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GENERATION S March 12, 2007

photo lime_anneberit

They live almost the same life as others. You will not check them out of the crowd by their funny dress – they look quite ordinary. They behave as normal, nice people – you will not notice anything special at first sight. However a little more attentive look will identify this new generation.


1.      They know, respect and live the basics of all the religions, but they do not belong to any of them – and still they belong to all of them.


2.      They do not drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke, because they just don’t need it – they can drink the Divine nectar every day, which gives 1000 times stronger and more enjoyable sensations than any other drink.


3.      They are the world citizens without any division on nations, groups, casts, prestige – free from cultural conditions.


4.      At their young age they look a little older, experienced. Later they look younger than their peers – it seems like they stay preserved from aging. They are peacefully optimistic about their existence – no stress, no hectic, no depression, no fears… Life, every moment of it is a pure enjoyment in the true sense of it!


5.      Their sex life is healthy and enjoyable – and yet they do not make much fuss about it, as the basic value for them is innocence.


6.      Some interesting physical features: their eyes are always sparkling and steady (and not hysterically looking for appreciation, compliments, or any other attention). Freshness and authenticity identify Generation S: these people are joy-giving and they are enjoying everything.


7.      They can not be cheated: through vibratory awareness they can find out the truth in any case. They also can not be brain-washed for the same reason. They have not 5 or 6 senses, but actually 7 – the last one is an ability to precept though the felling of cool vibraions flowing from the hands and on top of the head. Some of them may not feel it or may not know they feel it though…


“S” stands for spirituality.

The new generation has the powers and the strength to become the basis for the better future of humanity. For only complex, developed personalities can withstand the hurricanes of the mass-media and politics. Moreover, they not only withstand – they can change it just by their nature!


As the quotation of my favorite author Gregoire de Kalbermatten goes:

“In the case of homo sapiens, our being imbibes the outside world through constant sensations, impulses, impressions and conditionings. The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge.  


With homo spiiritualis, however the inner world and its energy, crystallized by the rising sap the Kundalini, is much more powerful. It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding world and it subtly, yet effectively, influences the outside. The inner world is the water, the outside world the sponge.”

Generation S is the water, nourishing the world-sponge.

Spiritual people, however idealistic they might seem are the only hope of tomorrow, as all the other sorts of people have failed to bring this planet to flourishing (they actually destroyed it).

Generation S is the bright, sunny and joyful future of mankind.


LOVE, axinia


34 Responses to “GENERATION S”

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  2. Anastasia Says:

    Wonderful! And S acctually corresponds to so many innocent words starting with it. Guess which ones? 🙂

  3. axinia Says:

    Please, list! I can not think of any exept of SAHAJA…

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  8. Tomas Says:

    Wow, it would be grand to meet up the Generation S. Even such thought uplifts. EACH ONE OF US should look as Generation S. I’m hard to comprehend just one, why does that sound like a dream? How does the current mess appear?

  9. axinia Says:

    Tomas, I am also sure that EACH OF US can become like that. In fact, i know quite many such people, they do exist 😉 And if you can appreciate it (as you write) – then you are definetly one of them!

  10. swaps Says:

    “Please, list! I can not think of any exept of SAHAJA…”

    Axinia, you let ME down 😦

    that was not clear, my friend..why? – axinia

  11. swaps Says:

    “homo spiiritualis”

    That is a new term for me. Thanks.
    I can associate optimism with homo spiiritualis. But numbers matter, I doubt if all can be ‘converted’…I see people who are simply incorrigible and cling to desructive narrow attitudes. Even when they claim to practice yoga!!

    you are right, even doing yoga does not give a certificate for the true spirituality…
    Regarding the numbers… what I feel is that the mankind has to get a critical number of the enlightende people, not everyone should and can be like that. I love this brilliant phrase of K.Marks: “the increasing of quantity leands to the breakthrough in quality” (or something like that)…
    – axinia

  12. Scietech Says:

    I would love to be a Homo spiritualis, Axinia 🙂

    I like to draw my strength from deep within myself because I hate to be conditioned 😡 but I don’t think I’m a self-realised person as of now 😦

    Swaps, your avatar (the cute child) has an wonderful expression of pure innocence and joy, man. By the way, may I know whose photo it is?

    his awatar is himself as a child 🙂 what I see in teh picture is a happy child, but also very dynamic one! axinia

  13. swaps Says:

    Axinia thanx for speaking for me…an in sweet terms at that 🙂

    Scietech, thanks yaar. I was so cute that college girls used to snatch me from my parents to kiss… something they do anymore 😦

  14. swaps Says:

    “Please, list! I can not think of any exept of SAHAJA…”

    I meant, my name too starts with S 🙂

    I have noticed that most Indian names start with S. I could be because perpending ‘su’,’sa’ etc give a positive spin to most words.

