brain which can emit the vibration as well as able to maintain thoughtless awareness state by witnessing thought and emotion externally . Still who am i?, who is witnessing remain obscure.

    • Mahesh chendake Says:

      ….if at all kundalini is having any encoding ,preserving and transferring system of our characteristics, to new body when spirit enter in it then we should be able to decode it and should learn its language . of course spirit enters … and leave the body with its own ? leaving your well developed brain as it with body to decay and transfer to five elements… along with kundalini , as Mother says at present self realization & existence of vibrations is the only way to understand it ….any more guess?
      Thanks ( one funny question always in my mind is… if kundalini is preserving information of many births then how it could be? with many names? or any other permanent identity to me exists….. which i should recognize when I get realized.. so who am I…..??? .)

  4. swaps Says:

    ..Neither Father, nor Mother,
    Nor even a birth, have I,..

    Thats really something 🙂

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