    (Wonder how Anastasia hit on this.)

  15. Scietech Says:


    “I was so cute that college girls used to snatch me from my parents to kiss . . .”

    That is certainly to be expected, my friend. Girls and women simply cannot resist the temptation to shower their affection on a cute child 🙂

    If you show them this photo, they would want to kiss you . . . maybe even more than that . . . they would want to marry you! 🙂

  16. Sahaja Says:

    I have read this post Axinia, but never really thought of me being one…..

    well, going through it again,
    Personally, I felt many times to be a world citizen….heard myself saying to my friends/collegues…..and same with religions….dont drink alchohol and am sure would never will…others I dont know yet…

    very nice thought and concept…..Is it your brainchild?

  17. axinia Says:

    thanks, dear.
    I am sure you are one of us 🙂

    I have put this information together of differnt sources, also some predictions by Russian seers… that is why I found it so fascianting!
    I overworked it ,thought, according to my personal experiences and observations.

  18. kanagu Says:

    Generation – S. Every country needs somebody of this kind. who will take the mation forward and is there a way to become a part of generation-S By practice?

  19. axinia Says:

    even if you have a wish to belong to Generation S, you are with one foot already there! 🙂

    First of all, a person from a Generaion S is the Seeker of Truth. In order to find the truth, people try many things out. I was the one since my childhood, very keen on psychology, astrology, and Indian Philosophy (totally untouched by Christianity and world religions though).

    At some point I reliased that with all that mental exercises it will take me my whole life to achieve any noticable development.
    At the age of 20 I was lucky enough to find Sahaja Yoga which appeared to be the easiest and fastest way to grow spiritually as well as to solve many problems in the material world.

    You many find another method, but do try this one – it is fascinating and very rewarding!


    That is exactly THE practice to become the part of Generation S. (I wish you could meet some other young people of the same type, they are simply breathtaking!)

  20. Sahaja Says:

    Thats really worth it Axinia…..as I said, the first day when I came across your blog, I felt I landed on a journey I always wanted to be part of….and even now, I feel the same….
    why dont you introduce a sidebar widget listing your favorite reads??

  21. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, what do you mean by my favourite reads?

    I have “valuable sources” already – and they are my favourits. If you mena that, I will rename it, – I did not realise it was not clear what it is.

    thanks for the hint!

  22. Sahaja Says:

    Ohh sorry my mistake…i meant to write your fav posts not reads….
    I meant something that your reader would find instantly on your blog to read……not the top clicks one since it gives what your readers read that day! I meant posts you think are interesting and your favorites among all!

  23. axinia Says:

    oh, I see! that is an interesting idea, I never thought of that 🙂

    Since you are one of my beloved readers, i will follow your request!

  24. sailaja Says:

    Hi Axinia, nice to see all your old blogs and i just started reading all of them, right with this one. Simply superb!!!!!
    What a way of expression!!! i really adore you for simplicising SY in such a way that it is so crystal clear but still a little obscure to new people. a Wonderful way of spreading. Most of those who reply on your blog seem to me like yogis only because they have that sensuality and the seeking. This is just my feeling. i may be wrong even!!!!

  25. axinia Says:

    sailaja, thanks a lot.

    I am just doing it from the heart, following my own nature – and naturally, because I enjoy practicing Sahaja Yoga so much, I want to inspire others. There is not other idea behind, only the inspiration.

    Most of the readers who commen here (and that is basically 1 to 100 who really reads but not comments) are not Sahaja yogis 🙂 But they are truly spiritual and geniuine seekers – although they many not know about it themselves 🙂


  26. Mad Professor Says:

    Great going, Axinia, and very inspiring!

    “There is nothing more difficult than being normal.”

    Chinese Proverb

    “Generation S” for me stands for Generation Self, people who are courageous enough to be themselves, ourselves, our true self, purified from all superficial identifications, trends, hypes and habits. Often we believe that our likes/dislikes actually form our personality as these are very specific details about us, but I guess in the light of the divine they are so meaningless as we are pure and eternal spirit, indestructible, without beginning, without end. In the light of this truth the fact if we like our morning toast with honey or jam is so insignificant, but “the matrix” has a nasty habit of being very convincing and engaging.

    The Sufi have a nice saying: “Do one step out of yourself – and there it lies: Eternity” meaning we get so bogged down by our individual plans and desires that we often kind of lose our path. If we put our attention not on our own (often petty) problems but on what we can do for others, our eyes often get re-focused and we regain perspective.

    At least it often worked for me.

  27. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Mad Professor – I really like your idea of “Generation Self”, great take!!
    thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts…

  28. Антон Says:

    Просто отлично. Подпишусь-ка я на РСС пожалуй. 🙂

  29. A O'Neal Says:

    This is a beautiful post, your blog is lovely, thank you for sharing your vision.

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